When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


3. At The Concert

At The Concert:

Brandi and I got out of the car and looked at each other and started to jump up and down.

Ok lets go!!! I yelled.

OK!!! She yelled back.

We both ran to the entrance and gave the counter person our tickets. Then we went to our seats. We were in the front row i was so happy so was Brandi. Then it came the guys on the stage waving at everyone in the crowd. 

Brandi said something to me but i didn't understand what she said.

i just didn't answer. I looked back up to the stage and saw that Zayn was staring at me. i got goosebumps and waved at him and smiled. He waved back with a smile on his face too.

Then i whispered to Brandi that Zayn was staring at me.

You r so lucky Cheyenne at least somebody was staring at you but nope no one stares at me i am so jelly. She said.

(i just started bursting out laughing) Don't be. I said still giggling.

It wasn't that funny. She said smiling at me.

Sorry it's just thought it was. You know me Brandi i am so random.

Oh yeah that's right. She said giggling a little.

I just stared back up to the stage and i didn't even recognize they were singing so when i did, i started singing along and i started tearing up because my favorite song started which is "Little Things." I was singing and then all of a sudden i felt somebody staring at me again i look to see who it was i first looked at Zayn he wasn't , then i looked at Harry he wasn't, then i looked at Liam and there he was he was staring at me i just stared back and smiled and then he waved at me I just couldn't help just to let a tear fall down. I looked away when i noticed Niall's part of the song came on because i loved his part i was singing it when he was i just smiled. And then it took a while to notice Liam was staring at me again i couldn't help to not stare right back then i saw Louis bumped him a little because his part was coming up in "Nobody Compares". I just giggled when Louis did that because Liam almost lost his balance. 

Brandi poked me to see why i was laughing.

Oh because Louis bumped Liam when Liam was staring at me and LIam almost lost his balance.

Oh my god Cheyenne 2\5 guys are staring at you goodness i can't wait to see their expressions when we go backstage. She said smiling a little bit.

Me ether but i think Harry or Niall will fall for you.

HAHAHAHAHA your funny. She said sarcastically.

I just gave her a look and laughed.

What it's true they will never fall for me. She said.

Then it hit me maybe that slip from the fortune cookie was right but my guy of my dreams was Zayn not Zayn and Liam oh god what do I do but wait what if they weren't staring at me what if it was the person next to me but i waved to Zayn and he waved back but when Liam waved and I waved back he smiled then he stared at me again. UGH, LIFE IS SO CONFUSING!!!

The Brandi looked at me in a confused look and i said what??

Why did you say that??? She asked.

Nothing i thought i said it in my head but i guess i said it out loud again. (i giggled.)

Your so weird Cheyenne but you know i still love you. She said.

Yup!!! I yelled because the music started after they read the tweets. 

I can't believe they don't have chairs for us to sit on my legs are killing me. She said.

Yeah I know but it is worth standing for. I said with a smile on my face.

Yeah your right it is. I just hope there will be chairs we can sit on backstage. She said.

Brandi i don't think any place wouldn't have a chair. i said.

Well this place doesn't. She said with a smart tone. 

I just gave her a look for her to shut up and it worked. I looked up at the stage and it scared the crap out of me Harry Styles was right on the stage with his legs dangling off sitting there looking at me. I just froze in shock because he scared me.


Brandi calm down. I said.

 Ello there loves. Harry said.

Hi. i said while Brandi was in shock but then she said hi.

What may your name be love since i know what hers is already u said it? He asked.

My name is Cheyenne it is a pleasure to meet you Harry. I said then shook his hand.

It is a pleasure. He said with a adorable smile i couldn't help to smile back.

I look at the ground for a couple seconds can't believe Harry Styles is sitting in front of me.

Hey so you girls have VIP passes? He asked so sweetly.

Yeah. I answered flirtatiously. 

That great i can't wait to see you ladies backstage. He said then winked at me.

We can't wait ether. This is are very first concert we ever had gone to. I said with a smile on my face.

I started thinking to myself why am i flirting with Harry i should be flirting with Zayn or Liam. I don't know what to do or to flirt with.

Oh well are you ladies liking your first concert here? He asked.

Yeah! Brandi yelled.

Yeah. But aren't you spose to be up there singing? I asked trying to not be rude.

Oh yeah i forgot thanks for reminding me love. I will talk to you girls backstage bye ladies. He said.

Oh my god! Was i cool? Did i sound ok? Brandi asked.

Huh? Oh yeah you was fine. I said.

Cheyenne don't tell me that you are falling for my man! She yelled at me.

No no no i wouldn't do that, he was just so sweet and a one direction member to come and talk to us. I said. 

Yeah he is so freaking adorable. She said so flirty.

Yup. I said agreeing.

They just got done with their tweets and they were singing their last two songs "Irresistible" and "Truly Madly Deeply" I love those songs too.

Are you crying? Brandi asked.

No am I? I said not knowing.

Yeah you are. Why? She asked all protective.

I didn't even know i was crying. I said seriously.

Oh ok. She said.

I looked back at the stage and saw Zayn, Liam, and Harry staring at me. In my head I said to myself why are you so stupid why would i cry out of nowhere. Ugh. I just waved for them to know i was ok. They waved back then they started singing their last song "Truly Madly Deeply". I started singing loudly with Brandi.

Hey Cheyenne. She said during the middle of the song.

Yeah. I said.

Thanks again for getting me the ticket and VIP ticket. You are my bestest friend ever. She said.

I gave her a hug and said "Brandi we promised each other when we were 14 that we would go to are very first concert together and i keep my promises. I would never break a promise Brandi.

She started crying. Thank you so much i will pay you right back when i get the money -- she said before i interrupted her.

No need to pay me back. I was kidding around earlier. I said.

No, i am paying you back. She said.

Do what you want i'm not forcing you to do anything. I said and gave her a hug one last time before the song ended.

Ok thanks and guess what. She said.

What? I said.

It is time to go backstage in a couple minutes. She said excitedly.

I know but thanks for the reminder. I said.

Welcome. She said. 

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