Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


24. Chapter 23

Chapter 23:

-Jane's POV-


"Knock knock," A lady with such a cute baby girl in her hands knock on
the dressing room door that I was hanging out with El in.

"Oh hey Lou." El waves.

I smile innocently, as she smiled back.

"I'm afraid we haven't met yet?" He walks in, shaking my hand.

"I'm Lou Teasdale, the boys' stylist. And this is my daughter Lux."

"I'm Jane." I couldn't help but aww at the cute little baby.

"Soo what's Jane doing here? You know the boys, or?"

"I'm friends with them." I say simply.

"Oh, she's just a little more with one of th----"

I slap El in the arm, as she gasped. "Ow." She pouted.

Lou just laughed, nodding. "I understand. Is it.. Either Harry or
Niall?" She smirked.

"Hawy! Wiall!" Lux surprises me, as she claps her hands.

I chuckled, shaking my head. "None of them. They're just a couple of
friends." I lied.


In Lou's other hand, she has a sparkly dress and a red skin tight dress
in the other.

"And these are for tonight, you girls." She nods once, setting them on
the leather couch.

"I call the red one." I quickly say before El could speak.

She groans. "I don't want to shine bright like a diamond." Considering
it was really sparkly. I laughed at her lyric reference from Rihanna.

"Well I called dibs on it so," I stuck my tongue out playfully.

She smiled. "Oooh I get it, impressing Harry is it?" She winked.

"No!" I groaned, making sure Lou was no longer in here at the moment.

El wiggled her eyebrows. "Yeah, "enemies" you guys are." She winked.

"Oh god." I mumbled. "El, please don't push it. As of now, me and Harry
aren't on speaking terms right now."

"Who says we aren't on speaking terms?" I find the husky voice speak
just a fair distance behind me.

I jumped slightly, El's eyes widening.

I twirled around, seeing him leaning on the doorframe.

"Err.. I----"

"Are you wearing that dress tonight?" He interrupts, walking up to me,
making me feel once again really short.

I nodded slightly. "Yeah."

"Can't wait." He smirked, pulling me towards him, as if nothing's
happened in the past hours.

"Harry.." I whispered, once I felt his touch skid across my bum, I
immediately froze.

His hand roamed the front of my jeans now, as I gasped, swatting it
away. "Not here."

He laughed lowly, shaking his head. "Enjoy the show." Harry was
referring to himself.

I rolled my eyes at his huge ego. Is it possible that I can feel so many
different ways towards the boy? First, I hate him, and don't want to see
him ever again. Then I'm finally a softie around him, and so is he. Now,
I'm once again back to annoyance and that small feeling of hatred.

What the hell is this boy trying to play on me? Some stupid mind tricks?

Once he leaves, El's eyebrows were raised. "Wow. He really does like you
a lot. First he's overly protective, then horny. Wow!"


"El. Don't. Push. It." I repeated, sending her a glare. I sighed right
after. "What am I going to do? He seems so overly attached already." I
burried my face in my hands.

"No, no. Don't you worry! It'll be okay. Okay?" She reassured.

I nodded just slightly.


"So I get the red dress." I simply say, as I pick it up.

"I'll wait for you here." El nodded, still bummed she didn't get the
dress she wanted.

Once I walked down the corridors for the bathroom, I slip into it, about
o shut the door until I find a body slip in before I shut it.


"Hey." He smiled. We were extremely close, by the way, the bathroom
being really closed in.

"Harry I have to dress up." I whined.

"Go on ahead." He winked.


Sitting with El in the audience, I had started to grow bored, aside from
the screaming and the booming of music.


I still got shivers whenever Harry's voice would fill my ears.

But ignoring me, El was having a good time, swaying around, dancing,
even screaming to blend in with the fans here and there.

I catch Harry looking at me once again, making me sigh. I caught him,
like what.. Seven times in a row, staring at me already?

What's his problem?

"THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" Harry sings, literally standing in
front of me from the stage, as my eyes widened.

