We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


54. Plus One

-3 months later-

"C'mon lets go now! Youre already beautiful just being you!" Eleanor screamed from the bottom of the stairs. I was so happy for Louis that he had finally found someone new. It did take him quite a while for him to actually like Eleanor when she already liked him first. Shes very lovely and sweet, i didnt how Louis didnt love her automatically. I finally slipped my maroon vans on while grabbing my shades on the drawer. I was wearing plain ripped shorts with my black vans tshirt i cutted into muscle tee. I ran down the stairs, "Sorry El. Gotta still try to look hot once in a while."

"Dont dont need to try." I jumped of fright as i looked behind me to see a smirk on Harry's face. "Oh shutup." I replied. He winks, "make me." I connect our lips for a short, soft kiss. "Im going to the mall with El and Perrie, okay?" I said. He nods, "alright. Dont keep me waiting for too long." I make him try to wipe the smirk off his face but the only thing it did was make me smile too. "Finally! Let's go!" Perrie announced as she kissed Zayn out the doorway and ran to the car with the keys. "Have fun." Zayn saids. "But not too much without us." Louis jumps in. El chuckles, "no promises." She smiles widely at him. They kiss each other good bye, only making it never ending. "Okay its not like you guys wont see each other later." I said, paranoid. The two gave me a look, causing El to walk out only leaving me to be left behind.

"Bye guys." I waved walking out. As i walked i began to feel a bit nauseous. I ignored the feeling and continued walking towards the car. "Hey that took you quite awhile to get to the car. Are you okay?" Perrie asked. I gave a confused look, "yeah, im fine why?" I replied. But really i haven't been feeling the same. I've been feeling bloated lately and my bladder, well, isnt functionally normal like it used to. I check every week my weight and i slowly gain weight. I missed one month of my period and had it the next month but after that, i didnt get it again. I try to track what I've been eating lately and it hasn't been eating anything bad or even unhealthy. I still gain weight. "Your pace was a bit slower. I dont know just thought maybe you dont feel good or something." Perrie said. "Oh i guess maybe im hungry again." I said. "Already?! We are before we left though!" Perrie said.

I raised my shoulders up then down. "Got a big appetite i guess." I said. When we got to the mall, the first thing we bought was frozen yogurt because i crave that every time im in the mall. Next we went to forever 21. As we were walking around, i felt so dizzy and nauseous, i ran out of the store to find the nearest bathroom. Perrie and Eleanor ran after me and calling my name but i only ignore them until i reached the bathroom, banged into a stall and expelled everything out of my mouth. Perrie gasped at the sight of me while El rubbed my back from a little distance. "You are definitely not okay, Roneth. Were going home." El stated. I take a shit load of tissues and clean myself. "El, Perrie.." I called while coughing. "Yes?" They say in unison. "I think i need a pregnancy test.." I admit.

They both grow silent as they try to sink in my answer. "You cant simply think youre pregnant. Maybe its the frozen yogurt-..-" "No. I need one. I'll explain after the answer of the stupid test," i told, interrupting Eleanor. I finally stand up to walk to the sink and clean myself up. "How could you be so sure that youre pregnant?" Perrie asked. "I'm not. Let's go." I said while walking out. We walked out of the mall and back into the car to drive to the nearest pharmacy store. We walked straight to the isle of where the pregnancy tests were located. There were different types. The original one with the lines to digital test. We didnt want to get the most expensive but we bought what we agreed would be the strongest test that would work for sure. We sat into the car, discussing what we were all going to do.

"Whats going to when we go home?" El asked. "Im going to run straight to the bathroom. You guys could explain what happened at the mall. I dont care." I explained. "What are going to do if you are-.." "I dont know yet. Let's just go home and get this over with please." I interrupted Perrie, only wanting to take this damn text already. The drive was rushed which was good since i guess Eleanor is anxious as much as me but im pretty sure not as nervous. I dont know how Harry would react, but worse, how would Zayn feel.. Suddenly i grew more nervous and worried. "Perrie?" I called. "Yes?" She replied. "How do you think Zayn will feel?" A spilt silence filled the car until Perrie tried to fill it up, "Uh. I think he might understand." She tried to say. I knew she was lying. I wouldnt be able to tell the truth either if i were too.

