When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


13. Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home:

Mom we are done! I yelled.

Wait Cheyenne. Zayn stopped me before i went to go into the living room.

Yeah whats wrong? I asked him .

Um i think it is a good thing if you still live in your house. He said.

Wait what, why are you breaking u- he stopped me.

No i'm not breaking up with you. It's just maybe we can live together there and have a life there together. He said.

But what about the band you can't just leave them behind and we can just find another place to live instead of my place i mean i love it but it only has 2 rooms but one is Brandi's room we lived together. I said.

Me and the mates are going to be together still. We are not going to break up we all are going to be together until we know it is right to break up the band and ok but we are buying a house in Bakersfield. He said. 

How did you know i lived there? I asked.

Your mom told me. He said.

Ugh. Ok but i do remember telling you that i lived 2 hours away. I said.

Why didn't you want me to know where you lived here in Bakersfield? He asked sweetly.

Because i don't like the area i live in. I used to live in Columbus but i have always wanted to live in Miami, Florida. I said.

Well you really want to go far distance from here. He said.

Yeah, can we please babe? I asked with puppy eyes.

Yeah. Are you sure this is what you really want? He asked.

Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I started yelling then went up to him kissing him passionately.

He was kissing back smiling and said as long as your happy I'm happy. I love you Cheyenne.

I love you too so much. I said before i wrapped my arms around his neck throwing him onto the bed.

We started kissing and almost had sex but before we were going to undressed we remembered that we have to leave so we grabbed our suitcases and had on hand free so we made ours collide together the whole time. It was a really quiet ride to Bakersfield until mom broke the silence  by asking Zayn random questions i just ignored it until i heard something about marriage. Then i quickly turned to mom and said "Mom why would you ask that you know me and Zayn only been together close to a month. Crap how can i forget how long we have been together. Most of all how am i spose to tell my mom that i am pregnant. Oh crap i said it out loud because my mom quickly gave me a glare. Zayn gave me a glare to thinking oh crap this is going to get bad.

Don't worry Zayn it wasn't your fault. I told him. Then it came.

Cheyenne how could you not tell me you was pregnant most of all when did you decide to get pregnant- i stopped her because i can't handle all those questions but i answered 2 i didn't know if she asked or not.

Mom we was not planning this ether we had no idea till the doctor told us that i was. Supposedly the condom was tore and we didn't know and if your worried i lost my virginity to Zayn no one else i love him and i will have this child with him in Miami, Florida i don't care what you have to say about any of this. Zayn and i will be together forever with are baby. I said.

Ok Cheyenne calm down. Zayn said putting his hand onto my leg. I just looked at him and calmed down because he didn't want me to get depressed because he didn't want it to affect the baby anymore.

Cheyenne i just think you should get married before having a baby with him. She said calmly.

Mom can we just not talk about this anymore? I asked with a tear falling down my face.

Babe please don't cry. Zayn said whispering then grabbed my face and whipped it away with his thumb and put his forehead on mine and whispered i love you no matter what happens then kisses my lips softly still not taking his hand out of mine.

I love you too. I whispered back and kissed him the same way he kissed me.

After a while into the ride the baby crossed into my head while i was sleeping it was a dream.


I was walking around with Zayn and then a guy from my old school that was a bully and he came over to me and started making front of my huge stomach and then Zayn flipped out on him and then the guy came over to me and punched my stomach as hard as he could and i felt something running down my legs and i was standing in a puddle of blood then fell to the ground crying so much i couldn't breath at all Zayn came over to me crying to he was trying to comfort me not caring if he was sitting in blood or not he was right next to me and then he called the ambulance still crying and they immediately came and got me and Zayn and i rode in the ambulance truck still crying then we got to the hospital and the doctor said i had to get my stomach cut open to get the baby out because that stupid guy made me have a abortion and i was crying even harder after i just calmed down then they put me to sleep.

End Of Dream 

Cheyenne get up. Cheyenne come on get up. Zayn said sadly.

What happened? I asked quickly and i felt my face wet and i whipped my face off with my shirt.

You was crying hard. Did you have a bad dream or something? He asked worried.

Y-y-yes. I said barley, i couldn't speak because i just started balling my eyes.

