We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


58. Driven Away

*Harry's POV*

I stopped trying to look for her and slammed the door shut on the way inside. "GOD DAMN IT" i burned in fury as my fist had been bruised and bled from the amount of things i punched. "Calm down Harry, I'm sure she didn't go far" Louis tries to say reassuringly. "Fuck off Louis. I want to be alone" i spat. I go into our room and fall to my knees and cry hard. I let the constant tears run and sob loudly. "If only i loved her so much more.." I whispered to myself.

Even though i love her now with everything i have, i felt that my all wasn't enough. I was afraid of this happening one day. The day where she just would leave us.. Leave me. I cried harder as I thought about our baby.

"Let her go, this time" i turned around to see Niall talking now. "What.." Was all i managed to say. "I know I'm the one that always tries to make you fight for her but this time, Harry, I'm sure anymore. She's so broken, she was never like this before.. When i first met her she was fine. She was full of light, noes she covered in darkness" Niall told. I sighed in pain as I was reminded of how Roneth was fragile.. Every piece of her disappears when things happen like this.

"Niall.. I need to see her. I cant stand living without her again. It just feels like i gained her back from before even if all this time had past. "You don't understand. I need to be there for my child" i told. I had to. She cant raise him/her herself. I want to be able to hold my baby in my arms and see them grow older with us. I wanna grow old with Roneth. "We need to find her" i spat. "Okay but the tracking device cant find her if her phone is off" Niall explained. "Where would she even go" i asked. I was so clueless with this. I truly couldn't think.

"Where's Liam" i asked. "I dont know, i think he went looking for her to" Niall told. "Fuck" i muttered as I ran off the drive and find her. I cant let them be together again.

*Liam's POV*

I drove to the old tree where I kissed Roneth. I hopped out of my car and saw a figure standing from afar. I ran after it as I saw the hair blowing the direction of the wind and soon came close. "Roneth.." I called. The figure turned around and soon i felt my heart fall out of my chest. Her eyes showed sadness but I wasn't sure if it was only an act or she actually felt it.

"What're you doing here" i spat. "I always come here when I'm lonely" she responded. "Jade, where's Roneth" i asked. "What're you talking about" she replied. "She's missing. She left the house unexpected because of you. You made her this, this broken thing. She cant even live as a normal person because of you, now let her go" i snapped. She rolled her eyes, "i didn't take her okay and if i did i would of teased all you guys of snippets of her being tortured anyways" she admitted.

She seemed to not smile about that thought, as if it was only just something she said to make me mad. "I'm sure she'll go back to you guys, like how Harry always does" she says. "You don't get it. She's one to not give up easily, we need her here" i told. Jade looked away as if that made her, hurt?.. "I know you all do. I dont understand why her. She's nothing special. She's just a goddamn girl who cant keep her hands clean with any of you guys" she spat. "She isn't like that. She's only confused and hurt. She tries to fix her self by replacing all her pain from things to distract her. She will eventually get worse, and we will blame you for this" i spat.

"Go ahead, like i care. It wouldn't matter anyways because you'll see Andy anyways" she admitted. My old best friend.. Before the lads. He was the only friend i had. "What'd you do to him" i asked. "Hes with me and you wont ever gain him back after you back stabbed him and went off with the rest of your friends. He wont ever want to see you again" she smirked. One of the men.. From her group. "Let's make a deal, to replace Roneth's" i told. She raised an eyebrow. "What would you want" i asked.

She smiles wickedly, "get me pregnant". I froze for a moment. "Why do you want a child so badly" i asked. "Its a deal or not" she spat. "I cant do this, that cant be it. Think of something else" i told. "Then I'm sticking to my deal with Roneth, i mean, once you find her. But I'm sure we'll find her first" she laughed. "Listen here, leave her and everyone alone. I dont care about Andy anymore because he betrayed me" i spat then left. I couldn't get her pregnant. She's crazy.

I continued to drive until Harry and I found each other. We both got out of the car and walked up to each other. "Harry i didn't find her" i spoke right away. "I saw Jade" i admit.

