We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


64. It's All Over

*Harry's POV*

We pull up to a small house. It still had the white paint from when Jade and I first came here. It was called the runaway home since anyone who ran off went here. But Jade and I started a gang. We stole stuff, sold it for money in return of drugs. That's how manipulative she was. I left my own friends for her. She was nothing but crap to me.


"Just go in and grab the jewelry. I'll handle the security" I nod and kiss her. As we trespass the store, a sudden alarm turns on. A man comes out from the back door and grabs Jade. I nearly jump on him and choke him. All the commotion happened too fast, I never realized the man was nearly dying. I let him go and run away. I look for Jade as I realize she's gone. She left me at the store alone. And I was nearly tried saving her life.

I go back home to see her on the phone with someone, "I'll see you soon baby". She hung up and finds me standing behind her. "Who is that" I spat. "No one darling" she lies. I grab her neck and leave only an inch away from our faces. "Who is it". She swallows hard, "Zayn.." I clench my jaw. "You son of bitch!" I throw the nearest glass to the wall. I breathe heavily, not controlling any of my anger. "Harry I'm sor-" she tries to inch closer to me but I only push her away. "You left me back there just to call him" I spat.

"I need money. Obviously working with just you isn't enough" she admitted. I threw another glass vigorously near her. She shook in fear. Felt a haunting shade of darkness cover my heart. I felt cold. No care what so ever for her anymore. I just wanted to be alone. "Keep it all you piece of shit" I spat and stormed out.


"You guys have everything in the back?" I ask. Louis nods as I open the trunk. A case of guns and bullets open. I take one and load up. I hide it in the hem of my pants, under my shirt. I look around the house. Used up cigarettes surrounded the front door.

I knock on the front door as Louis and Zayn stood on each side of the house. The door opens, showing Jade in lingerie. "Welcome Styles" she tries to say seductively. "Where is he" I ask. "Come in" she leaves a path open for me as I walk in. Suddenly a gun was held behind my head. "Just to make sure you're clean" she pats me down and pulls the gun out of my pants. "Tsk tsk. I'll keep this for now" she motions the guy to follow her to the basement. I was guessing Liam was here.

*Roneth's POV*

We boarded the plane and stored all our bags in the compartment above our heads. Daisy sat in the middle between Niall and I. "I'm scared Mommy.. What if we crash?" She says. I hug her tightly, "it won't crash. As long as you think we're okay then we will not crash" I reassure. She nods in agreement and lies next to me. I looked at Niall as I caught him daydreaming. He was looking out the window, I guess waiting to departure. I wondered what he was thinking about..

*Niall's POV*

I was hoping the guys got the deed over with already. None of them were answering before we went to the airport. I was hoping to get there after everything cleared up.

*Harry's POV*

"There he is" she pointed at Liam. He looked dead. But he wasn't. He looked up to me and showed all his bruises and cuts. I nearly filled with anger. I look at Jade then at the guy behind her. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I nearly tackle the guy and began throwing my fists at him. He dropped his gun while I took him down. We continued to fight as I waited for Louis and Zayn. Somehow they took an eternity since I was also getting hit.

Jade cheered for the guy as he called him boyfriend. I guess now we know what he is to her. Finally, a shot taken. Both of us stop fighting to see Louis had shot Jade. She collapsed on the floor, bleeding. The guy punches me in the face, nearly knocking me over. Another shot was heard. This time it hit me. I look at my wound. My arm. Damn it. I look on the floor to see Jade holding the gun she stole from me. "I will.. Fucking.. Kill you.." She winced in pain as she tried to get up.

Zayn finally came in and aimed his gun at Jade's boyfriend. I look around. Everyone was armed but Liam and I. I scan for the nearest object I could use. "Fire already you bitch!" Jade screamed at Louis. He kept is straight onto her. Jade's boyfriend aimed at Louis while Zayn aimed at him. I walk slowly to Liam until I get Jade's boyfriend off guard. He shoots for me, causing the domino affect. I stood frozen, behind a pole that had both my shoulders showing. Somehow he didn't get me.

I looked to see Zayn shot him twice, in the head while Louis only shot Jade once, causing her to not get up anymore. We all sigh in relief as we finally have won. Liam looks at us. Trying to grin but it only hurt him. Louis begins to clean up the bodies and floor as I untied Liam. I forgot about my wound until I became dizzy. I was losing too much blood. I guess I numbed out all the pain from too much adrenaline. I look around as I felt myself grow a familiar heaviness. I couldn't. Not again.

*Louis's POV*

"We gotta get out of here and take Harry to the hospital yet again" I command. "Wait.. The bodies.. The evidence.." Liam spoke weakly. I thought for a moment. "We'll worry about it. You gotta get cleaned up and better" I say. I decided to come back later since my friends were nearly dying.

We drove to the hospital and off they went in the Emergency room. What a thought. An eye for an eye. I sit next to Zayn as his head was back against the wall, eyes shut. "Who would've known that these to rascals would die for one another" I admit. Zayn chuckles, "even if they both loved or love my sister". He was right. Both suckers for loving the same girl. "What was it like when you and Harry were in that situation?" I asked out of curiosity. I was hoping to not hit any heartfelt emotions but it was a mystery to the rest of us.


*Zayn's POV*

I smoked the cigarette as Jade counted the stacks of money we had. "Only 5,643 dollars" she told. I shook my head. "Next time my love" I grab her harshly as I kiss her rough. Soon my hands roamed her body as I began to take her clothes off. Suddenly, my phone began to ring. It was Roneth. "Don't answer it" Jade hissed. She circled her fingers around my crotch. I couldn't ignore her. She was little sister. Suddenly a loud knocking boomed inside the apartment.

I open the door to Harry. "You asshole!" He yelled. He throws a punch at me and soon we roll everywhere, trying to win. We use any object to kills each other. As we both began growing exhausted, I looked around. "She's gone" I say. All the money surrounded me was out of sight. "I never want to fucking see you again, Malik" Harry spat.


*Louis's POV*

"I'm glad everyone changed. Roneth really impacted all of us. Who would've known that she can change us, eh". I say. Zayn smiles, "she's great. I miss her. I'm gonna give her a call". He gets up to head close to the door for signal. The doctor comes out announcing, "Payne" I look for Zayn, but he attempts to reach Roneth. I go in by myself to check him. I enter and look at him. Liam's once broken face was decent. "He will be able to go home tonight. Just let him rest the next couple of days. No strenuous work" the doctor speaks. I nod and allow him to leave.

"Where's Harry?" Liam croaked. "In the other room, hopefully with Zayn by now" I reply. I look around for Zayn on this side of the hospital. "Louis!" He calls from a couple rooms down. "Lets go see him" I say. I help Liam to the room and there laid unconscious Harry. "Why does he always get hurt the most?" Asked Liam. I chuckled, "he acts invincible for some reason". My phone begins to ring. I dismiss myself to the hall and answer to Niall. "Hello?"

"Did you finish it?"

"It's all done."

"Good, because you need to pick us up from the airport."

I paused for a moment. Holy shit.

"Niall! We're at the hospital!!"

"Shit, again?! For who?!"

"Harry and Liam. Liam is okay to go home but Harry.. Is unconscious right now."


"Alright we will tell the truth to Roneth once and for all. No more hiding around. She's been in the dark for too long."


"Niall, it will be alright. We will all come for you and bring you home. We will explain it all."

"Alright, lad. See you soon."


One more chapter and it's over! Thank you guys for sticking through all the time I didn't write or even just decided to read all night since it's summer lol! Stay tuned!! Ily (:

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