Forget the ring, you're my previous ~ Pippin love Story

(I've changed it around a bit)
When Bilbo first adopted Layla, she was mute and scarred for life. Now she's twenty, she's hyper and everyone finds her extremely adorable. What happens when she gets dragged along with her adopted brother for a journey of a lifetime? to destroy the one ring.
Then what happens when he disappears with Sam..and she's left with Merry and the love of her life Pippin..will Frodo come back to a surprise?
(they are WAY younger than they're supposed to be)


3. It's Time To Go

  So here we were, leaving the Shire. There was nothing to leave behind..besides my warm and cosy bed. Papa was gone. I sighed and Frodo looked at me "are you alright,Lay?". I shook my head "I'm going to miss Pip..". Sam and him looked at each other "we'll be back before you know it, and then you'll see him again" replied Frodo. "Promise?" I said, looking at him with sad eyes. His lips curled into a small smile "I promise".
Little did I know, we'd be seeing Pippin a lot earlier than I thought. 

Sam was cooking some food, while Frodo sat up in the tree. I sat with my back against the tree trunk, reading a book. This book was so romantic, it was my favorite. It reminded me of my thoughts about Pippin and I. Even the erotic parts. I blushed slightly, then looked around to make sure no one noticed. Sam was too busy cooking the food to even notice I was there, and Frodo was too lost in thought, smoking his pipe. For all they knew, I could have been kidnapped! I closed the book and put it back in my sack. I was too nervous to read it properly, even though I had ready it loads of times.
That's when Frodo suddenly sat up "Sam..Lay" he whispered. We both looked up and listened carefully. "Wood elves" he announced. I stood up quickly, rushing over to a tree trunk, while Sam and Frodo rushed over to one that had fallen. I peeked out. They sure were beautiful. 

Soon enough, it was time to sleep. I lay in between Sam  and Frodo, so they could protect me if anything bad happened.  Sam started complaining about being uncomfortable, so Frodo told him to imagine he was back in his cosy bed with his soft mattress. "Shut up, Frodo" I sighed. He laughed "Sorry, Lay". "It's never gonna work Mr Frodo..I'm never going to get to sleep out here". "Me neither, Sam" said Frodo. But soon he had drifted into a deep sleep, leaving Sam and I whispering half the night.

The next day, we were walking through a corn field. "Mr Frodo? Layla?" came Sam's voice. We turned the corner and seen Sam standing there, a look of relief in his face. 
"I thought I'd lost you" he said to Frodo. "What are you talking about?" asked Frodo. "It's just something Gandalf said" said Sam, approaching us. "What did he say?" asked Frodo. "Don't you lose him Samwise Gamgee..I don't mean to" replied Sam. "Sam we're still in the Shire what could possibly happen?" asked Frodo. Just then two figures emerged from the corn, knocking down Sam and Frodo. I gapsed, unsure of what to do, but my heart rate went back down once I noticed who it was. It was Pippin and Merry. Sam knocked Merry off him and dragged Pippin off Frodo. "Wait a minute, you guys were in the farmers fields!" I exclaimed. We heard him shouting ,he was getting closer and we could see his pitchfork in the air. Oh no. We all ran, pushing each other to go forward. I fell over, but someone quickly picked me up. It was Pippin. He was always saving my life , looks like I owed him something again. We ran until I bumped into Pippin, Merry bumped into me, Frodo bumped into Merry then Sam bumped into Frodo, and we all toppled down a hill. We rolled and rolled until we reached the bottom. 
Once we stopped rolling, I noticed I was lying on top of someone, I opened my eyes and seen Pippin. "O-Oh I'm sorry!" I apologized, standing up quickly. "I think I broke something" said Merry. I looked at him and he pulled a carrot out from behind his back. I giggled, then Sam stood up angrily "leave it to a Brandybuck and a took". "Hey it was just a detour, a short cut". "A short cut to what?" asked Sam. "MUSHROOMS!" Pippin said excitedly. Sam pushed him down as he was trying to get up, then Merry done the same. They stayed picking the mushrooms. I walked with Frodo, until he paused. "I think we should get off the road" he said. Everyone ignored him, too busy picking away. "Get off the road now!" he shouted. Everyone rushed under a tree. Pippin, Merry & Sam were looking in the bag and whispering that was until we heard a horse approaching. My heart was beating so fast. Maybe this person was dangerous and that's why Frodo told us to get off the road. Whoever was on the horse got off, and began looking right above our heads. We were going to be caught. Without a doubt. My breathing became quick, I tried to stop it. I heard the person snap their head in my direction, so I stopped breathing.I needed air after a few seconds, badly. If I breathed though I'd gasp and be caught. Sam reached for my hand, gently squeezing it to keep me calm. I felt the tears pricking my eyes. I was so scared. Is this what my Father had meant about the world being dangerous? Then I noticed Frodo trying to put the ring on, and Sam let go of my hand, slapping his gently. That's when Merry threw something, and whatever it was ran after it. 
We all stood up and ran, and Sam grabbed Frodo, dragging him along too. We all ran for a little while, then stopped. Merry fell to the ground "what was that?" he asked Frodo. Frodo didn't answer, just looked at the ring in his hands. I hated unanswered questions, so said "I have no idea..but whatever it's bad".