*Harry's POV*

"Why did you see her" i asked. He explained how it was an accident, the baby she wants and Andy. "We have to find her Liam. She's gonna get hurt out there, being alone" i said. He sighs, "i know, let's go and get the rest of the lads so we can split up and figure this out" he told.

-Next day-

*Roneth's POV*

I woke up in the hospital bed, with a very small amount of pain this time. I didnt think i would stay overnight here but it supported me while i still could. Suddenly the door opened, to a strange guy i didn't know. "Hello" he spoke. "Hi" i reply. He pulls a chair close to my bed and sits. "Who are you" i asked. "I'm Andy, I'm one of Jade's men" he admits. My heart leaped into my throat as I thought of him taking me away to her. "W-why are you here?.. And how did you find me?" I asked. "Jade sent me here and lucky guess of location" he told.

All i wanted to do was press the emergency button and get him arrested and call Harry for saving but I'm on my own. "She wants you to take me away doesn't she" i spat. "No, actually she just wanted me to watch you and make sure the baby doesn't die" he explained. Of course, because thats what the deal was, right? "Well its fine and healthy. Now can you leave please" i told. "I'm afraid i cant" suddenly his phone goes off and he leaves the room to pick it up. I quickly grabbed my phone and clothes then ran into the bathroom door and locked it. The window was cracked open and soon i crawled into it and jumped out.

It was a distant jump but i had to in order to get away. I try to speed walk away as to keep myself in tact for my child to grow more efficiently. Soon i car nearly hits the break right in front of me as I saw who was driving. My chest filled with weights as i discovered i couldn't escape anymore. He found me. All i wanted was to be on my own for once, so none of them had to suffer anymore. He jumps out of the car and nearly tackles me in for a hug.

"Roneth where have you been.. Harry is going mad for you" he told. "I cant go back. I need to stay from all of you. I cause all this to happen. I'm sorry but you cant tell them you saw me okay? Please just go" i pushed him off and continued to walk. He grabs my arm and vigorously pulls me to his body. "Niall.." I whispered. "Then let me take you away" he told. His shining blue eyes nearly made me feel like suddenly it was him that was the one. Maybe he was the one i should of went to in the first place. Not Harry. Niall. "Take me away Niall.. Let's move out. Go to a different country" i told. He nodded and kissed my forehead. "I'll get your stuff. I'll drop you off at a motel okay? I know you'll be safe but i have to make sure none of them see you" he told. I began to let tears prickle down my cheeks as I knew he was my last hope. He hugs me tightly in his lovely arms.

*Niall's POV*

Finally.. I can get her to myself. She was too perfect to be living in hell. I can take care of her.

*Roneth's POV*

I was dropped off at a local motel near the hospital. I forgot to tell Niall earlier about Andy. All i knew right now was that I was finally going to be away and i will actually be on my own. I was afraid but free. I knew this meant it must be easier for the boys.

*Harry's POV*

I slammed the front door hard. I heard fast footsteps coming down the stairs. "Where are you going" i spat at Niall. "I'm sorry, Styles. This whole mess between all of us and with Roneth isn't just effecting you both. It's effecting me" he told. "So you're leaving too huh" i spat. He nodded, "once she's back I'll be back" he told. Something didn't feel right. I knew he had to be hiding something. But i just didn't think it was anything important. "Dont even come back when she does. You wont even bother to find her why even act like you cared for her" i snapped.

He shifted ever so slightly at my words. He was uneasy, silent. I watched him head to the front door, before he walked out, he stopped himself and spoke, "She cares about you. More than any of us. She's trying to make life easier for you" and he was gone. What did he mean. Did she mean to leave because she thought her presence caused it all. I felt myself weaken inside as i thought her thinking of this whole mess being her fault. I just wished i was enough for her to just stay.

*Roneth's POV*

Niall arrived with two bags filled with his and my clothes. "Alright our first plane to the states is tomorrow morning" he announced. I felt an uneasy turn in my stomach as I thought of my child being away from their father.. "Niall, maybe I should tell Harry" i sighed. He turned around quickly and looked at me, hurt. "You cant.. You'll only cause a commotion for him and possibly my life" he tried joking. I didn't want to leave without him knowing where I am. It's only fair that he knows his child will be safe.

