three girls get home from school one day to find a surprise in the mail will this change there lives or will they be still ordinary


4. chapter 1 school

nikki's p.o.v

i woke up this morning with a head ache so i decided to text the girls 

nikki: hey are you up


ally: omg great party last night 

nikki: dont tell any one but some weirdo was watching me 

summer:did have a mask ?

ally: i saw him too

nikki: gtg dont want to be late for work 

summer's p.o.v

flash back 


come on guys over here to the bar i  screamed 

wait look over there nikki shouted and he was gone 

end of flash back

i got ready for work and was wearing this

i work at dolly and my friends work at girlfriend

ally's pov

i am so freaked out about the shim in the mask well  when i find him i will grab his hair and bang it agenst the wall i left for work very quick i felt almost as i was being followed i got to the office the said some one wanted to be interviewed so i got set and i saw him the guy in the mask but then he was gone.

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