When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


14. The Perfect Day.

The Perfect Day:

I just woke up at 12:30 and i saw Zayn not next to me and i heard groaning from the floor i look on the other side of the bed and saw him there on the ground. I started laughing hard when i saw him.

What are you doing on the ground? I asked him as if i didn't know.

Ha ha very funny. He said with a fake smile on his face.

What? I don't know why you are on the ground. I said.

You pushed me off just a little bit ago. He said 

Sorry. I didn't know i did. Here let me help you up. I said wrapping a blanket over me and grabbed his hands and finally got him up and when i did his body slammed into mine making both of are bodies falling to the ground and the blanket fell before i did because i had no hands to hold it then that happened and both of us were naked. He was over top of me and he started laughing.

What? I asked confused.

It's funny because i was on the ground and now we are both now naked on the ground. He said smiling at me.

Well i tried to help you up and now we fell on the ground when there is a baby in my stomach. I said starting to tear up.

Don't worry you didn't fall that hard the blanket and my arm caught you by you landing on them. He said all serious.

Sorry about your arm. I said them made a sexy smile at him biting my lip a little.

It doesn't matter it only matters to me if your ok. He said worried.

Yeah I'm fine. I said then pulled his face into into mine kissing his lips slowly and my hand are going through his hair and a slight moan came out of my mouth because i forgot we were naked and his good sized wiener crept itself into me and i felt Zayn digging his hands into my waist. I couldn't have him do all the work so i got him pinned on the ground and ya you know we had sex again.

About 20 minutes later i finally decided to jump into the shower because i needed one i was going to get into the shower yesterday but all that happened and i was tired so that's why i am right now.

Hey babe i am getting into the shower real fast. I said.

Ok can i come with you? He asked. 

Um can i just have a shower by myself? I asked trying to make him worried or anything.

Yeah it was your chose. He said.

Ok thanks babe. You can get in after me. I said.

Ok that's fine. He said.

K. Love you. I said.

Love you too. He said

I jumped into the shower and hurried because wanted to get in. About 6 minutes later. Got done with everything and i got out of the shower and walked into my room with a towel over my body. I saw Zayn was looking down at something in his hands.

Zayn are you alright? I asked him and he literally jumped 10 feet off the bed.

Yeah. You scared the crap out of me. He said putting something into his pocket quickly.

Sorry babe. I said thinking what was he looking at and why did he quickly shove it into his pocket.

It's fine but after i get out of the shower and get dressed i will like to take you somewhere. He said coming over to me and kissed me.

Where? I asked kissing him back.

It's a surprise. He said kissing me one last time before going into the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

God what is the surprise i don't like surprises but i do. I should pick something out for it so i went to my closet with all my clothes i bought when i lived here and i looked through them and i saw a perfect white dress that was tight like my black one and they were the same from looking at them so i slipped it on remembering it by when me and Brandi going to a huge party from high school. I found my white high heels to i remember that white always makes me look so tan so i liked it. After getting ready and getting my makeup done i felt hands slip themselves onto my waist and i leaned back onto Zayn looking up to his face and he was looking down at me.

You look so sexy in that. He said smiling.

Well thank you i got it out of my closet. I said.

Ah Your closet has very nice style. He said laughing a little.

Yup. I said laughing then turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck and glared into his adorable eyes and smiled i don't know why i was being so shy to kiss him so i looked down smiling and he lifted my chin with his finger and kissed me so slow passionate amazing and irresistibly that i could barley breathe because it was so amazing my heart started pounding really hard and i just let it and i couldn't help but to make both of us fall onto the bed but i surprisingly was on top of him first and i just kept kissing him and then we started making out. He stopped, why did he stop?

We have to get going. He said.

Ok. I said kissing him one last time and got off of him and went up to the mirror and fixed myself back up and Zayn walked in with a tux on and damn he looked nice with a tux on. I turned to him.

You look so handsome. I said smiling at him.

Thanks babe. He said then grabbed my hand and lead me downstairs and then outside and i couldn't believe my eyes there was fans all over the place holding up signs that said "Team Zayenne, We love you Cheyenne and Zayn!, and my most favorite I really hope you will be Mrs. Zayn Malik soon!" and then i looked forward and saw a limo right in front of me. I looked at Zayn and he smiled at me. I smiled back in shock of all this and then the limo driver opened the door and we got into it.

What was all that? How did they know that you was at my house? I asked.

That there was a Zayenne fans and they know everything they like stalk singers. He said.

B-b-but i thought they didn't like me? I asked.

Cheyenne i told you there are a lot of fans that love you and some don't but not a lot. He said

Oh. I said.

I could tell you was really surprised about that. He said taking my left hand and smiled.

Yeah i was and i can't wait for the next surprise. I said smiling back at him then was rubbing my stomach to comfort the baby.

I really hope you will like it. He said getting nervous.

I bet i will love it. I said smiling at him.

About 20 minutes later:

We are here. He said.