We finally parked outside of the house but sat in the car for a moment. "Well. Here we are. You ready Roneth?" El said as she turned around looking at me. I deeply breathed, "yeah. Just gather everyone in the living room and wait there. Dont let Harry try to get to me right when i get in. I need to get this test done before i even..." I drifted the last few words as i tried to keep calm but adrenaline was pumping through my veins. "Alright. Let's go." El announced. We hop out of the car but i wait until Perrie and El get in front of me. They open the door and walk in first. The announce were home while i ran straight to the bathroom. Everyone seems to be in the living room because as i ran upstairs, no one was there, luckily. I went ino my bathroom and opened the box with the test. It was the one with the lines but a upgraded version with instant results. I quickly slipped my shorts and pantie off and sat on the toilet with the test under me. As i pissed on the test, i felt my heart beating out of my chest as anxiety builded up inside of me.

I finally finished and slipped everything on. I stood in front of the sink as i waited for the results. I stared at it as i one line appear, then, another. My heart sank as i couldn't believe it. With my own eyes. Two lines on the test. Tears began to build up into my eyes but i had fought them back from falling down my cheeks. I breathed deeply and put the cover back onto the test. I opened the door and walked out with it in my hand. I stood by the steps to hear them all talking. "Harry what are you gonna do, lad?" Niall asked. "Well i have to be there and help her. Im the one who got her pregnant so i need to be the father and raise my child." Harry spoke. A bit of relief fell onto my chest. I walked down and slowly crept into the living room. Full silence filled the room as all eyes were on me. I sighed heavily. "Well?" El asked, holding Louis's hand. "Two lines." i said. Perrie and El were the only two who understood so their reactions showed first of shock. "What does that mean?" Niall asked.

"Im pregnant."

I said as a tear fell down my cheek. I looked at Zayn as he shook his head while his head was down. I looked at Harry as his lips were departed a bit. "So how long?" Zayn asked with disappointment in his voice. "I dont know, Zayn. I just found out im pregnant." I replied. "Wow, uh, congrats." Niall said. I but my lip nervously, looking at Harry. "Harry?.." Was all i managed to say. He stood up and walked closer to me. He takes me hand and kisses it. "I told you im not leaving easy. Why do you think ill leave you now?" He told as he looked into my dark brown eyes. I smiled of relief, "you dont know how much i feel better." I say taking him into a tight hug. He wraps his arms around my waist. He looks into my eyes then down to my stomach. "I promise to never you and mommy." Harry kisses my stomach then me.

"Sorry to interrupt but i want you to go get checked at the doctors for this. I want to know how long youve had this baby and how much is an abortion." Zayn stated while walking into the kitchen. "What?" I breathed. "You're not ready for this baby, Roneth. Are you crazy? You cant even manage yourself how can you possibly think you will be able to manage a baby?" Zayn angrily spoke. "Im the mother of this child. Zayn, i cant simply kill it." I defended. "You cant make her do this. It has to be my decision too if i would want to get rid of the baby." Harry stated. "By law, its only the mother's decision on an abortion." Liam saids. "Are you agreeing with Zayn?" I spat. "Not agreeing just saying. I dont think youre ready thats all. I'm not sayng get an abortion." Liam spoke. "I cant believe you both dont think i can do this." I spat. "Why should i? Have you seen yourself for the past couple of month?! Youre getting rid of this baby whether you like it or not!" Zayn yelled. "Zayn," Perrie walked towards Zayn. "You have to understand Roneth and Harry. Cant you imagine how devastating it would be if Roneth were to be telling you the same things you've been saying to her?"

"You dont understand. Roneth isnt ready to take care of a baby. She cant even manage herself." Zayn saids. "Fine. Were going to the doctors next week. If its expensive, were not going to get the abortion." I say. "I dont care. If getting that damn abortion gets me broke, i wont care until that baby is gone." Zayn said coldly. "How could do this to me?! What happened to I'll always be there for you, huh?! What happened to all those promises, Zayn?!" I cried. I couldn't take the ache in my heart from him. I felt a bit dizzy again so closed my eyes for a few seconds. "Im tired, Zayn. You cant keep doing this to me. Its time that i make my own decisions and be on my own." I calmly replied. "But im the one whos suppose to protect you and watch you. This baby is an obvious answer of my failure to protecting you." Zayn spoke. I shoot a look at him and right away slapped him with all my force. "Get out. Dont you ever come back until youre proud to be the uncle of my child. I will not take your crap in this house anymore. I want respect, freedom and understanding of my decisions." I pointed toward the front door.

"Good luck." Zayn walks away and out the door.


Hello! Im am super duper sorry for not updating for so long once again! Now that its finally summer, i can finally update! So tell me what you think of the new chapter! I know bet you didnt see that coming! Comment, like, favorite <3 love you all!

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