When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


19. Continue... At The Date.

Continue... At The Date.

I walked in the restaurant with Niall holding my hand and i am kinda nervous because i don't know why i just am. 

Don't worry you will do fine. He said knowing what i was thinking.

Wait how did you know i was nervous? I asked confusingly.

Your face is showing it. He said kissing my forehead.

Oh. I said embarrassed because i didn't know if it was a ugly face or not so i looked down at the ground.

Stop that. He said lifting my head.

What? I asked.

Putting your gorgeous face down don't be ashamed of yourself. He said.

Ok. I said looking into his ocean blue eyes.

Um a reservation for Niall Horan. He said to the waiter person at the counter.

Ok right this way sir. The waiter said leading us to our table. Thank god it was a guy waiter and not a girl one because she would probably be trying to take Niall away from me and i would get upset.

Thank you sir. Niall said to the waiter.

What may i get you two to drink. He looked a Niall then me but he winked at me and i just ignored it and said Dr.Pepper please and Niall said Coke.

Ok they will be right here in a few. The waiter said winking at me again.

I don't like this waiter. I said when the waiter left.

Why he seems like a nice guy? He asked concern grabbing my hand.

Well you didn't see him wink at me two times? I asked.

No i was looking to see what i wanted to eat but the first time i saw him and i glred at him i didn't think he would do it again. I'm sorry. He said sadly.

Don't worry next time he does stare at me i will say take a picture it will last longer and that probably will embarrass him. I said giggling a little and Niall was giggling with me to.

I love your giggles. He said rubbing my hand with his thumb.

Thank you. I said then kissed his cheek.

Anytime. He said then kissed my lips.

Um Niall you know you have lip gloss on your lips now? I said grabbing my napkin and wiping his lips off softly and looking into his eyes and he was looking into mine.

Yeah i did know that. He said slowly still looking into my eyes.

Well then why did you not wipe it off after? I asked being kinda silly asking that.

Because i love your kisses they are breathtaking and i didn't want to because i got what i wanted by you wiping it off with your napkin. He said.

Oh well mine isn't breathtaking yet just wait until we both want to go any father. I whispered into his ear.

Well when is that going to be? He asked whispering into my ear back.

Like a month or two. I said kissing his cheek.

Here are your drinks. The waiter said interrupting my moment with Niall.

Thanks. I said taking the drink and sitting down in front of me and taking a drink from it and it kinda tasted weird. He put alcohol in it.

Now may i take your order? He asked.

Uh wait this Dr.Pepper taste really weird now give me one without alcohol in it. I said giving it to him with a serious look on my face.

Ok i am sorry for that mam but i will take your order now then i will get your drink. He said kinda frighten. 

Thank you and i would like spaghetti with garlic bread and extra sauce on it please. I said still kinda frightening him.

A-a-and you sir? He asked stuttering a little.

Uh same but not extra sauce and i would like... He said rambling of food he is getting. 

Holy crap Niall. I said laughing.

Don't worry i will share with you but only a little bit. He said laughing too.

Ok. I said.

And would that be all for you sir? The man asked.

Yes, thank you for your time. Niall said politely.

And i will be right back with your drink. He said not looking at me he just walked away after.

I can't belive you scared him. Niall said smiling.

I know am i that scary? I asked concerned.

Achaully no your no. He said smiling still.

 Thank you that is what i thought. I said thankful.

Here is your drink. The waiter said handing  me my drink.

Thank you. I said taking a drink.

Does that one taste better? He asked.

Yeah much better thank you. I said.

Ok and welcome. You food will be here i like half an hour maybe a hour. He said to Niall.

Ok thank you. I said before Niall could.

Hey no fair you beat me saying it. He said making a sad face.

Sorry. I said then kissed him.

45 Minutes Later:

The food arrived to the table and i couldn't help but laugh about how many plates was in front of Niall and he laughed too.

Niall and i had a amazing time so far i kept stealing his food after i ate mine and we were laughing a lot and was talking nonstop. I really think he may be the one i been looking for but i have to wait and see.

Hey Niall. I said.

Yes? He asked.

Uh if do you have any ideas to name my baby 1 boy name 1 girl name? I asked.

