We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


57. Damsel In Distress

*Roneth's POV*

We walk back inside to see everyone not in the living room, i walk into the kitchen to see everyone stop their conversation and look at the two of us. All of them were there expect for Harry. "Where have you two been" Zayn asked. "We went out, to just have fun" i say. "What kind of fun" i heard from behind. I see Harry walk right from behind and stands close in front of me. "We went to a festival thats all" i say. He bites down on his jaw, "thats it? Nothing else?" I nod.

"Anyways back to the plan" Louis chimes. "So since she wants to show up on your wedding day, Zayn, we'll have to start plans by tomorrow in order to see if we can get rid of her for sure" he begins. "Niall and I will have to find a way for us to figure out whos in the group. Zayn and Liam will work together to find out where she's located to chop down some cords to this. Harry, i want you to use Haley as an advantage to figure out anything that will help us" Louis finishes by then looking at me, "and you, miss, will be bait"

Harry steps in, "hold on, you promised her protection not becoming something to lure her". Louis sighs, "well what other choice do we have? She's after her anyways so there's nothing else we can do". Suddenly my brain just had to think, "wait if i meet up with her again". "Are you crazy? I wont let you" Harry says. "Actually that can help" Louis says. "How" Liam, Zayn and Harry say in unison. "Let's so for instance, Roneth sees her, one of us threats one of the men, gets held hostage, finds location, figures out who men are, then boom. It's all figured out" Louis explained. "Are you joking" Liam says.

"What if they dont even take one of us to their spot? And what if she has more than just the same guys that took Niall and Roneth" Harry says. "Good point" Louis says. "Thats where Haley comes in" he adds. "Harry you'll need to get close with her asap and have her become our secret spy. There and then will she play the role and get the information we need" Louis says. "Jade knows that Haley hates her, there wouldn't be a point" Harry says.

"Let me try" Perrie steps in. "No, darling" Zayn tells her. "I can pretend we separated and have an accidental bump in the middle in a cafe where so happens to be where Jade and I are. We can then show her how we called off the wedding" Perrie says. "She could find out from someone else about this so you never know. Playing it out couldn't be enough" Louis infers.

All their planning made me feel so guilty.. This would've never happened if i didnt get with Harry. Maybe Liam was right. If just went to him, none of this would have never happened. I look at Liam for reassurance but all i got back was a worried look. I weakly grin as he loosened his face from any concern. I look at Harry who was deep in through still about the plans. Louis seemed to knowing more than he should and it's really surprising me. Niall didnt even say anything to begin with i guess since he didn't have ideas nor did he even want to bother. Then i look at Zayn had his face was loose, but focused. He was holding one of Perrie's hands but looking at the boys.

"Alright so Haley could provide the info, Wes is coming in isnt he" Louis says. "Yeah, sure" Harry said without emotion. "It wouldn't be enough time. He would need to convince her for trust and all that crap" Harry adds. I tried to stay awake for this but I began to feel tired due to the stress building up. I walked away from them and went into mine and Harry's room. I laid down on my side and sighed heavily. Suddenly the door opened and flashed Harry.

"Are you alright, babe?" He asked with concern. "I'm fine, just tired thats all" i reply. He sits next to me on the bed, "dont worry about this okay? We'll have it figured out". I turn around to face him. "Why didn't you go looking for me earlier?" I asked. "I knew there wouldn't be a point if i found you because you wanted an escape from all of this, mess" he paused but continued, "i wanted to go after you and keep you by my side and try to make you feel better but i knew I wasn't enough back there.. Against Liam. I know how much you missed him.. All i was afraid of was losing you to him" he admits.

"You wont lose me, Harry" i grab his hand, "you are my world. You cant lose me, after everything we've been through. And our baby, he or she will only want their dad. The thing is, i didnt fall in love with Liam. I fell in love with you. Sure things would of been different but i wouldn't want it any other way if I have you". He weakly grins, "did you guys do anything? Please dont lie to me" he asks. I sigh, "Harry.. We kissed but thats all that happened" i admit. He clenches his fist and bites down on his jaw. "Harry" i softly placed my hand on his.

"I cant trust you with him anymore, Roneth. Do you understand? He loves you so much that he would so anything to take you away from me" he explains. "I spoke to him about that. He said he wants me happy and if being with you is what makes me happy then he said hes letting me" i say. "Well I'm not trusting you to be with him alone anymore. I cant let this happen again" he spat, "do you understand?" He added. "I understand." I reply.

"Harry, just hold me tonight, please" i begged. He sighs then kisses me, "anything for you, my princess". We lay together in silence as i listened to his heartbeat. It was relaxed and slow this time. I wonder if its because i told him what happened. I wasn't sure. I felt my eyes begin to feel heavy as i let them fall into deep sleep.


