We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


30. Huge Wake Up Call

i looked around the floor to find what she used. i saw the razor on the floor covered in her blood, with the others on the sink. i threw them all away, soon hearing people rushing up the stairs. 'Hello?! any one here!?' i voice was ringing. 'in here!' i shouted. two men rushed inside, running to Roneth's sides. i grabbed Zayn's arm to motion him out of their way. Zayn was crying hard, while tears welled up in my eyes. i patted Zayn's back. 'shes gonna be alright. shes a strong girl.' i whispered into his ear. one of the men carried Roneth bridal style out of the bathroom and down the stairs, onto an ambulance stretcher. (in case you didnt know what that is, its those beds that come out of ambulances.) 

As we reached the ambulance, one of the men stopped us both from entering. 'only one of you may go in with us, sorry.' i looked at Zayn. he looked back at me. 'Go lad. ill catch up in the hospital.' Zayn quickly bro hugged me. 'thank you, Niall. i see you there.' Zayn quickly jumped into the truck. i watched it drive away and pulled out my phone.

-Harry's POV-

i was sitting up, on the bed. i called Roneth a couple of times but never got an answer. i didnt bother to leave yet because Jade would hunt me down if i left. i felt a warm arm wrapped around my rib, circles being drawn on my chest. i looked down to see Jade finally awake. she smiled at me as i weakly grinned. my phone began to ring, but Jade snatched it out of my hand and answered it herself. 'Hello?' she said. i looked at her to see her face dropped from happiness to anger. 'hes busy so he doesnt need to speak to a cunt like you... CALL ME BITCH ONE MORE TIME.' i shot up to grab the phone out of her hands. 'who is this?' i spat. 'HARRY YOU CUNT. I REALLY THOUGHT YOU CHANGED. BUT YOU GO CRAWLING BACK TO JADE STILL WHEN YOU HAVE RONETH!? DONT GO TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE IM SURE SHE WOULDNT EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.' Niall yelled into the phone. i paused for a moment to think. hospital? why doesnt he want me to go to a hosptial? but then my heart sank.

'wheres Roneth?' i asked, nervous. 'like you care, Styles. she doesnt need to see you anymore. i think shes had enough from you.' Niall spat. 'TELL ME WHERE SHE IS NOW, HORAN.' i yelled. 'DONT YOU FUCKING GET THE KEY WORDS HERE, STYLES. JUST STAY WITH YOUR FUCK BUDDY BECAUSE THATS WHAT MATTERS TO YOU THE MOST.' Niall hung up, making me grow angry and punch the wall. 'what the hell is going on?' Jade asked, reluctantly. 'finding my girlfriend. im over this, Jade. forget what we did. forget the past and forget about me because im going to forget about you.' i quickly spoke, getting dressed. 'what are you-' i cut off Jade, 'I SAID FORGET IT ALL. DONT YOU UNDERSTAND? AND IF YOU EVEN TRY COMING BACK, ILL MAKE SURE YOU'LL REGRET IT.' i held a hand out to smack Jade. she winced for protection, but i groaned in frustration and just stormed out.

i ran into my car and sped off. tears were welling into my eyes, having guilt filling me up inside. i took out my phone and tried calling Roneth over and over but she wasnt answering. 'Please princess.. im sorry..' i spoke quietly to myself. the tears slid down my cheeks, making me grow more nervous that i was beginning to shake.

i finally drove into the E.R. parking lot. i run out of my car and into the hospital. i run up to the front desk, with a lady behind it organizing papers. 'excuse me, have you seen a girl with a blond guy being rushed in?' i asked in a hurry. 'uhmmm, yes there was a lady being rushed in but the man was tall and black haired with a mo hawk. they went down that hall, into surgery room.' the lady told, pointing to the direction they went. 'thank you.' i replied, running off. i finally reached the surgery room, seeing Zayn sitting with his head down looking at the floor. i slowly walked up to him, making him slowly look up. he shot up right away and shoved me. 'what did i tell you, Styles. you fucking promised her you wouldnt hurt her but look where we are now.' Zayn spat. 'i didnt know what the hell was going on until Horan called me. whats wrong with Roneth?' i asked in desperation. 'her arm. has cuts again. she cut a vein. she how fragile she is, Styles? did you really need this to happen so you can finally realize you have to stop screwing with Jade? you made me trust you, you sick bastard. even Niall had high hopes for you but it looks like it was all just a game, again.' Zayn told. 

i looked down, avoiding eye contact. tears fell, landing on the floor. i was broken inside. i felt so guilty that i hurt my princess when i promised her i wouldnt. i sat down, crying hard at the flashback i was getting...


'wait, so does that mean-'

'yes, im all yours, Harry.'

 'finally. youre mine.'

 ' i love you Harry.. i never expected to but i did. you changed my life from the day you came in, now you are a part of me.'

'you are a part of me too, Roneth. i will do whatever it takes to keep you and protect you. you are my world. i love you too much..'


that was when finally Roneth let me into her world.. to let me take care of her but i let her down. Zayn sat next to me, patting my back. 'Lad i, i know you love Roneth but why'd you do it again with Jade? wasnt there a huge fight about this?' Zayn said. i sniffled then spoke. ' i, i dont know.. i was just growing so tempted but i.. i never realized how fragile she is..' this was a huge wake up call to me. losing Roneth would be the death of me. soon, Niall came without a breath. he probably ran here since he probably didnt have his car with. 'what the hell is Styles doing here?' Niall spat. Zayn walked up to him, to block any fists being thrown. 'Horan, calm down. i talked to him already. hes already broken enough, you dont have to make him feel worse.' Zayn told.

right after Zayn spoke, the doctor came out. 'are you all with Ms. Malik?' 'yes.' we all said in unison. 'well uh, she will be okay. she is still in critical condition due to the amount of blood loss but she should wake up in a couple of hours. you may see her if you like now.' the doctor stated. 'thank you.' we said again in unison. the doctor nodded and walked away. we all walked inside Roneth's room. i immediately went to her bed side, looking at her arm wrapped in bandages. i whimpered at how pale Roneth has became. she looked broken too, but felt more hurt than me. as if, she did something wrong too...

Awh! Will Harreth still be strong and going? what ever happened to Jade? will Zayn ever trust Harry again? will the two admit what they both have done? will Niall ever forgive Harry? comment, like, favorite please!! :) .xx  

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