Age is Just a Number Summers Just A Season

What happens when a 14 year old girl follows her dream and falls in love with the 19 year old pop sensation Justin Bieber? Does age get in their way? Will the law forbid their love? Read "Age Is Just A Number" to find out!!!!


4. Will, Willow, and Jaden


  After I sang I ran off stage to my dressing room. I quickly changed into some skinny's and a flared white tank top. I reached for my phone and plopped down on the couch. After sitting and messing around on my phone for a while there was a knock on the door.

Bailey: COME INN!!

Usher: Aye I just got off the phone with some record labels.

Bailey: OMG Really?! Which ones?

Usher: Well before you jump the gun listen to all of the options.

Bailey: Ok, Shoot!

Usher: Well the first one was Big Machine Records. You familiar?

Bailey: Yea, Isnt Taylor Swift signed with them?

Usher: Yea them. The second was Warner Bros. Which is a pretty big label. Then Young Money Entertainment. Then lastly remember what I said though you have to keep an open mind because all of these are really good labels.

Bailey: Ok, I don't understand why yo-

Usher: The last one was Island Def Jam.

My mouth dropped open this has been my dream to be signed by them like its like this isn't even reality.

Bailey: Your record label? Wants me? OMG! Cancel all of the meetings with the others I want Island Def!

Usher: No can do shawty. You your mom and sister are all staying in Calabasas for the next 3 weeks and all the labels are going to come down and meet with you and I.... and you manager.

Bailey: Manager? Since when have I had a manager?

Usher: Last night I called some close people and got you hooked up.

Bailey: Who is it?

Usher: Scooter Braun.


I run and jump into Ushers arms and give him a big hug.

Usher: Ok, Ok calm down the limo is out front waiting for us im going to drop you off at the guest house.

We head out to the car and within 30 minutes we were at the house. Of course it was absolutely GORGEOUS!

Usher: Upstairs to the right is your room down the hall from that is your sisters Dakota, Down here on the right passed the kitchen is your moms.

Bailey: Wheres your room at?

Usher: What are you talking about this isn't my house this is your house. Its my guest house.

Bailey: Oh, so is there anything here to do?

Usher: Well there is a track that everyone walks on it goes around the neighborhood. Then in here theres a movie theater, game room, and theres tvs in all the rooms.

Bailey: Ok, yea im pretty sure im not gunna be bored here.

Usher: *Chuckles* Well im going to go pick your mom and sister up from the airport. Ill be back with them in a couple hours. Settle in and make yourself at home while im gone.

Bailey: Okie Dokie! Oh, and is there anybody my age that lives around here?

Usher: Yea Ill invite him and his sister over if you want?

Bailey: Yea sure!

Usher left and I was sitting at the house for about 2 hours. I had my stuff all unpacked and I knew my way around by now. While I was playing on my phone there was a knock at the door. I ran to the door thinking it was Usher back with my mom and sister.

When I opened the door, Boy was I wrong.

Bailey: Hi,... Uh did Usher call you guys?

Will: Yea, he told us you would be staying here for a couple weeks.

Bailey: Yea, would you guys like to come in?

Will: Well, actually I cant I have to go meet my wife but this is Jaden and Willow.

Willow: HI! Finally someone my age around this friggin place!

Will: Ok, well ill see you guys later

Jaden: See ya.

Willow: Bye Daddy!

Bailey: You guys wanna come in?

Willow: Sure why not!

We all walked in and sat on the couches in the living room.

Willow: So, how long you stayin here?

Bailey: Well for right now only 3 weeks but that might change.

Willow: Cool, So how old are you?

Bailey: Im 14 your 13 right?

Willow: Yep!

Bailey: Your my sisters age shell be here in a couple hours.

Willow: Cool!... Jaden why are you so quiet say something.

Jaden: Well I cant say anything with you yappin your mouth!

Willow: Shut up! And im done "yappin" my mouth you can talk now.

Jaden: Yea that's right I know what to say when you put me on the spot like that.

Bailey: You guys just wanna go watch a movie?

Jaden: Yea watcha got?

Bailey: I don't know there all in the theater.

Willow: Go with her Jaden and pick out the movie I don't care what we watch.

Well thing just got awkward..... Jaden and I walked into the theater and I sat on the floor pulling out the movies.

