We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


16. One More Night

Zayn then turned around to face us all. 'whats going to happen now?' he spat. 'i ... i don-' 'shes staying with me.' Harry spat, interrupting me. 'no, im not letting her stay with you, Styles.' Zayn replied in a beat. 'Zayn stop it. im... im staying with Harry whether you like it or not.' i spoke. i was becoming weaker each word i was saying because i wasnt still sure if i wanted to live with Harry already. 'Roneth, its not a choice, you are not leaving me.' Zayn spat. 'Zayn im sorry, but.. im gonna live with Harry now.' i told, weakly. Zayn grabbed my arm then pulled my away into the kitchen. 'why Roneth..? do you know how much this is hurting me?' Zayn said, sounding hurt. i looked down as sadness was rolling inside of me too. i didnt want to leave Zayn just yet either, but im forced to now. 'Zayn, if i could just have one more night with you, i would stay but i cant anymore..' i said, quietly. Zayn took a step closer to me then kissed my forehead. 'then stay, for one more night please, gorgeous.' Zayn begged. his big brown eyes and the way he called me gorgeous, it was killing me inside.

'fine, one more night then.' i told. 'thank you so much, gorgeous.' Zayn cheerfully whispered then hugged me tightly. he walked away into the living room as i followed from behind. i could tell Zayn had a big smile on his face since he gave a dirty look to Harry then smiled to the rest. 'you look better, lad.' Lou said. 'i am actually.' Zayn replied. Harry then walked up to me. 'what did you say?' he asked. 'i told him im staying with him for one more night.' i replied. 'why babe? please come home with me.' he pleaded. 'Harry, i cant just leave Zayn. hes my brother. i have to give him one more night then, im all yours.' i told. Harry smirked then pecked my lips. 'fine, one night and thats it.' he replied. i smiled then held his hand, we walked toward the boys on the couch. 'so, is it a deal Malik?' Harry asked. Zayn then stood up and walked toward Harry. Harry let go of my hand to make a fist. i held his fist so he would calm down. 'its a deal, Styles. but if she ever comes back because you hurt her, ill make sure youre dead.' Zayn spat. he took his hand out, then Harry took it. they shook hands then bro hugged. i sighed as the two were finally okay. i smiled as they took looked back at me.

it was finally night and i was just in my room, examining the stuff im leaving and taking with me to Harry's tomorrow. i then heard a knock on the door, then came a head poping in. 'whatcha doin gorgeous?' Zayn asked, hopping on my bed. 'packing for tomorrow. why?' i replied. 'i wanted to have a movie night since it maybe our last one, together.' i made a small smile as Zayn was getting off the bed. 'come down in a few, ill set up the living room.' Zayn said, walking away. i sighed as he made me remember that. then i remembered mum and dad too, i tried to hold back tears as i was packing but i couldnt help it but let them slide off my face. i then hummed to myself a drop in the ocean by ron pope. that was the song dad sang to mum on their wedding night. i missed mum, but shes gone forever and as for dad... who knows where he went. i finished packing the last of my stuff then went downstairs. i saw Zayn already slouching on the couch, flipping through channels. 'you ready now, gorgeous?' Zayn asked. i jumped on the couch next to him, he then laid an arm behind my neck. i laid my head on his chest as we were watching. as the movie became a bit boring, we slowly drifted into sleep. 

i was walking in a meadow. it was beautiful. then, i saw two figures from a distance. i couldnt make out who it was because the sun was in my eyes. then i felt a hand grab me softly. i turned to see Harry. 'what is it, babe?' he asked. 'no- nothing..' i said. 'then lets go then.' he said, holding my hand. before i walked away with him, i took one more glance at the two people from afar. the two were wrapped within each other. i smiled then turned to walk away.

i slowly fluttered my eyes to open, lifting my head off Zayn's chest. i looked around to see what time it is. 10:30 am. i kissed Zayn on the forehead then i whispered in his ear. 'thanks for everything Zayn. i love you, my brave knight.' i got up then went upstairs. i went inside the bathroom to shower, then i got dressed and went inside my room. i checked my phone. 6 missed calls and 4 text messages from Harry. i quickly called him.

'babe ive been trying to talk to you, what happened?'

'sorry, i was having movie night with Zayn and i fell asleep with him.'

'okay, im coming to pick you up in 5 minutes.'


'love you.'

'love you too.'

i hung up then got my shoes on. i got all my bags then walked downstairs. i slowly walked into the living room. Zayn was still on the couch sleeping, i didnt want to leave without him knowing so i grabbed a piece of paper and pen. sorry but i had to dash. ill come back home someday. visit me anytime at Harry's please. thank you for everything. i signed it then placed the paper on the dining table. i soon then got a text from Harry saying hes here. i took one quick look at Zayn. i smiled then ran out the door. Harry was out of the car, leaning on it. 'you ready, babe?' he said. he walked up to me then kissed my lips. he then took my bags then put them in the back. i got into the passenger seat then Harry got in the driver's. before we drove off, i looked at the house. then, the car began to drive off. on the drive back to Harry's house, he placed his hand on my thigh then spoke. 'you okay, babe?' 'oh, yeah. im fine. why?' i replied. 'youve been quiet the whole ride so far.' he said. 'sorry, ive just havent been in the mood lately to talk. dont worry, when we get home, ill make sure to make it up to you.' i told. i looked at him to see him smirking, looking straight at the streets. i suddenly grew alittle more happy, forgetting slowly about Zayn and the house...


Sorry my loves for a boring chapter. :/ but how are ya enjoying so far? :D please comment and tell me whatcha think! thanks! w/ <3!!! :) .x 



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