We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


18. Let The War Begin

'babe im sor-' i immediately turned and slapped Harry. he looked at me with narrowed eyes as i was giving him a dirty look. 'you fucking lied.. i trusted you, you asshole!' i yelled. i tried to storm out the room but Harry vigorously grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall. he slammed the bedroom door shut and kissed me harshly. i tried pushing him off but he held my arms up against the wall. he then slid his kisses down my neck, onto my weak spot. i let out a moan. 'Harry..' i breathed. 'shut up.' he said in between his kisses. he then picked me up bridal style and dropped me onto the bed. he ripped the shirt and shorts i had on, along with my panties. he took his boxers off and harshly went inside of me. i winced as i grabbed the covers. he moved in a slow motion but sped up really fast. i grabbed Harry's back, digging my nails into it. 'Harry..' i said. 'say my name again..' he said. 'Harry...' i said, a bit louder. 'louder, babe...' he said, moving faster. 'Harry!' i yelled. 'louder!' he yelled back. 'HARRY!' i screamed. we both reached our climax; Harry dropped next to me, exhausted. 'do, you forgive me babe?' he said, breathless. 'no..' i said also without breath. i got up right away to get dressed. 'where the hell are you going?' Harry spat. 'work. i need to go back anyway.' i said. i grabbed my phone then stormed out of the house. i began walking to the mall.

when i got to the mall, i headed straight to the shop, to only find Wesley and Jessy. 'hey.' i said, walking behind the counter. 'where have youve been, Rans?' Jes asked. 'uhm.. ive been busy at home, lately.' i said. 'mhm. whatevs, at least your back. Mati is off today and Liam doesnt come until an hour or so, its good to have ya back Rans.' Jes said. i smiled at her then walked into an isle with Cd's on my hands with Wes. 'Liam told me everything.' Wes spoke.' i turned to face him and stopped walking. 'what exactly is everything?' i asked. 'legit everything, Ron. the party, the dirty dancing, you and Harry caught in bed together. you've havent been the same lately, Ron. im worried about you.' Wes told. 'i - im ... with Harry.' i stuttered. 'what?' Wes asked, shocked. 'Wes, i didnt mean to but i fell for him.. i love him.' i stated. 'Ron, im not mad or anything, im just worried. you seem hurt or something thats why..' he replied. ' im fine dont worry about it.' i replied. i sighed as i was placing CD's on the shelf with Wes. later, the devil walked in and went by Wes.

'hey baby.' Jade said, grabbing him and nearly eating him up. ' oh uh, hey.' Wes said after the make out. 'Jade, this is Roneth. Roneth, this is Jade, my girlfriend.' he said, waving hands at both of us. 'oh hun, we already met before.' Jade said, eyeing me. 'really? how'd you guys meet?' Wes asked, sounding skeptical. thats where i took over. 'yesterday i bumped into her on the streets, accidentally.' i told. 'huh.. thats such a weird coincidence.' he said. 'mhm. anyway so whens your break?' Jade asked him, drawing circles on Wes's chest. oooh, i was ready to snap pretty soon if she didnt leave. 'about 15 or 20 minutes. just wander the mall for little. ill call you when im done.' he said. i rolled my eyes as i began to shelf CD's again. then, i heard footsteps coming towards me as i looked the way where they were coming from. my heart sank to Harry walking in the isle too. 'babe, can we tal-' i interrupted him with a kiss. he held my waist and just went along with it. this was my sign of letting that tramp know hes mine. 'hi..' i said. 'what was that?' he asked. 'look.'  said turning my head. Harry then turned to see Jade and Wes still talking but it looked like now, Jade was trying to get me really mad. she kept flirting with Wes, as if i cared. i have Harry so whats that suppose to do? then i thought, maybe that actually isnt for me, maybe shes trying to get Harry jealous? crap. i took Harry's hand and walked by the two. 'oh, hey Harry.' Jade said. 'wait, you know him?' Wes asked her. 'high school ex. dont worry, i dont even like him anymore. that was ages ago.' she said. i dont like him anymore, my ass. 'Wes.. please dont do anything stupid.' i told. 'me? more like your boyfriend.' he spat. 'watch it, surfer boy.' Harry spat. 'Harry.' i told. Harry clenched his fists, ready to take a hit. Jade was just giving me dirty looks, as if i stole Harry from her. 'Wes, can i talk to you, privately please?' i spat. 'nu uh. hes mine, back off.' Jade spat, grabbing Wes's arm. 'look whos talking?! thats what i said about Harry but looks like you didnt care.' i spat. 'huh. what are you talking about?' she spat. 'what are you talking about. MY ASS! you think youre gonna get out of this one, bitch?' i spat. Jade nearly jumped to me as i pulled her hair as she was pulling mine. we nearly killing each other. Harry pulled me off as Wes pulled Jade. 'what the hell are you both talking about!?' Wes yelled. 'tell your fucking girlfriend that her little games with my boyfriend are fucking over!' i spat. 'what games?!' he asked, vigorously. 'they're fuck buddies, Wes! they screw around! Jade went to my house earlier to talk to Harry about their next fuck.' i spat. 'dont believe her, Wes. shes lying.' Jade pleaded. 'i knew you never changed. leave. now.' Wes spat. 'YOU BITCH!' Jade jumped to me and then we were throwing punches. we were rolling all over, pulling each other's hair. again, Harry carried me off and Wes carried Jade. 'YOU BITCH, YOU RUIN MY LIFE ILL RUIN YOURS. WATCH YOUR FUCKING BACK.' Jade yelled then storm out. 'good.. leave..' i mumbled to myself in fury....

WOAH! what will Jade do now?! will Wes still be friends with Roneth?! will Harreth still be together?! what happened to the other boys?! comment and tell me what you think so far! thanks! :) .x

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