We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


10. Slowly Falling...

'so, when do you get your break?' Harry spoke in my ear. 'not until an hour or so.' Liam responded for me. apparently, Harry needs to learn how to whisper. 'i wasnt asking you, Payne.' Harry spat. 'well, maybe she didnt feel like talking to a dirtbag.' Liam spat.

'oh. really? mr.goody-to-shoes, i suppose you know more about her dont ya, mate?' Harry said, as he let go of me, walking toward Liam. 'actually, i quite do. ive known her longer, and treated her better. so i think that should be enough for you to know, Harry.' Liam spoke. Harry was just giving Liam a dirty look, while clenching his fists until i broke the tension.

'go.. please Harry. i dont want trouble here.' i asked him, nervous. he looked at me with my sorrow eyes. his death look  softened into a concern look then he walked toward me again. 'fine, only for you. call me once you get your break, okay babe?' Harry said softly. for that moment, i actually made Harry soft. i was kinda felt a little melted inside, knowing i can put a soft side to him. 'okay.. bye.'

this time, i kissed him. i wrapped my arms around his neck, while he wrapped his arms around my waist. his lips, oh they were so soft and warm. i just loved them. it seemed forever that we were intertwined with each other until Liam supposedly coughed to break us apart. we finally split our lips apart and let go of each other. 'bye babe.' Harry said in my ear as he kissed my cheek. he walked out of the store, while i watched him walk further and further away from me.

i couldnt stop thinking about him. my heart was pumping so fast and my stomach was filling with butterflies. his eyes lightens whenever i look into them. they usually grow a dark shade whenever hes angry or unhappy, which is, always. uh oh.. i knew what all of these meant.. i was snapped out of my own thoughts by Liam calling my name.

'hey Runeth, are you okay? you dont seem to be yourself today.' Liam told, worried. i had a feeling that earlier when he "coughed" he was really jealous and was growing anger inside. i didnt want him feeling like that at all. 'yeah im fine, why?' i responded. 'i dunno.. you dont seem to be talking with me a whole lot and well, ever since Harry came into the store, you never stopped smiling.' oh no.. did i really keep smiling when he left? it has been nearly hours of me working in the shop. i walked to the counter to tell Jes i was off to my break.

i headed to the food court. i texted Harry. im at the food court, meet me here. :) i got myself food and ate. it seemed awhile until Harry got to the table. 'hey babe' he said into my ear and kissed my cheek. 'hi..' i said while smiling at the table. 'so how long are you off till?' he asked. 'uhm, 20 minutes im guessing.' i repsonded. 'good, just enough time.' he said, smirking. 'whats that suppose to mean?' i asked. for a moment, i was trying to act stupid to see how well he can hide and lie but i knew clearly by the look on his face, he wants me, badly. 'come on then, let me show you then.' he said getting out of his seat and grabbing off of mine.

we were walking, holding hands, down the mall. i was scared that someone was gonna see us like this, especially Zayn. 'where are we going?'  i asked. 'its a secret.' he responded. we walked all the way to the back of the mall. we headed inside the janitor's closet. 'why are w-' he locked his lips onto mines while he shut the door behind us and he slowly backed me against the wall. he again wrapped his arms around my waist . i wrapped my arms around his neck. he slowly grew more anxious. he slid his hands under my shirt, sliding them all over. i then slid my hands under his shirt and to feel hard core abs. my god, hes fit.

he later slid his lips down my neck, then kissing it. when he got my weak spot, i let out a small moan. i felt his lips shaped a smile as he was leaving me love bites. i didnt want to stop. i later made him meet my lips with his again. our tongues were like battling, struggling to explore each other's mouth. we were so intertwined, i forgot about everyone and everything.

then, once again i was smacked in the face with reality. i stopped Harry, to answer my god damn phone. 'hello?' i said, breathless. 'oh hey, i wasnt expecting you to answer but anyway i found Lou's address too. ill text you that one with Niall's. sorry i didnt text it earlier, i got so into researching, i forgot about-'

'okay okay. just text me it now please.' 

'you seemed to be in a rush now..?'

'yes i actually am, the store is busy, call you later.'

i hung up on Maze and then checked the time. shit, i gotta head back to work. 'look Harry  i gotta go back to work.' i told, i almost left until he blocked my way. 'ah ah aah, not fast, babe. ill be walking you.' he said. he kissed me one last time before we walked out of the closet. that was new for me. hooking up in a closet, no wait, a janitor's closet. that was totally rare for me.

we walked again hand in hand down the mall. 'so, you enjoying yourself babe?' Harry asked. 'oh please, you know this all doesnt mean anything to me.' i told. i lied. this meant A WHOLE LOT to me. butterflies, lost in thoughts.. these were my own signs of falling in love. 'uuh huh. im taking that yes.' he said, smirking. 'ugh, why i am still with you.' i spat but didnt let go of him. 

'HARRY!!!!' a voice cried from behind. we both turned around to see a girl crying while running toward us. then, she slowly stopped as she reached the both of us. for some reason, anger grew inside of me and i wanted to kill this bitch already..

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