three girls get home from school one day to find a surprise in the mail will this change there lives or will they be still ordinary


6. faint

summer's pov 

we got to our hotel best view ever we unpacked got changed and happil walked down the road we went to the park and saw five boys with hoods glasses an beanies we walked over there and asked them if they know where the theme parks are 

ally's pov

we walked over to these group of boys and asked them if they know where the theme parks are one had an Irish accent he answered us when he answered he looked up i saw his face  and i said y-your -n-n-niall *faint* they all got up to help her she as in the ambulace room with niall

niall's p,o,v 

ally was a beautiful girl black shine hair beautiful eyes any boy would fall for her she woke up she was much better we left and went to our room with the girls. so are you going to the concert i asked

they all said yes! 


sorry for the short chapter

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