stuck between two

Rose is stuck between the two hottest twins in school jai and luke brooks....she finds something out she never wanted to know,,,,,ever


1. meeting him

   'ummm hello' i felt a soft australian accent chase after me i sweep my blue dip dyed hair off my shoulder i turned around to see luke brooks smirking showing off his black peircings he was wearing a black beanie that showed off the blue high lights 'umm you dropped this' he handed over my iphone 'oops thank you if i lost this my mom would've killed me' i took the phone out of his hands 'well i just saved your life ...umm your name is rose' he says looking at my chest 'huh' i looked down and my tank top says my name 'oh oh yeah i got it at diamond supply, its a really cool store' i look at his hazel eyes staring me down 'umm i like you hair its really nice' he points out my blue tips 'i like your hair and percings they looked like they hurt when you got them' i examend them 'no not all well for me it didn't hurt' he informed me 'aye mate' a boy who looked exactly like luke  ran to his side 'whos the girl' he nods his head at me 'oh this is rose, rose this is my twin brother jai' i thought to myself 'luke has a brother wow let alone his twin' i speak out 'hi' 'luke her hair is just like your hair brown and blue heheh aint that cute 

`````sorry for the short beginning```````LINETTE CEPEDA``````

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