We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


50. New Beginning


I fluttered my eyes open as i looked beside someone i thought who left me. Zayn. He slept soundly asleep next to me as i still laid in bed, watching him. Last night was such a mess.. Everything we said to each other, especially me. I couldn't believe myself now. I peck his cheek and get up from bed. "Morning.." He groaned as i stood still next to the bedside with my back facing him. I turned my head slightly. "Hi.." Was all i could say. I still couldn't believe he came back..

I walked out of the room and into the bathroom. I cleaned up myself and then left to head into my room for pants. Luckily Harry wasnt there anymore so i was good. I grabbed my sweats then headed downstairs, straight into the kitchen. Liam was cooking and Niall was eating at the table. "Morning Ni" i greeted while passing him. He waves as his mouth was full of food. I was glad he wasnt mad at me for leaving him last night. He wasnt that type to have grudges anyway. I head into the kitchen. I stood next to Liam. "Good morning." I greeted. "Morning." He replied back blankly.

"Where were you last night?" I asked, with the thought of all the fighting from the night. "Out with a couple of lads. Why?" He asks. "Let's just say you missed out on a lot." I replied. "I know. Niall told me everything." He admitted. I stood frozen for a couple of seconds. "Oh." Was all i could manage to let out. "Why didnt you just call me? I could of picked you up and get you out of here." He told sternly. "Well how was i suppose to know you weren't busy having fun while i was breaking apart in this damn house!" I replied a bit angry.

"Whatever. There's nothing we can do anymore. Do you want to go out today? Just to relax and call down from all of this?" He asked, a bit sorry. "I cant keep running away from my problems. Thanks anyway for the offer Liam. I can always count on you." I replied, hugging him. He wraps his strong arms around my waist. I rest my head on his chest as i listened to his heart beat. Calm, soothing. It wasnt racing unlike Louis's whenever im around him. We detached as we heard someone clear up their throat in the back ground. We both turned our heads to see Harry standing there with his arms folded across his chest and eyes narrowed to anger.

"Harry i can-.." I spoke as i tried to walk close to him, causing him to only walk away. I stopped as i watched him walk away. What has happened to him?.. Why does he act like this now? Usually things like that, he would start a fight because he was so mad. Now looking at him doing this, it kinda puts me into suspicion. I followed his trail of where he went. I ran upstairs and into our room. He laid in the bed with his phone in his hand. "Why do you act like that?" I asked. "Act like what?" He responded blankly.

"Like you dont care." I replied with frustration slowly rising. "I do i just didnt want anyone to get hurt." He said. I literally grabbed his phone out of his hand and threw it on the floor. "Look at me." I spat. He nearly jumps out of the bed, pushes me against the wall and grabs my wrists. No space was left between us. "You need to understand why i didnt even bother to fight Liam." He spat. "Who are you.." I replied with disappointment rising. "Your monster." He replied with darkness possessing over him. He looked at me as if he was trying to gain control over me.

I began to grow fear inside as i never expected that to come out of him. "Wh-whats wrong with you?!" I trembled as tears fell down my cheeks. I was scared at this point. Harry slams a fist into the wall, right next to my head. I shook of fear as i weakened from every piece of thing he was doing. "I have tried everything to keep you from getting hurt. I left, stop boxing, anything. But i dont think i will ever stop." He said darkly. At this point, i didnt even know if i wanted to be Harry anymore. Hes totally changed from who he was before he left.

"Then just, leave a-and dont come b-back.." Words shook out. He loosens his grip and relaxes his face. Suddenly his mood changed. "Im sorry Roneth. I didnt mean to scare you.." From his tone, i can tell he lost control. I think that now hes back in my life, he forgot how fragile i was and how many times hes hurt me. "I dont even know who you are anymore. You arent the same boy i fell for the first time i met you.." My small, weak voice spoke out as i tried telling him the truth. His face expression showed how he had finally realized who he is now.

"Tell me what to do and i promise to do so. Please, dont let me leave you again.." Harry spoke, looking for hope. "I dont know anymore.. You shouldn't be asking me for options." I replied. "What if we just restart? Pretend we never met and let me work myself up to where i was." Harry explained. I relaxed to think about it. It wasnt actually a bad idea. "Okay." I breathed in agreement. He smiles then hugs me. "This is only a hug for our relationship for the last time." I told. He lets go and looks at me sadly. "Can i kiss you for one last time?" He asked. I smirked and nodded.

