Catching Feelings

Casey Fields is a math genius by day, and an amazing dancer by night. Her dream is to make it in the dance world. When she bumps into Justin Bieber who she can't stand, her dream strangely ends up starting to come true. But secrets and lies start to surface and everything she worked so hard for will end up starting to crumble down on top of her....


2. Chapter 2: I choose you

"Alright everyone, center!" Our hip hip teacher Ms. Leon shouted over the many chatters of the other girls in the room stretching. Me and Dani stood up and made out way to the center of the room where everyone else had gathered waiting.

"Alright lets go through the routine. Five, six, five, six, seven, eight." She presses the play button on the stereo and the song 'Heartbreaker' by Marina and the Diamonds began to play signaling to do the first steps of the dance.

Once the sing was over, I was practically out of breathe because I had gave the dance my all. "Great job everyone. Take a 5 minute break." Ms. Leon told us. I walked over to my bag and grabbed my water bottle and small towel slinging it over my shoulder and walking out of the studio. 

"You know you really are good." A familiar voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Justin standing there smiling. "Wow, you really are a creep. Were you standing there watching me the entire time?" 

"Well I did say that I was gonna watch you. And I guess that just made mu decision even easier." He said before walking away. I rolled my eyes and walked back into the studio.

"Okay quiet everyone! So I have a little surprise for you all today. There was a special person watching you all go through that routine to decided which lucky two will join his backup dancers on his tour." Ms. Leon said. There were murmurers going all throughout the room wondering who the mystery person was. Me and Dani looked at each other and smirked because we already knew who it was.

"Whats up guys." Justin said walking in. A couple of girls screamed and squealed and some guys groaned at the girls sudden excitement.

"So you all did a great job, but sadly I can only pick two of you to come on tour with me. So I would like you, and you." He said pointing to me and Dani. Groans went around the room from the other hopeful dancers.

"We leave tomorrow and my manager Scooter will email you with all the details." He said winking at me before leaving.

"Oh my god, we're going in tour with Justin Bieber!" Dani squealed. I smiled trying to look a little excited. The only good thing coming out of this tour was that this was going to be a jump start for my career. No one said I really had to enjoy myself.


Sorry it took me so long to update, but I'm gonna try and post another part tomorrow :)

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