We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


22. Jealous ... ?

'Babe!' Harry called from behind. i walked toward the car without a word. i was just thinking of what i can do to her now. she pushed it too far now. i then took my phone out.


'Lou, she went too far.'

'who? hooker?'

'yes. i want to fucking kill her already.'

'woah, hold on! what happened?'

'me and Harry were on a date, when suddenly she showed and literally splattered wine all over my new dress as a gift from Harry. Louis, i appreciated this all but she killed my mood.'

'okay, i think i got something in mind.'


'Wes needs a new girlfriend, and hooker needs to see it.'

'hmm, seems good but not good enough. i want her to pay.'

'oh dont worry, once we setup the date of her heart sink, ill be drinking a milkshake while walking around and not pay attention to where i go.'

'oh Lou, you made my night. thanks. text me, kay? i gotta go.'

'anytime, love! and i will. by the way, tell Styles i said hi!'

i hung up then turned to see Harry standing right in front of me. 'who was that?' Harry asked. 'Lou. he uh, called to see if i was busy tonight.' i replied. 'why would he want to know if youre busy?' Harry asked, alittle skeptical. 'he wanted a movie night with me but i told him i was on a date with you.' i told. 'hmm.. well whatever. are you okay now, babe?' Harry asked, holding my hands. 'yeah, im fine. thank you for this night, Harry. i love you.' i said. 'anytime for you, my princess.' Harry said then kissed my forehead. he opened the car door and i entered. he then shut it then ran to the other side to drive.

when we got home, i immediately took the dress off and looked at it. my heart sank a little inside to see it like this. all the polka dots were now blood red and the whole dress was a darker shade just because of the wine. i just hung the dress back to the wall then grabbed one of Harry's tshirts. i checked my phone to see a text from Lou. Hey, Love! Text me when you have work again then i arrange the trap up. (; xx i smiled at my phone then replied. Haha! tomorrow, i'll be in by 1 until 6:30. call me when you get to the mall tomorrow! gotta go, see ya! :) i smiled at my phone but then it faded when Harry walked in. 'who ya texting?' Harry asked.

'oh it was just Lou. he told me this really funny joke. oh i forgot to say earlier, he said hi.' i told. 'huh. whatever then.' Harry spat, walking away. i just gave a weird look, then shrugged. i then looked at my phone to see another text from Lou. okay! nighty night, Love!! (: xx i smiled a huge smile then let out a small chuckle. 'Louis again?' Harry spat. 'yeah. another joke.' i told, still smiling at my phone. 'why dont you just go to his house then and maybe sleepover, huh? i bet you would want that.' Harry spat. 'whats your problem, Harry?' i asked. 'nothing! i bet Lou would want to know too whats my deal too. why dont you call him and ask if he wants to come over. maybe i can even leave you both alone tonight while ill be out for the whole night.' Harry spat. 'stop it, Harry. youre being a child.' i growled. 'me?! a child!? look whos talking!' Harry spat, loudly. 'Harry you ass!' i yelled then stormed out of the house. i walked to where ever then i took my phone out again to dial a number.


'hey whats up, Love?'

'can you pick me up please?'

'why? whats wrong?'

'ill tell you later, just pick me up a block away from Harry's please.'

'sure thing. on my way.'

he hung up then minutes later he came. 'what happened, Roneth?' he asked, sounding worried. 'Harry was getting upset because i was texting and calling you. i dont know why he was acting like this.' i said, angrily. 'oh Roneth, he was just jealous and thinking you like me or something when in reality, were talking about getting back at his ex.' Lou told. 'oh.. thats why he was so upset.. well, whatever. he never told me properly what was wrong so i guess we need time.' i told. i tried to shrug this off but i kinda hurt to know that Harry was just actually jealous. gosh, im so stupid...

Oh poop! what will Harry do now!? Loneth?!:O will Lou's plan work!? will the war between Roneth and Jade ever end?! comment! :) .x

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