Age is Just a Number Summers Just A Season

What happens when a 14 year old girl follows her dream and falls in love with the 19 year old pop sensation Justin Bieber? Does age get in their way? Will the law forbid their love? Read "Age Is Just A Number" to find out!!!!


2. Ellen?!

   I opened my eyes and my heart dropped.... but in a good way I guess you could say.

There were 3 chairs turned around Shakira, Adam, and Usher!!!

Blake: Well hello!

Bailey: Hi!

Blake: And what is your name?

Bailey: Paige!

Blake: Your so tiny and cute! How old are you? *Chuckles*

Bailey: *Giggles* Im 15

Blake: Wow! The season just started and I already made a stupid decision!! I didn't turn my chair because I didn't hear a country song and clearly you have true talent at SUCH a young age!

Adam: Yea well I am not an idiot and I turned my chair! And I am very honored that you picked my song and take it from me that is NOT an easy song to sing. And you are so young and with a heck of a talent! Words cant even describe how badly I want you on my team!!

Shakira: Oh bull! Don't listen to him sweety! I love your raspy voice. You are an amazing vocalist at such a young age an I need you on my team! I want you on my team!

Usher: Ok, enough of there begging and crap. Who inspired you to come and audition?

Bailey: Well, im actually here alone with my best friend none of my family know im here but my inspiration to audition is.... Justin Bieber hes just amazing and hes came so far!

Blake: AHHH you guys are screwed.. *Chuckles* Shes got the Bieber Fever! *Chuckles*

Usher: So are you a Belieber?

Bailey: YES!

Usher: Then you know who I am don't you?

Bailey: Yea! Scooter brought Justin to you and he sang "You Got It Bad" And you took him to L.A. then signed him!

Blake: *Chuckles and whispers under his breath* You guys don't have a chance!


Bailey: *Laughs*

Usher: So who are you gunna pick shawty?

Usher puts up his leg Adam pulls up his sleeves to show off his tattoos and Shakira starts saying stuff in Spanish.

Bailey: Uhh..... All you guys are amazing but I hve to go with... USHER!!!


I ran over to usher and gave him a hug then went back to the room with Carson and Paige.

I ran into the room and jumped into Paiges arms and gave her a big hug.

Carson and Paige: Congratulations!!

~~~~~~ 3 Months Later at the Finale ~~~~~~


Carson: Ok, in 5 minutes we will find out who will take home the title of The Voice Winner and a recording contract with Def Jam Records.

Paige was in the crowd with the rest of the contestants family. I have told my family by now since they would've seen me on TV. But they also know how Paige and I switched names.

Carson: And were back! Ok, 3rd runner up is......THE SWON BROTHERS!!

I ran over to them and gave them a big hug I had to feel bad for them we came from the same state all three of us were Okies.

Carson: Ok, now here it is the results to the winner of this years season of The Voice......and the winner is............................................DANIELLE BRADBURRY!!!!

My heart dropped a million feet down. I was happy for her but angry and jealous at the same time.

~~~~~AFTER THE SHOW~~~~~

I was in my hotel room with Paige packing my stuff, then someone knocked on the door.

Bailey: COME IN!

Usher: Aye, sorry bout the results I was convinced you were gunna get it.

Bailey: Its ok you helped me tremendously and Im thankful for getting this far.

Usher: Well Paige-

Bailey: Uh actually Usher ive gotta tell you sumthin.

Usher: Ok, shoot.

Bailey: Well since I didn't win anything can I tell you something?

Usher: Sure Shawty! Like what?

Bailey: Well you know my friend Bailey?

Usher: Yea?

Bailey: Well her name is Paige and my name is Bailey... and im 14....

Usher: Well the name thing is a shocker but I knew the moment I turned my chair that you were younger than 15. You just had to much talent I couldn't let you slip out of my fingers. And actually I need to talk to you about something.

Bailey: Shoot...!

Usher: Ok, well im taking you on the Ellen Show tomorrow and your going to sing for the audience.

Bailey: UHHH, Ellen? Like the first person to get Justin Bieber to pull up his pants Ellen?

Usher: *Chuckles* Yes that Ellen. Now your outfit is picked out and everything at the studio so get some sleep and the car will take you down there at 9 a.m.

Bailey: *Mumbling* Great!

I said with my arms crossed walking over to my bed and falling back on it.

**A/N: For the one reader I have sorry that I haven't updated in forever... promise ill try to update more often!!**



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