Bailey: Ok, what kind of movies do you like?

Jaden: Horror or comedy.

Bailey: Comedy it is!

Jaden: *Chuckles* What you don't do horror?

Bailey: NOOO! Not my thing. *Giggles*

Bailey: (Continued) Step Brother orrrr......21 Jump Street?

Jaden: 21 Jump Street! Love that movie!

Jaden and I walked back to the living room and Willow wasn't there.

Bailey: Whered she go?

Jaden: Who knows that girl is like a ninja she can disappear and reappear in seconds.

Bailey: *Giggles* Aye it happens...Should we start it or wait for her.

Jaden: One sec I just got a text from her.

He unlocked his phone and read the text and mumbled under his breath.

Jaden: (Continued) Of course, she left she said she would be back later.

Bailey: Ok, That's fine ill just go ahead and start the movie.

I popped the disc in and sat on the couch. Jaden was on one end and I was on the other.

For some reason in the middle of the movie it got really cold and I started to shiver but I tried to not make it noticeable.

Jaden: You wanna blanket or something? *Chuckles*

Bailey: Yea can you hand me my black hoodie behind you?

Jaden : This one?

Bailey: Yea.

Jaden: Nice style... Msfts!

Bailey: Haha Thanks!

After the movie ended I noticed it was almost midnight and was wondering why my mom and Dakota weren't here yet so I called them.

Bailey: Ill be right back im gunna go call someone.

Jaden: K, Ill be right here.

I jogged upstairs and pulled out my phone. I dialed my moms number and she almost immediately answered the phone.

Bailey: Where are you guys shouldn't you been here by now?

Mom: Yea, But something came up.

Bailey: Have you been crying?

Mom: Yes..

Bailey: Why?

Mom: Ok, promise me youll stay in California you cant come home.

Bailey: Ok, I promise just tell me.

Mom: Your grandmother passed away.

Bailey: What?! Im coming home!

Mom: No your not! Were having the funeral when you get home.

Bailey: O-o-ok. Call me later  before you go to bed. Promise?

Mom: Ok, I promise love you.

Bailey: Love you too.

I sat in my room just staring in my mirror back at myself watching the tears run down my face. My Grandma was my best friend she was the one to tell me to always follow my dreams no matter what others said. And now, now shes gone.

After about 20 minutes I went back downstairs not even caring what I looked like.

Bailey: Sorry that took awhile.

I said with the cuffs of my hoodie pulled over my hands with one arm across my stomach and the other one held up to my mouth biting on it.

Jaden: Are you ok? You look like you've been crying.

Bailey: Yea, sorry I was but its fine.

Jaden: It doesn't seem fine. You wanna go walk the trail with me and you can tell me whats wrong when you feel like it?

Bailey: Sure, let me get my shoes.

I got my shoes on and Jaden and I walked out onto the trail.

We were walking in silence for 15 minutes or so when Jaden finally said something.

Jaden: You wanna talk about it? Or I can go get my sister my house is right there.

I couldn't even speak without my voice cracking from crying so much so I just nodded.

Jaden: You wanna come in or wait here.

I pointed to the ground to tell him I wanted to stay where I was.

He ran to his house and I tried to walk over to a near by bench but I just lost it and broke down in the middle of the sidewalk. I sat there curled up in a ball with my knees to my chest and my head lying on my knee caps. I was so caught up in crying that I dint even notice someone was walking towards me.

Person: Are you alright?

Bailey: Y-y-y-yea s-sorry ill g-get o-out of y-y-your w-way.

I stood up to move but I couldn't make out who the person was because my vision was so blurry from the tears.

Person: Oh aren't you Bailey? I saw you on Ellen the other day talking about your crushes and stuff.

Bailey: Y-yea t-t-that's me. A-another thing t-to be embarrassed a-a-about. S-sure hope J-Justin didn't s-s-see t-that.

Then it clicked I was so depressed I was pouring my feelings out to a stranger. So I wiped my eyes to at least get an idea who I was talking to so if I saw them again I would know who they were.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and let them adjust.

The figure finally became clear and my heart stopped and my first reaction was putting my hands over my mouth.

***A/N: Whos the person? Is it a good reaction that shes having or a bad one? Guess youll find out in the next chapter! Ill try to update as soon as possible!!***


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