Our lips gently touched as we made this moment last. Our kiss began to grow passionate as Harry ran his hands up and down my body. My arms were wrapped around his neck as i suddenly grew the urge to want more. "Harry.." I breathed. He kisses my neck, starting to create love bites. I moaned his name as he got to my weak spot. "Roneth please.. I need you.." He spoke. I push him out of my way and nearly rip off my clothes. He does the same as he gets on top of me on the bed. As he enters, i groan in pleasure knowing this would be the last time until i get this feeling. He began to take slow, deep thrusts.

"Faster.." I moaned. He began to speed up his thrusts as began to kiss my neck. "Harry.." I moaned. "Louder." He breathed. "Harry, im getting close." I replied. I felt him speed up again as i felt my walls tighten. He began to grow sloppy as i knew he was close too. "Fuck.. Roneth im so close." He groans. "Just let it out already.." I breathed in frustration. Soon i felt him let it out inside of me. I moaned of pleasure. Harry drops on top of me. "I'll miss knowing you.." He breathed. "I'll have to figure out who you are, again.." I replied.

I motion Harry off of me and grab my clothes off the floor to slip on. I grab the door but before i left the room, i stopped myself. "Nice knowing you, Styles." I replied. He smirks then frowns. I turn to walk out and head downstairs. I get to the table to see all the boys eating except of course Harry. "Had fun?" Louis said. I looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" He rolls his eyes. "Oh dont try to play dummy on me. I heard you both." Suddenly i froze up. I didnt know what to say. I looked at Zayn he was just sipping his tea. I didnt know if he was mad or what. "Zayn?" I called.

He slowly turns his whole body to face me. "Yes gorgeous?" He replied. "Are you okay?" I asked in confusion. "Yeh, im fine. Why?" He said. "Nothing. I thought maybe you would be mad or something." I explained myself. "I cant be mad. I have no reason to." He gets up and takes me to the kitchen. "Im sorry about what I've been doing to you all along. I was just afraid of losing you and you know that. I realized last night youre growing up and i was being a stupid brother all this time." Zayn admitted. I take him in for a hug. "Thank you Zayn for finally understanding. And sorry for what i said. You know i never meant to make you leave. I was just, frustrated thats all." I replied. He smiles down at me and takes in another hug.

We let go of each other to look into each other's eyes. "Where's Perrie?" I asked. "Home. My stuffs at her house since i actually did think you meant it when you said for me to leave." He replied while trying to act serious in a joke form. I chuckle. "Oops. Sorry." I raised both my shoulders. He smiles at me. "Its okay gorgeous. You know i cant stay mad at you forever." He says. Soon Harry walks in. We look at each other then break our stares. I walk out and into the dining table. Then i get tugged aside again, by Zayn. "What happened between you both?" He asks.

"We decided to end it for now because were restarting." I told. He showed a confused look. I sighed. "Were pretending we dont know each other and getting to know each other all over again." I explain. "Why?" He asks. "So much has changed over the past few months we weren't together so i decided thats the best way to check up without anymore arguing." I replied. He nods his head in agreement then heads to the table as i did the same.

I sit next to Zayn as Niall stood up to give away his seat. I take a sip of Zayn's tea as i listened to the conversation Louis and Liam were having. It was something about soccer-football because Niall kicked in once in awhile to argue about some player or team. Soon Harry walked in with his own tea in his hand. "Morning." Harry announced. "Morning lad. Enjoyed your day so far?" Louis says sarcastically. "Stop." Zayn spat. "What?" Louis says so confused. "Just shut up." Zayn spat. Harry takes steps closer to my seat. "Hi. Im Harry." He smirks with his open hand out in front of me. "Im Roneth. Nice to meet you." I take his hand and shook it with mine. I look into his green eyes, digging inside my soul. I love Harry so much.. I knew this whole plan wasnt going to be easy. And somehow, i just had a feeling someone was going to try and ruin it..


Will Roneth's and Harry's plan work out? Will someone spoil it? Who will try to get in between them? Harreth??? Where's Perrie? Will Jade try anything again? Comment, like, favorite! <3

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