We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


45. Stronger Without You

4 months later

-Roneth's POV-

I took the last couple of kicks on the bag and stopped. I began to unstrap my gloves and take them off. Across from me was my trainer, Christina. "Im impressed, Malik. Your power runs in the family." She tells. I look at her and grin. "Hah, i guess you can say so." I told. Christina was a personal family friend. I never became close with her until i began MMA fighting. "I bet you could knock someone out with just a kick or two." She teased.

I chuckled while shaking my head and looking at her. "Whatever, Chris." I replied. "You could even almost have the same strengths as Zayn." She teases. I push her playfully. "C'mon be serious. I cant knock someone out that fast." She drops her face into seriousness. "I am serious. Youre pretty powerful when you punch plus your kicks, pretty good." I look at her after i slip off my gloves. I grab my sweat pants and muscle shirt and slip it on. "Look, I'm only fighting because this is my only way to take my anger out. I'm not looking forward to any fights." I told.

"You just cant train and not expect to do anything with your skills. In two weeks, youre going to be inside the cage and fight. You cant back out because i already signed you up. Youre a good fighter, Ron. You gotta show the people what you got." Christina convinced. I thought for a minute. "How could you sign me up for a fight and not let me know ahead of time?" I spat. "I did. You have two weeks to sharpen up. Tomorrow come back here and I'll make sure youll regret saying everything to me right now." Christina spat and walked out. I stood alone in the room and zipped up my bag and left as well.

I go into the lot to find my car. I find it and drop my bag in the passenger seat. I begin to drive home with thoughts about earlier running. Could i really be ready to fight in a real competition? I was just scared i was going to screw up and get knocked out. No. I cant think that. I'm going to train harder and make sure to kick ass before that fight. Lately i havent had a single thought of Harry. I've been so focused into MMA, its been my life. But i noticed myself to grow a bit of an issue with my fists. Whenever i grew angry, i would get the need to punch something to let it out.

I finally make it home. Technically now that Harry has left, its under my control. I walk in with the boys all watching tv in the living room. I drop my bag on the floor. "Hey guys." I greeted. "Hi Roneth." They said in unison. I sit in between Louis and Zayn. They were watching some horror movie. "So how was training today?" Louis asked. "Good." I breathed in exhaustion. "Wanna test your skills in a ring?" Zayn asked. "I alread have to in two weeks." I replied. "What do you mean?" Liam asked. "I have a tournament in two weeks. So until that day comes, i have sharp up before i get in there." I told. "Could i train you for the last two weeks before? I want to see where you are now." Zayn asked. I thought for a minute. "I dont know. I mean Christina got me in shape really quickly and helped me throughout the whole training." I explained.

Zayn nodded. "I understand but im your brother. I should be able to help my own sister." I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm not saying you can, im just saying im not sure if Christina would want to let you." I told. He stands up. "Alright then, if you dont think she wont let me there we'll do some stuff here. Give me jabs." Zayn puts his hands up. "C'mon Zayn this ridiculous." I told. He pulls me up to stand and pushes me. "Going to tolerate that?" He spat. I gritted my teeth. I look at Louis, Liam and Niall who all three got up and walked to the to the dining table to sit and watch. Zayn pushes all the couches away and then gets back in place. "Jab." He commands. I roll my eyes but begin to throw soft punches. "C'mon, i know you could do better." Zayn spat.

I clenched my fists and punched harder. "Faster." He commands. I threw faster, stronger, harder. At this point we were training. Actual training. I threw punches he avoided like Christina would and he would punch back. Some things i didnt defend through was whenever he swinged his arm for a punch, i would duck under but he would be able to knee me. Our fight grew more intense. Sweat was dripping down the sides of my face and head. I finally threw whatever i could but then Zayn know everything single punch and kick i put out and dodged them all. He gets me back by strapping his ankle behind my foot and pushes me down on my back. He sits on top of me with a fist in the air while his other hand held my other arm. I cocked my head away and shut my eyes tightly for fear because i couldn't defend myself anymore.

I didnt feel anything after. I slowly turn my head and open my eyes to see Zayn had put the fist down. He stands up and takes a hand out. I take it and stand up. I heard clapping from the table. I weakly grinned at the boys then looked at Zayn. "Thats how much more sharpening you need. Tomorrow im going to train you now until your tournament comes." Zayn said. I shake my head in exhaustion. "Fine. I'll call Chris." I told. I walked away with my head down. I couldn't believe it. I thought i was doing so good, i could beat Zayn. But i didnt. Looks like i do need Zayn for training. I go straight to the bathroom and jump into the shower.

After i finished i walk inside my room with just my towel covering me. I grab one of Harry's tshirts and my pantie. I slip them on then turn around to face the bed. I jump into shock to see Louis laying there with his phone in his hand. "Louis! How long have you been in hear?" I asked still trying to calm myself. "After you and Zayn had your mini training in the living room. I've never seen you so feisty. I like it." He tells. I smirk. "Well its because im that hot." I replied jokingly. "Yes you are." Louis chuckles. I jump in bed next to him. "Man, two weeks. I dont know if i would be able to fight in two weeks." I told. Louis kisses my head. "Im sure youll do great love. I'll be there and so will Zayn. For now, all you worry about is sharpening up." I smile. "Thanks Louis. Good night." "Night babe." I shut my eyes happily, waiting patiently for the next day.

-Harry's POV-

I walk in the living room and sit next to Perrie with the big bowl of popcorn. "Here it is." I told. "Thanks." She told while grabbing some popcorn. We were having movie night since we both had nothing in plan. I haven't been boxing for months ever since the last time i saw Roneth. Seeing her with Louis killed me inside. I had no more strength to just, box out my emotions. Perrie has been spending some time out with Zayn sometimes too. They would once in awhile go on dates. Shes told me she loves him again and wished she never left him for me. I laughed at that moment because i knew in highschool, i could over power him but now, i couldnt anymore. I lost all my power.

During the middle of the movie, Perrie fell asleep with her head on my shoulder, i let her go and just continued watching the rest of the movie until it was finished. I stood up and carried her bridal upstairs to her room. I lightly put her down and her bed and tucked her in. "Night Perrie." I whispered. She turns direction then continues to sleep.

I walk out and go into my room. I lay down on my bed, staring at the ceiling. Have so many thoughts. I missed Roneth so much. I want to go back so badly but ever since I've seen her with Louis, i knew at that moment she didnt love me anymore. Tears suddenly welled up in my eyes and slid down the side of my face. I grab my phone to go through the old messages we've had before i left. I go through my phone book to see i had a voice mail three months ago. I listen to it as i cry harder.

"Harry, i dont know if you got this but if you do, please come back.. I miss you so much.. I cant even last a day with shedding a tear because of you.. I miss you Harry.. I love you so much.."

I whimper at the last words Roneth had spoken with her soft, hurt voice. She needed me before but i never came back. It's been four months since I've last seen her and now she probably had moved on with Louis.

At this point, i didnt know what to do. I wanted to go back but i would need a good reason because the boys would question me badly. Especially Zayn. He's been on my back just for Roneth. God, i missed her so much. I needed her back. I still love her too much to let her go..Thoughts raced through my mind to think of good reasons to go back. I continued to think until my eyes began to grow exhausted and shut on their own.


Awh, poor Harry. Will he be able to ever go back? What will happen to Roneth in two weeks? Will Zayn and Perrie ever get back together? Like, comment, favorite <3

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