I looked out the window and saw i was at a concert. I smiled because it was a One Direction concert but why would this be a surprise he already told me he was going to bring me to all his concerts. But wait one second when did they ever have a concert in Bakersfield? This really surprised me.

Um babe when did you ever have a concert here? I asked with a surprise look on my face.

Since today. He said.

Oh. I said.

Are you ok? He asked worried.

Yeah i am fine. Just really surprised. I said.

Do you like having concerts here now? He asked.

Yeah i am just surprised. I said again.

I can tell. He said then took my hand and lead me inside the arena.

 I was like so surprised and i was backstage because he had to go on stage with the boys and then i saw Brandi and she saw me and we ran to each other.

Oh my gosh Brandi i miss you so much. I said giving her a really tight hug.

I know i missed you too. She said with the same grip of hug.

Dude i really need to tell you something really important. I said.

Yeah what is it? She asked smiling.

Ok don't freak out but i am pregnant. I said fast.

What! It has been only 1 day since i saw you and your pregnant. She said with her smile fading.

I know but we were not expecting it until the doctor at the hospital told us because i guess the condom was tore or something- She stopped me.

How long have you been pregnant for and is the baby ok from the crash. She asked worried now.

We are not sure we think the day i lost my virginity and we don't know that yet ether i have a appointment with ultrasound person in 2 days here. I said.

Ok that's good but can i be it's godmother? She asked sweetly.

Yes you can and you will be a aunt. I said.

 Yay! Now i am happy for you. She said.

Brandi and i was talking until we heard the last song of the night and it was our song we like together it was "Truly, Madly, Deeply" we loved that song and we sang to it. Then it ended and i heard the boys reading the twitter questions and then one i heard Zayn say " Will you and Cheyenne get engaged soon?" and he said that's a very good question why don't i call her out right now he said then said Cheyenne can you please come out on the stage? I quickly went into shock but i went out there seeing all the fans and i waved and smiled at them trying to be cool about everything but inside i was freaking out why did he want to bring me out here then i saw my mom and Tim in the crowd i just looked at Zayn. He looked back at me.

Cheyenne a fan asked a really good question but i would also like to answer that question. He said then got on on knee and grabbed my hand and grabbed a box out of his pocket and opened it and i was looking straight into his eyes with a tear going down my face.

Cheyenne you are everything to me, your gorgeous ,funny, lovable, my first love, and now wanting you to have my last name. Cheyenne will you marry me? He asked with a tear running down his face.

Yes. I said then kissed Zayn not caring what any fans think but all i heard was clapping and cheering. I smiled through our kiss.

He put the microphone to his mouth and said this was your surprise all along. Then smiled and kissed me again.

Also i have one more thing come on lads. He said. Then i recognized the song it was my other favorite song and he was singing it to me. (It was Irresistible.) the song they haven't sang yet in any concert and he was singing it to me. He always makes me feel so special then i felt tears run down my face and Zayn came up to me still singing and whipped my tears off with his thumbs and after his part was over i kissed him then all cameras went on Zayn and i.

Thank you so much. I said after the kiss.

Your very welcome. He said.

Then i looked out into the crowd  to find my mom again and i didn't see her.

Somebody is backstage to see you. He said and me knowing immediately.

I ran backstage and saw my mom and Tim. I ran over to my mom.

Cheyenne congratulations and that was just so adorable how he proposed to you. She said giving me a hug.

Thanks and i really wasn't planning him doing anything like this i was really really surprised. I said tearing up again.

I know I saw it on your face. She said.

Congratulations Cheyenne. Tim said.

Thanks. I said going over and hugged him.

You look amazing also. My mom said.

Thanks i remembered having this dress in my closet and i grabbed it and put it on but i also have a black dress like this. I said.

Well it looks nice on you. She said.

Thanks. Hey mom can i tell you something? I asked.

Yeah of course. She said.

I don't think i want to move now there is a lot of memories here in California that i had and i love it. I said.

Hunny that is between you and Zayn. She said  looking behind me. 

I went to go turn around but before i did i felt hands on my waist so instead i looked up at his beautiful face.

It's fine with me. He said looking down at me.

I guess i just wasn't thinking right again. I said turning around facing him.

It is adorable when you don't think right because i already knew once we walked into the house that you wanted to stay. He said.

Oh wow then you are a mind reader. I said.

 Yup the baby also felt safe there too. He said smiling.

You can read the baby's mind too? I asked.

Yeah it is in you. He said smiling.

Right. I said sarcastically.

Alright test me what did i dream about? I asked.

You won't get all emotional if i tell you? He asked.

I don't know. Just tell me. I said.

Alright, one day it was me and you going to the mall and you was still pregnant but you had a really big baby bump and a guy from your old school that was a bully started making front of you and i flipped out on him and he came up to you and punched your stomach as hard as he could and there was blood going down your leg and you fell down in tears then i came in the blood with you not caring i just started comforting you and crying with you then i called the ambulance and they came and got you and i road with you and we were still crying then you arrived to the hospital and the doctor said we have to cut your stomach open to get the baby out then you said to yourself that it was all that stupid guys fault that you had a abortion and then you calmed down and they put you asleep.