*Harry's POV*

I went back downstairs and headed straight into the kitchen to see what progress we have for the plan. "So we'll just have to make a deal then" Louis says. "What kind of deal" i butted in. "Oh good youre back because we are deciding to confront Jade, with you making a deal" he says. "No, that's stupid, Louis. thats just like asking for more trouble" i spat. He sighs, "well what other choice do we have, she wants you Harry, and if we lure her into a trap, we can get rid of her" Louis explained.

I thought for a moment. Was this what i really had to do? "So now I'm the bait" i inferred. "Well if you think about it, yes, but at least it's not Roneth" he added. I felt better knowing that but i just didn't want to leave Roneth alone. I want to be the one to protect her.. "What kind of deal would i have to make with her?" I asked. "You have to say that you'll go with her and never come back to Roneth as a deal for her to leave Roneth alone" Louis told. I felt my heart begin to race, "i cant do that" i spat.

"You're not gonna actually do it, you will go with her for a couple hours. We will have a tracking device on you that none of them would be able to find. There we can have a few more extra guys with us" Louis said. "Like who?" Asked Zayn. "Wesley and Clayton from the shop" Liam told. "Why them? We barely know Clayton" i told. "Hes who we got left, besides the more of us the better" Louis told. "Once you're lured into wherever she takes you, we'll go after to get you and capture Jade and have someone take care of her" Louis added.

"Wait we're gonna kill her.." I spoke softly. I knew back then i had the ability to do it anytime but now, I couldn't do it.. Was i that weak? "Yes, and we have to because she's most likely the one to show up Zayn's wedding" he said. "Ill kill her" We all turn around to see her standing with swollen eyes and tears.

*Roneth's POV*

I stood there as they we're all frozen, didn't know what to say. I heard their whole conversation about the plan. I hated the idea of Harry being the "bait". "Ill do it if it means i can get involved in some way" i say. "You cant, Roneth. I wont let you risk your life" Harry told. "No, I cant sit here anymore and play damsel in distress. I have to help!" I yelled. Harry's eyes burned through me as I spoke. "Listen to me, if you get involved with this, you will risk losing me." He spat. "How" i asked. "If you jeopardize the whole thing, one of us could be dead" he told.

"Ugh, maybe if i was dead none of this would of never happened!" I snapped. "Roneth.." Harry whispered. "Why did you.." His eyes began to well up with tears but were being pushed back. "Its true, and you know it" i spat. I looked at everyone. Stunned and frozen. I looked at Zayn who then made me break apart inside.. I let the tears slide down my cheeks as i tried to hold my anger. I stormed out and ran. I cried hard as the wind was smacking my face. I couldn't take it. Everyone is going mad trying to protect me all because of one thing.

I fell in love with Harry Styles.

Maybe if i didnt fall for him to begin with, none of this would of ever happened. If I was dead, Jade could finally stop trying to ruin their lives because i set them free.. Thats it. If i left, they would be free from this. All the planning, protecting and overthinking would be put to rest for them. Especially for Zayn.. Oh gosh. I couldn't leave him. Suddenly i stopped running and felt a sharp pain in my stomach. It was on the side of where the baby was. I realized i didn't stop running and possibly hurt my baby.. Our baby. I had to go. No more of the frantic panic for defense. No more trying to find ways for me to be safe. No more of me.

I knew this was it. I decide to call for a taxi and head to the hospital first. I was afraid i hurt the baby. I walk into the emergency department. "I ran for a few minutes and forgetting i was pregnant.. I have been having some sharp pain.." I told the lady behind the desk. She asked for my name and said the wait for a doctor. Not long a doctor came out and called me to a room where I can get an ultrasound. "How long did you run, Ms.Malik?" He asked. "I'm really not sure.. I was so distracted from a lot of thoughts" i say. "Well where's your partner?" He asked. I froze for a moment before answering, "he left me" i lied.

"Alright let's check this fella out" he turns on the system and checks it out. He examines more parts of me without the device and sighed. "Youre beginning to have contractions dear" he told. "How is that possible, I'm only 3 months pregnant, going on to just 4" i say. "Well it looks like this baby was so over worked that you over what your body and caused a stir for it. Important organs are beginning to develop and it's very unhealthy for you due to being prone to injuries" he explained, "i would like to keep you here for a few days of bed rest and have at least someone come and support you at least ok?" He added.

I nodded and was lead to a regular bed with the stupid ugly dress things they gave away. I changed into it and laid there. I looked at my phone at all the missed calls and messages. Most of them were from Harry but i got some from Zayn, Perrie, Liam and Louis. But one from Niall.. Only one? Hm, did he care enough to have me safe or it's because everyone basically took care of the job.. stopped thinking and let my mind wander for alittle while. I shut my phone off and shut my eyes to get some rest. I needed every ounce of it without any of the boys around.


Wow.. Roneth took a big step on her own here. Do you think she should go back to her home or spend time alone with herself? Comment, like, favorite <3

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