A boy name Elliot a girl Isabella. He said surly.

Oh i like the boys name and the girls but mine was Colton or uh you know Emily i like that name. I said.

I like the name Colton but you already have a girl named Emily so you can't use that one. How about just stick with Isabella since you like it too. He said.

Or i was thinking of Kristy? I said hoping he likes that one to.

I like that name but we will choose through those names later on plus i am stuffed. He said taking the last bite of his food he only had a couple things left on a plate but the rest was gone.

Holy crap Niall me and you finished that ourselves. I said laughing.

Yeah but i ate most of it. He said laughing.

I am still hungry though. Can i get a cheesecake here please? I asked Niall giving him puppy eyes.

How are you still hungry and i guess. He said calling for our waiter.

Yes sir? The waiter asked.

May i please have a piece of cheesecake for my lady? He asked smiling at me and i smiled back.

Why yes sir you may. The waiter said surprised.

He looked really surprised i mean he saw me and you digging in on the food. I said laughing and he was laughing too.

Well we are fatties for food. He said.

Yeah i know. I said.

Here is your cheesecake mam. The waiter said then put the plate on the table in front of me with a clean fork.

Thank you can we have our check? I asked.

Yup. The waiter said then walked away.

I scarfed my face down with cheesecake because i loved it and i didn't notice i finished it and i just kept biting the fork.

Uh Cheyenne your done with the cheesecake but i think it got more on your face then your mouth. He said giggling and came next to me with a napkin in his hand and he started wiping my face off and he was doing it so slow and he was looking into my eyes then down to my mouth and i did the same think he didn't finish cleaning my face off because he kissed me and i kissed him back and cheesecake got on his face and i couldn't help but to stop and laugh.

What? He asked.

Now you have a little bit of cheesecake on your face. I said taking the napkin away from him and wiping it off him and i wouldn't give him the napkin back to him because he wanted to finish wiping my face off but i kept joking around with him saying no and wouldn't give it to him so he decided to use his finger and wipe it off by putting it onto his tongue and kept doing it.

Ewe quit it i am getting Niall cooties all on my face. I said kidding around.

Oh quit it you love it. He said still doing it.

Your right i do but do u like it when i do it to you. I said taking some cream cheese that was left on the plate and putting on his face and started doing it.

Yes i do. He said taking my hand before i could puting my finger into my mouth and he licked my finger off.

Hey no fair. I said kinda laughing and did it again and kept doing it until his face was clean i got done right after he did. The waiter came and laid the check down. 

Ok lets see how much all this was. He said laughing not caring how much.

How much was it? I asked being nosey.

About $400.00 but it's fine. He said laying his credit card down and put a 5 dollar tip on the table.

Niall i had a great time tonight. I never had this much fun at a restaurant. I said laughing.

I had a amazing time. He said still next to me then he kissed me.

Thank you for this date. I said kissing him back.

You are absolutely welcome. Now shall we go after i pay at the counter. He said cutely.

Yes we shall. I said smiling at his cuteness then he took my hand and we approached the counter.

He gave the counter waiter his card then they swiped it put a code in then handed him the card and said "Have a nice night." We left and we got home and i got dressed not really caring if Niall was right there i just changed into my pj's.

Uh Cheyenne would you like if i left the room for you to do that? He asked being really polite.

No it's fine. I am almost dressed anyways go ahead and change if you like. I said.

Uh ok but i sleep in sweatpants only. He said.

Ok that's fine as long as you have something on it's fine. I said.

Alright. He said then took his tux off and slipped sweatpants on while i climbed in bed.

Niall come here. I said holding out my arms for him to give me a hug.

Ok. He said coming over to me and hugged me and i pulled him onto the bed and cuddled with him very close to him.

I am a really tight cuddlier. I said looking up at him.

It's fine with me. He says kissing my forehead. Then i put my head down knowing i am safe with him too and i love to know that i will be safe with a guy. He wrapped his arms around me tightly with my head in his bare chest and i loved the scent of him he smelled really good. 

Goodnight Niall. I said.

Goodnight gorgeous. He said kissing my head.

We feel asleep closer then ever knowing we may be were spose to be together......FOREVER AND ALWAYS. <3  













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