He quickly started comforting me like in the dream and kept saying it's alright i am right here. i just kept crying into his chest and into his arms. I wanted to tell him so bad but i just couldn't stop crying. Is it really this hard losing a child that you love? Then i looked down to my stomach and started rubbing it to keep the baby comforting and telling him/her i would never let anything happen to it. Zayn looked at me now understanding what i was doing and what i probably dreamed about. I grabbed Zayn's hand and put it onto my stomach and he started rubbing it slowly and said your mommy and i will never let anybody hurt you because we love you so much. I looked up at him and pulled his face to mine because i was laying my head onto his legs and kissed him and had him lay down with me cuddling with me on the backseat of my moms car and started kissing his lips so lightly and fell back asleep but only this time i was with Zayn close to me and not dreaming about that again.

Home Sweet Home

Cheyenne, Zayn we are here. My mom said tapping us.

Ok. I said then started kissing Zayn to get him up and he got up and i told him we are here.

We got up and got out of the car and i just stood there and looked at my house for a sec.

Home sweet home. I said still holding Zayn's hand.

We walked up to the door and got into my purse and got the key out and unlocked the door and put the key back into my purse and walked in with Zayn.

It looks the same. I said smiling.

It looks nice and clean. He said.

Yeah we take care of our house. I said looking at him.

Well you do a good job. He says then comes over to me and kisses me.

We should go get the bags. I said.

Ok. I will go get them since there are only two. He said.

Ok thanks. I said giving him one last kiss before he he went out.

I walked around the house looking at the pictures of Brandi and i. Man i miss her already. Then i started making myself upstairs in Brandi's room and saw how messy it was so i just laughed a little. Then i went into the bathroom and i remembered when Brandi and i had a soap fight and when we slid on the floor with water and soap and i started bursting out laughing having those funny memories. Then my bedroom neat and clean with 1D posters all around and i decided to take them down because i already have a guy from that and i just took them down all of them making my walls naked and i threw them into Brandi's room and i hurried downstairs because i heard Zayn come in.

 I am right here. I yelled still on the steps.

Ok coming. He said turning around.

Ok come upstairs. I said leading him into my room.

I thought you said you liked me. He said confusingly.

What do you mean i do but i love you more. I said smiling.

I was kidding i am just surprised you don't have any posters up of me and the lads. He said looking at me.

Well i kinda didn't want you to freak you out so i threw them into Brandi's room. I said about to look down embarrassed.

Don't be embarrassed. It is completely fine if you did. But i would of been awkward you got that right. He said smiling.

Ok so where were we at the condo. Ah right. I said sitting on the bed again with him in front of me kissing me and i pulled him on top of me and put my hands around his neck again and then i started grabbing the back of his shirt because he was rubbing against my weak spot with his thumb again so pulled his shirt off and got on top of him and rubbed my hand down his chest onto the button of his pants and i unbuttoned his pants then slowly unzipped his pants then got off of him and pulled them off of him and he got up still on the bed sitting up and he slowly rubbed up my thighs and lifted my shirt over my head and then had his hands onto my breast then started slowly squeezed them making me moan a little and start going back down to waist and then made his way to the button of my shorts and unhooked it and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down and then i sat on his lap wrapping my legs around his waist. I started kissing him softly and then he slowly started rubbing over my scars from the accident. I looked at him then he stopped and looked back up to me.

I think it makes my body hideous. I said then hugged him glad i never lost him.

No matter what you look like or what your body looks like your beautiful and so is your body. He says hugging me back.

Why do you have to be with a girl that is so insecure about herself? I asked.

Because no matter how much she is insecure about herself i could always say she is beautiful without her caring or not. He said smiling.

Awe. I said then pushed him down and started tracing his heart tattoo on his waist and slowly started moving down into his pants and i could tell he was starting to get a little horny because he started biting his bottom lip and i saw he was. I just decided to go all the way down and then touched it and then decided to pull away to tease him but i don't think he cared because he just got me on my back.

But i was having fun up there. I said innocently biting on my bottom lip.

No you was teasing me. He said with a smile.

I would never do such a thing. I said still biting my lip.

Uh huh. He said still smiling.

You can't say you wasn't teasing me taking my clothes off. I said rubbing my hands on his chest.

Ok i was teasing you on that part. He says laughing.

So we are fair now. I said.

Ok yeah we are fair. He said.

I crashed my lips back into his when i pulled his face to mine. Then finally he took my bra and underwear off and i took his boxers off of him then it happened not caring if he had a condom on or not because i am already pregnant. We started having sex at 10 and ended at 11 and at 12:40 we decided to fall asleep. I kissed him and said goodnight and he said the same thing and scoots close to me to keep me warm even know we had a blanket over us i was still cold so he did that. We both fell asleep in each others arms again at night like the hospital except we are naked now. 


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