We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


38. The Messages 2

-Harry's POV-

I waited patiently for the boys to get here. When each one came, they showed me their version of the message. Louis's and Zayn's was a letter. Liam's was a voicemail and Niall's was a cake, that he ate. I showed them the wall as all of them grew shocked to know that was my message. We all gathered at the dining table and began the discussion. "So who do you think did these?" Liam asked. All of us just looked down. "I bet Jade is just wanting to come back again. This time shes back for all of us." Zayn spoke. "She wouldnt do such a thing like this." I suggested. "You never know lad. That girl is mad in the head!" Louis told.

"Well Niall. What do you think?" Liam asked. We all looked at Niall to see he was only staring at something. It seemed that it grew his attention. "Niall. Niall." I waved my hand in front of his face. "NIALL." He shook in his seat. "HUH, WHA- oh uh yeah, sure, she did it." Niall stumbled words out of his mouth. I got up and stormed by him to grab him from his shirt. I pulled him close to my face. "Listen and listen up good because no one wants to repeat themselves, we can all get killed if we dont figure out who the hell is doing this all." I spat at Niall. He shoves me away and fixes his shirt. "I hope you regret what you just did." Niall spat. "Why would I-.." Niall pointed straight ahead. I turn around to see Roneth standing there, scared.

"Babe..." Was the only thing i can get to come out of my mouth. I nearly run up to her and hug her tightly. She's still stuck just standing there, frozen. I look into her eyes as all i can read from them was fear. "Im sorry babe i didnt mean to hurt him. Im just trying to-.." I soon see her hand rise with a knife. I grab the knife out if her hand to see there was also writing on this.

Shes beautiful

I look at Roneth again to see tears rolling down her face. "Where did you find this?" I whispered as i tried to keep my voice from shaking. "Ou- our room.. It also has another message." She trembled the words out of her lips. She drops on the floor, shaking and crying so hard. "Harry.. I cant do this anymore.. Im so scared." She cries. I sit next to her on the floor, holding her. "Roneth i promise to protect you. You wont get hurt." I kiss her head as i try to cradle her back to stand. "Now i need you to show me the message in our room, please." I really didnt want to ask her but i needed to see why she is so scared. I stand up to take a hand out. She takes it as she slowly takes steps upstairs. The boys follow us from behind.

As we finally reached our room, she stands by the door and points at it. "In there.. On the wall by my drawer.." She speaks nervously. I take her hand then nod. She opens the door and as i looked at our wall, there was another written message.

I want her

I gulp hard on the air. "Look.." Roneth points at the bed. I look to see a body shaped in blood on the bed covers. It looked liked it was laying next to Roneth. "Roneth.." I turn to look at her to see she already had a stain of blood across her waist and a handprint on her stomach part of her shirt. "Babe.. You didnt-.." "No Harry.. I didnt sense any of this in my sleep. Whoever is doing all of this needs to leave because I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. HARRY IM SCARED. I DONT WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE." Roneth was nearly screaming at me. I grab her as i wrap my arms around her waist and try to call her down. "We'll figure out who this bastard is.. I promise." I whispered.

"Well. Someone really had a bad leak with their time of the month." Louis sarcastically spoke, trying to make this a funny scene. "Knock it off, Tomlinson. Roneth?" Zayn spoke. Roneth let go of me to look at him. "Come here gorgeous." She nearly runs up to him and hugs him tightly and cries. I hated it whenever Zayn always got the better of Roneth. I know they're related but i just hated that shes still more comfortable with him. I tried to hold back anger as i looked at them hug. Zayn looks at her as he wipes her tears. "We will find this guy, okay? Now calm down. Do you want to come home?" "No." I interrupted. "I didnt ask you Styles." Zayn spat. "Well she will stay here. She doesnt need to be with you." I spat. Zayn lets go of Roneth and runs up to me to throw a punch. I dodge his punches. We nearly tackle each other. "STOP!" Roneth yells. Niall grabs Zayn as Liam grabbed me.

"Okay i have a plan." Louis says as he stands there with his hands in his pockets. "I dont want to here any of your damn jokes, Tomlinson." I spat. "No no, silly bastard. I'm saying what if we all live here for now? You know, to keep Roneth safe so she doesnt have to feel alone or scared." Louis explains. I shake off Liam. "And why should I let you? Last time i left you with her, you took advantage of her." I spat. Louis walks closer to her then put an arm around her shoulders. I clench my jaws. "Get away from her, NOW." Louis laughs out loud as if that was a joke. "Jeez Styles you really gotta calm down. Now let's ask the lady shall we? Would you mind if all four of us, especially your brother, to live with you here while we try to figure out whos doing all this nonsense?" Louis looks at her from side view. He's been staring at her lips then flickers his eyes once in awhile to look at her eyes. "Yeah.. I'd like that." Roneth spoke quietly.

"What? Babe, you're not serious are you?.." I tried to take in what she had just said. "She said she wouldnt mind us all living here for now." Zayn spoke. I look at him as his eyes were dark, like Roneth's. I walk up to Roneth and try to hold her hands but she just doesnt let me. "Babe.. Im here. I can protect you. Do you not trust me?" "No i dont actually because last time i trusted you, you almost hit me. I want the boys living here for now. Zayn can you come downstairs please." Roneth storms out of the room with Zayn following from behind. "Soo.. When do we move in?" Niall asks. I look at him then shake my head. My own girlfriend turned against me.


Some intense scenes there huh?? Well what can you say, magic from the iphone. (; now that the boys will move in, what do you think will happen now? Will any of them try to do something with Roneth? Who's doing all theses "messages" and why?? Comment, like, favorite!<3

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