Holy crap and i didn't even have to tell you. I said surprised.

Nope. I also noticed when you started rubbing your stomach talking to the baby. He said.

Ok, well tomorrow i am going to call the landlord and tell her that i want to keep the house. I said.

Ok and hey can the lads stay at the house tonight besides Brandi needs to get her stuff she wants it. He asked.

Yeah i don't care they are your friends/brothers. I said.

Thanks babe. He said then kissed me.

Welcome and i am starting to get kinda tired can we head back? I asked.

Yeah i will text the lads and tell them they can stay . He said texting them.

Well mom we are heading off, thanks for coming. I said giving my mom and Tim hugs. 

Your welcome and ok love you and be careful. She said.

Ok i will and love you too. I said heading out the back door with Zayn after he said bye to them.

We got into the limo and road back to the with my head on his shoulder kissing his cheek.

Thank you again for tonight it was a big surprise and i had a magnificent time. I said kissing him on the lips.

Your absolutely welcome babe and so did i. He said then kissed me back.

We approached the house and still saw the same fans out there looking exhausted so i asked Zayn if i could take pics with them.

Sure that is up to you. He said.

Ok thanks babe. I said kissing him and getting out and walked over to a fan and she kept asking me questions and i said i am not a girl who likes to listen to a lot of questions. She smiled and just asked for my autograph and i gave it to her. Then i headed all around and gave every single fan my autograph and then i approached this young girl that looked really sick.

Hi young lady. I said shaking her hand.

Hi aren't you Cheyenne? She asked sweetly.

Yes dear would you like a autograph. I asked sweetly.

Yes i would love one. She said in a crackling voice.

Ok what may your name be? I asked.

My name is Emily. She said.

I really like your name it really goes with you beautiful. I said giving her a smile.

No i am not beautiful. I get bullied in school and i am diagnosed with cancer since i was 5 and i am only uh i think 7 or 8. She said.

Oh wow that's really sad who would do such a thing mostly to a very ill child i took her hand and also said no matter how many people say your ugly or just gives you any problems just please come to my house and we can work things out. I said kissing her head with tears going down my eyes.

Cheyenne can i ask you something? She asked.

Yes of course. I said with tears still going down my face.

Can you tell Zayn i said hi and i am a huge fan and also are you two engaged? She asked.

Yes i will and if you promise you won't tell anybody that is at my house right now this at all. I said holding out my pinky.

I promise i won't tell anybody. She said connecting hers with mine.

Ok. Zayn and i are engaged and i am also pregnant with his child. Now may i ask you a question? I asked.

Yes mam? She asked

If i have a girl may i use your name for her? I asked her for permission.

What! Really mine of course. She said really excitedly.

Thank you. I said.

No thank you. This is really amazing but can i tell you something else? She asked.

Yeah of course. I said worried.

I don't have anybody because my parents started abusing me and always made me do everything i couldn't do they would punch and hit me for no reason because they drink all the time so i finally decided to leave a couple months ago so i sleep on benches and literally steal food to keep myself alive and nobody likes me and they always make front of me because i sleep on a bench- I stopped her because she was balling her eyes out.

Emily can you please come with me? I asked balling my eyes out too.

Yeah. She said holding my hand because i can tell she was scared.

I grabbed Zayn's arm and told him to come inside with me. We got into the house and i offered Emily a seat and she took a seat.

Zayn can i please speak with you in the kitchen? I asked whipping my tears off my face.

Of course. He said. Then we walked into the kitchen.

Zayn can we please adopt that little girl? I asked.

Whoa. We don't know he- I stopped him by saying.

Zayn that little girl has nobody and nowhere to live. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 5 and she still is she said she thinks she is ether 7 or 8 she is very ill she needs somebody because she gets abused by her own parents and i had to stop her from telling me more i was crying from what she said she said she ran away a couple months ago because she didn't like the abuse from her parents for nothing and she even probably doesn't go to school anymore because she gets bullied there. I just want to get her to feel better and let her know that there is people offering to take her and love her she is the sweetest thing you could ever meet. Please Zayn. I said balling my eyes out again.

Alight babe calm down we will take custody of her and we will take real good care of her here. He said crying a little.

Oh my god. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I said jumping on him and kissing him.

Anything for you babe. What is her name? He asked.

Emily. I said smiling big.

I like that name. He said.

I know me too. I said then dragged him into the living room. 

Slow down. He said when i stopped.

Emily. I said.

Yeah? She asked.

Would you like to live with us and we can be your new parents? I asked.

Really! Yes! Thank you so much guys this means so much to me. She said running over to us giving us a tight hug.

I really need you to do something though. I said.

Yeah what is it? She asked.

Can you go and take a shower i have something you can wear. I said not trying to be mean.

Yeah thanks for telling me i will probably be in the shower for like 1 or 2 hours to get my stench off. She said.

Also there is a extra toothbrush in the left top drawer. I said.

Ok thank you again both of you. She said.






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