We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


27. The Truth Hurts

i shook my head to erase the thoughts of Louis. i continued shelving to forget about him. maybe i should stop talking to him for awhile, so i can pick my head back up again. just as i was doing fine working, hooker walked in. she stood and looked around, as if she was looking for someone. i rolled my eyes in frustration then continued shelving. unexpected, she walks up to me. 'have you seen Wes anywhere?' i turn to face her, irritated. 'what do you want, from him?' i spat. she looked around again then looked at me. 'whatever. ill just wait for him then.' she slowly walked out of the store, making me literally scream in my head. she had to kill my mood. soon, i saw her talking to Wes by the entrance. it looked like she was begging for him back and Wes didnt give a damn about her anymore. she was crying, well as i think was actually crying. it seemed like she was just begging with fake tears. 

i didnt really care about them right at the moment since i had more to deal with that was actually important to me. i decided to ignore them and continue working. i felt a hand go on my shoulder. i quickly turned to see it was Liam. i slapped him immediately and stormed out of the isle. i didnt want to deal with Liam either. he was just another add up to my bullshit. 'Rans! hold on!' Jessy called from behind. i stopped and turned around. 'and do what? talk to Liam and act like he didnt call me stupid for falling for Harry? who does he think he is Jessy?!' tears couldnt be pushed back. they slid down my face as i looked at Jes walking up to me. 'oh Rans, youre a mess. i know what Liam said and didnt mean it like that. its just that, you have to remember he loves you too much to see you be with someone else. thats why hes acting like this.' i looked down. 'i know Jes, but still.. calling me stupid, saying i've changed. Jes, that all hurt when said that.' she took me into her arms. 'Rans, i know he didnt mean to call you that but he is right about you changing. you havent been as happy or even satisfied with yourself. you seemed to be bringing yourself down. talk to me. whats been happening between you and Harry?' i let go of her to look into her big brown eyes. 'i .. i cheated on him.' her eyes grew big. 'with who?!' i sighed. 'Louis.. we accidentally kissed and it was mistake Jes. i havent told him and everything with me and Lou is a mess.' 

i couldnt take the guilt anymore. it was nearly killing me inside and there was always a lump in my throat. Jes took me in for one of her bear hugs. they were always so comforting. 'Rans, you have to tell him. Eventually he will figure it out because of the way you act.' i let go of her and sniffled. ' I - I can't just yet.. I need time.' she sighed then spoke. 'okay, i'll give you that then. but promise me that no matter what happens, you will tell him. he has to understand, Rans. 'member that girl that he almost screwed with? yeh, that counts technically as cheating.' i looked up and thought. she was actually right. 'i gotta go Jes. ill be back tomorrow. i need today off.' i quickly hugged her then dashed out and called Harry.

'hey babe.'

'pick me up please. mall.'

'on my way.'

he hung up and waited impatiently. he finally up and i got in the passenger seat. this is it, i was going to tell him. i was really nervous. i was scared he might hurt me or worse, leave me. but i never gave up on him so he has to give me a chance. i breathed then finally spoke. 'Harry?' 'Yeah babe?' i sighed. 'what would you do if i cheated on you?' Harry looked at me then back at the road. 'why are you asking this?' he spat. i was growing more nervous. my hands were sweating and my heart was nearly pumping hard. 'no reason. just asking.' i nervously told. 'No theres a reason. what did you do?' Harry spat. i looked down at my lap and didnt speak. 'WHAT DID YOU DO?' i jumped alittle in my seat from the rise of Harry's voice. i was scared again. this felt like the first time we met. ' I - I ..' the words were slipping, i couldnt get them out of my mouth. 



he stopped the car so hard to motion both our bodies forward. i couldnt stop the tears. i could hear Harry's heavy breaths, growing furious. he got out of the car and slammed the door. i jumped out and chased him. 'HARRY STOP PLEASE..' i cried. he stopped and turned. ' I KNEW I COULDNT TRUST YOU WITH HIM. FOR NOW ON YOU'RE NOT LEAVING MY SIGHT, EVER.' he stormed off to wherever. i ran to him and jumped on him from behind. 'where are you going!?' he pushed me off and stood up. 'to Louis. dont go near me.' he sprinted off and soon, i was staring down the street. i sat still on the cold, hard cement. i quickly took my phone out.

'Hey babe!' 

'Louis! Harry is on his way to your house! he knows what happened!!'

there was a brief silence until Lou spoke again.

'Shit! Roneth i thought-'

'i know Lou im sorry! i couldnt hold back the guilt anymore!' 

i soon heard a loud bang in the background. i heard yelling i soon discovered Harry was there already. i hung up immediately and sprinted to Louis's. i finally reached his house. the front door was wide open. i ran inside to hear loud bangs and voices. 'YOU SON OF BITCH! WHY'D YOU KISS HER?' 'I DIDNT MEAN TO HARRY.' i quickly ran to where i heard them and saw the two nearly killing each other. 'HARRY!' i cried. they both stopped, looking at me. Harry jumped off Louis and walked toward me. i backed away from Harrry. he didnt need to hurt Louis. this wasnt his fault. 'Babe..' Harry breathed. 'no.. dont, dont Harry. you didnt need to do this. youre only doing this for yourself.' i walked around him to see Louis. his lip was cut with bruises covering his cheek bone and the other side of his lip...

sorry to leave you guys hanging on a cliffhanger!! i just really needed to update because school started already (i know, poop. :[ ) and so i wont be able to write as much anymore!! so please tell me what you guys think!! love you! :) .xx

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