"We have to tell him. Its the only way for him to feel at ease and continue with this" i told. "Then let me do it" he suggested. I shook my head, "i have to, Niall. He is my boyfriend and he is the father" i say. He looked like he didn't want me to go to him again. His eyes furrowed then looked at me. "Fine but after that were staying together until tomorrow morning" he commanded. I didn't understand why he didn't want to let me see him.

We drove back to the house and i sigh heavily as i walk in. I heard footsteps coming towards the door when suddenly i hear, "Niall I've been calling you all day, what-.." He froze. Stared at me with distress in his eyes. "Harry.." I called. He blinks once which makes him walk up to me and take me in his arms. I hugged him back.. I had to. Suddenly i felt myself weaken and cry hard. "Dont cry.. Please dont do this again.." He whispered.

"Where did you go Roneth.. I nearly lost it" he asked, so soft yet intense. I breathed heavily, "i cant stay. All of you are going through so much because of me. all of this is all my fault-.." "Stop" he cut me off, "stop saying this. I promise after this whole mess it will go away. Just please just try and be strong for me.. And for us" he placed a hand on my bump which caused me to tear up alittle.

"Harry.." I sighed. "I'm leaving, and I'm not coming back" i broke in.

His face was lose but his eyes were full of worry, desperation. "Y-you cant. No.. I'm not letting this happen" he spat. I look down, "I'll be okay. I can take care of myself" i try to reassure. He shakes his head, "no you cant. What if they follow you. What if they hurt you.. Or-.." "Harry, I'm going to America." My interruption suddenly rang something for him. "With Niall.." He whispered.

I stood frozen at how he possibly just picked up on it. My mouth was slightly open but i tried to act natural. "N-no I'm not-.." "I cant believe this. First Liam now him. You simply just dont want to be with me anymore" he spat. "No Harry it isn't-.." "Isn't like what? For me to start assuming that every time you run away its to stay away from me to feel someone else's love? Because obviously mine will never be enough" he snapped. His words stung me as i let the tears fall in utter despair. I couldn't be here. I turned to the door and began to walk out.

"Wait" he called. I slowly turned around to show him my face. All showing pain and shock. "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you.. I just need you to stay.. Please." He begged. His voice cracked as I knew he was near to tears. "Let me take you away. Not Niall." He added. I thought for a moment about it. Would it be better for me to be with him? What if they follow him? What if more problems follow up due to him taking me away? "Niall needs to take me. You need to be here to settle things with them. If you think that staying here is the safest thing for me, you should reconsider that" i told.

It hurt saying all this. I didn't even want to leave. But i forced myself to suck it all up and live with it. This is what I have to do.

His back was facing me with his head was down. He turned slowly around showing his red, puffy eyes. I felt myself shatter inside as that triggered me to fall into tears. He knew this was it. The last time he'll ever see me. "We can't stop running away can we.. We cant simply stop any of this drive away. It's always one of us trying to leave" he sighs then continues, "but i guess i cant stop you anymore. This is maybe the path we have to take" he sniffled then looks up. I felt weak. Hurt. Broken. I looked at him with any strength left of me. "Harry, I will never forget you. Neither will.." I placed my hand softly on my bump.

Harry began to sob as he stared at my bump. He was nearly falling to his knees but i couldn't catch him. If I did, it'll only make me stay. Every drive to leave had to be done. "I'm sorry Harry.." And then i stepped out. I heard footsteps from downstairs. I knew the boys were there and I had no choice but to just run. I took a deep breath before i i sprinted out the door. I saw Niall still sitting in his car. I jump in quickly and breathe heavily.

"What happened" he asked. "Nothing, had to try and avoid the boys. Let's go" i say, panting. He drives off and as I stared the house i was called my home, was now history.


I know you all are probably complaining why Roneth is leaving Harry when we know this is a HARRY fanfiction. Trust me my loves, I have more coming to you all! Tell me what you think about this all?! This is coming to an end soon :( just a few more chapters left and it's over! But i need feedback if you would like me to continue this story to a sequel!

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