That night, we had to sneak around. They were everywhere. We scurried along in the darkness, trying to find the Prancing Pony. "Anything!?" shouted Sam from a tree. "Nothing!" Frodo shouted back. Him and Pippin came over. "What is going on!?" asked Pippin. "That black rider was after something..or someone..Frodo?" said Merry. Suddenly, Pippin shouted "get down!". We all fell to the ground, peering out from behind plants. There was another one. Merry was going to lead us, but then the black rider caught us. I screamed and Pippin grabbed onto my dress, dragging me away from the rider. "Pippin! I'm so scared!"I  screamed. "I know Lay, me too!" he shouted back, still having a tight grip on the sleeve of my dress. We reached a dock, and jumped onto the little raft. Frodo was behind.. I screamed his name first "COME ON BIG BROTHER!". "Frodo come on faster!" yelled Sam. "FRODO!" yelled Merry. He jumped on, knocking me and Merry over. We sat there for a while, watching as the black rider left,and joined it's group. "That was so scary" I said with tears in my eyes. Frodo hugged onto me "It's okay now Lay, we're okay".

We arrived soon at where the prancing Pony was. Frodo knocked on the gate and a man answered. He looked into the tall hole first, then realized we were small. He looked then into the lower hole. "What do you want?". "We're going to the prancing pony"said Frodo. He opened the door "Hobbits? five of them..what would you be doing out of the Shire?" he asked. "We wish to stay at the inn, our business is our own".
"Alright youngster, it's my job to ask questions after nightfall" he said, stepping aside. We all walked in, looking around before doing so "There's word of strange folk abroad, can't be too careful".
We all sat down after finding out Gandalf hadn't arrived. We had decided to stay the night. We were far too tired. I sat there drinking water, while the rest of the boys drank beer. Merry came back with a pint, and Pippin went to get one. Oh no, they'd probably end up getting drunk.
I chatted with Merry. "Do you like Pippin?" he asked me all of a sudden. I gasped "w-what?". Had he noticed? "Well I've seen you staring at him..ever since you were a little girl" he shrugged "just thought you wanted to court him". I shook my head "n-no! of course not".
He chuckled "alright".
Suddenly we heard Pippins loud voice "Baggins? Of course I know a Baggins! Frodo Baggins! he's over there!" he said, pointing over to our table. Frodo stood up and rushed over to Pippin. "Pippin!" he said, pushing him slightly, "Steady on!" said Pippin, pushing him gently, but Frodo  slipped. The ring went flying up into the air and he let it slip onto his finger. He then disappeared like Papa had.  Everyone gasped and started muttering in surprise. 
He appeared a few seconds later on the chair. A man came up and grabbed him, throwing him up the stairs. 
"Where did he take him!?" I asked Merry. We all grabbed a weapon and ran upstairs, barging into the room. The man took out a sword. He put it away once he noticed us. 
I was too busy being concerned about Frodo to listen to him. I was scared. So scared! What was going on? those things..they were after us. I wanted everything to go back to normal. I was just glad Pippin was here with me. The man took us to a different inn, and we slept peacefully. When I awoke to screams, I was cuddled into Pippin. I snuggled into him more, too afraid to move. He looked down at me and I looked up at him. "Are you alright Lay?" he whispered to me. The man told Frodo they would never stop hunting him and I shook my head "wh-what if Frodo dies?" I asked quietly. "He won't Lay" he said gently, stroking my hair. "now..sleep" he whispered, and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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