El grinned, nudging me.

It was in the middle of the show, Harry smirking at me once they
finished the song.

"Hope you guys enjoyed that!" Liam shouts down into the microphone.

"And I'm keeping my eye on one stunning girl in the crowd, right now."
Harry says, winking at me as I rolled my eyes.

Voices around me filled my ears, obviously, talking shit.

"Actually, Haz. Why don't you bring her up?" Louis suggests as people
scream. For no apparent reason.

It's me.. He's going to pick me. I can't go up there! In front of
thousands of people? How about fuck no!

"One of my.. Let's say, frenemies, Jane Hendricks get your bum up here!"
Harry screams into the microphone, girls looking around for that mystery
girl. And well I can tell it won't be mystery anymore..

"Go Jane!" El tells me, shoving me gently in the direction of the stage.


I find a security guard, literally just lifting me up as I gasped. I
looked like a little child!

Since I was in the front row, the tall muscular man set me right on the
stage, making me stumble over to Harry.

I sent him a glare, nervously looking out to the huge crowd. "Shit." I
muttered, but it echoed through Harry's microphone.

The screaming girls soon erupted into laughter, some not amused at all.

"Aww, love don't be shy." Harry smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes.

"Jane! Tell us about yourself!" Louis leads once again as I mentally
reminded myself to murder him after the show.

Harry just smirked, handing me his microphone.

A spotlight was set on only me as my eyes widened nervously. I was
shaking! I probably looked so stupid!

"Ermm.. I'm Jane..." I say nervously, my voice trailing on as the boys
laughed, everyone was laughing. Ugh.

"Go on." Harry nods, amusedly smiling at me.

"Errr.. I-I.. I umm.. I'm 19 years old, and I----"

My phone ringing loudly in my pocket interrupts me as I gasped. "Have to
take this." I mumbled, holding the microphone in a hand and taking my
phone out with the other.


''Jane, this is Georgia." Georgia my neighbor, by the way.

"Oh hey." I say simply. I NEVER talk to her, unless it's about running
errands or something. It must be important,then.

"Jane," She sighed. "Y-you're house burned down.. S-something like a
stove was probably leaved on, and their hosing down your house now."

"WHAT?!" I literally screamed.

Oh my god! How could I be so dumb! I left the fucking stove on!

"W-well.. What's happening now?" I mumbled, not really caring that
literally thousands of people were listening to this conversation.

"They're hosing it down." She repeated.

I groaned. All my things were there.. EVERYTHING.

Now it's all gone.

"What happened love?" Harry asks.

"Can I borrow Harry for like.. A couple of minutes?" I spoke into the

"Uhh.." All the boys pondered.

"Yeah!" Someone from backstage yelled, and I just considered it.

"Okay, bye Georgia." I say, hanging the phone up.

Harry looked at me questioningly.

"My house burned down." I sighed, finally having the urge to say it.

"Oh my god." He gasps,looking at me with full on concern. "Do you want
me to drive you over there now?"

"No, Harry you have a show to do." I whined.

"I don't fucking care, I can leave this place whenever I want."


"Come on." Harry interrupts me, pulling me by the arm as we rushed down
the corridors.

Me not being such an athletic person, I was running pretty slow. "Harry
slow down!"

"Urgh, come here." He grunted, quickly picking me up bridal style before
we were going in a fast pace now.

My hair was blown back as soon as the doors swung open.

Harry's strong arms held me steady, which was surprising, because to me,
I was honestly really heavy.

"You aren't heavy." He pulls a small smile before he sets me in the
passenger seat of his car. Harry seriously just read my mind.

He was about to put my seatbelt on for me, before I stopped him.

"I can do the seatbelt, Haz." I mumbled, gasping as I covered my mouth.
Shit shit shit! Did I just call him Haz?!

He smirked a big smirk, cocking an eyebrow. Thankfully, he shuts my
door, me breathing out, as I blushed deeply. I can't believe I just
called him by his nickname. What the hell has been up with me today?

Once he hops into the driver's seat, and quickly starts the car up, he
still smirks at me.

"You called me Haz." He teases.



-Jane's POV-


The sight was quite depressing, my house literally just disinigrated
black stuff.

I walked through it, my frown not leaving my face.

Harry followed behind me, his facial expression not changing as well.


"I'm sorry, love." Harry says seriously.

I nod just slightly. "It's okay," I say softly.


A firefighter comes up to me. "Are you Jane?" He questions.

"Yeah," I sigh, still extremely sad.

"This was the stuff we found saved from the fire." He says, holding a
box out to me.

The box was filled with videotapes, that I didn't really recognize at
first, until..

"Oh." I mumbled. "Thank you." I rushed, taking them from him.

Harry peered curiously, as I tried to act completely natural.

"High school memories, huh?" The firefighter has to say outloud as I
mentally face palmed.

"Yeah" I say quietly.

"I remember when----"

"Okay, bye!" I say angrily to the firefighter, walking past him, Harry
still following me.

"Oh can I see?" Harry goes.




"I saw a couple of them, before." He says honestly, making me shoot a
glare at him.

"What the hell is it with you snooping through my stuff?!" I screeched.

"I wasn't snooping, it was tempting me!" Harry threw his hands up in


-Harry's POV-


"It wasn't tempting you, Harry. It was just you and your fucked up
mind!" She shouts.

"Me?! Fucked up mind?! I don't get what the hell is so bad about looking
through your things!"

"Are you stupid?! Those videotapes had things that were secret to me!"
Jane ran her fingers through her hair.

"I know Jane, I fucking know!" I blurted out, accidentally. Oops.

"What?! Know what?"

"You.. You liked me." I got myself to say.


She bit her lip, looking away.

"It's okay.." My voice trailed.

"No. No it isn't." Jane sighed, turning the opposite way.

I went to set a hand on her shoulder, but she dodged my touch. "Don't
touch me." She hissed.

"Harry, everything's ruined now. You weren't supposed to find any of
this out. I.. I wish I could just forget what I felt about you, Harry..

"Ma'am." A police officer interrupts our conversation. She turned to him.

But.. But what? What was she going to say?

"I'm very sorry, this happened, but I can assure you we will be able to
take care of the insurance." The police officer informed.

Jane nodded slightly. "Thank you."

"You might have to find a different place to stay. Is there anywhere you
can possible stay?" He asks her.

"Ermm yeah, I'm guessing I can just rent a room at a motel until----"

"No, you can stay with me and the boys." I interrupted their
conversation, both their stares fixing on me.

"Do you know this boy?" The police officer looks at me, as if he does
know me.

I shrugged questioningly.

"Yeah, umm he's just a----"

"Can I get a picture for my daughter? She will be so happy that I ran
into you." He points.

I nod once. "Sure."

Jane was pushed to the side to take the picture, as she snapped the
picture quickly of me and the officer.

"Thank you so much!" He says excitedly.

"No problem, man." I smiled, before all the emergency department started
to leave.

"Okay, I am not staying with you and the boys." Jane argues.

"No you have to." I was basically pleading.

She shook her head. "It'll be way to much, I mean I'm not a good person
to deserve to live in someone else's place, so----"

"You are living with us for now, and that is final." I say.


"You're staying." I interrupted.

She groans.

"For a couple of days," Jane mumbled.

I cheered, as she groaned. "Only until I find somewhere else to live at!"


"So what were you going to tell me?" I asked, catching up to her as we
ditched her ruined house.

"Tell you what?" She questioned.

"Before the officer came up to us and took a picture with me." I reminded.

Jane still looked at me cluelessly. "Uhh.. No? I'm sorry, I forgot. It
just..Slipped out of my mind all of a sudden."

I sighed. "Are you sure? Please tell me." I pleaded.

"No." She says. "It's stupid. Just forget about it, will you?"

Still I was waiting patiently and pondering over what she was going to say..
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