When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


12. A Big Surprise!

A Big Surprise!

I woke up and saw Zayn laying next to me in the hospital. I thought this whole thing was just a dream but it wasn't. I really didn't mean anything i said to him yesterday i really do want to be with him forever too. All of a sudden i got startled from a door swinging open and it getting hit against the wall.

Oh my goodness i am so happy your ok. Brandi said.

Um yeah hi.I said still startled.

Hey. Louis said coming over to me giving me a tight hug then i felt a warm tear on my neck.

Awe boo bear don't cry. I said to him still in the hug.

Sorry i just didn't want to lose my best friend. He said with more tears.

Well you would of had the guys still. I said.

It's not the same you help me plan dates with Eleanor and it usually is amazing and we have a great time. You know how to make me feel better when i am down and most of all you never stop giving love to all of us expectantly Zayn. He said.

Well your right about all of those but boo bear you don't have to worry if it wasn't for Zayn i would be completely dead. He was guiding me to the right light and not the wrong one he is my guardian angel. I said with tears going down my face.

As soon i said that i felt a hand go onto my waist and the other on my thigh i smiled and then i noticed he was also on my weak spot on my thigh and he started rubbing it. So i tried to cover my mouth not to moan.

Are you ok? Louis asked me.

Y-y-yeah. I said trying to not let it out.

Don't you get out today? He asked with a look like he knew what was going on.

Y-y-yeah. I said looking around the room seeing Brandi, Harry, Niall, and Liam.

Ok we will go get the release form. Louis said before calling them to come with him and walking out the door even locking it. He knew what Zayn was doing to me so he locked the door.

Why was you doing that? I asked turning over to look at him.

Sorry that just got me in the mood i tried to pull away but my hand wouldn't. He said innocently.

It's fine just control your hand when we are not alone when we are alone you can let your hand do whatever it wants. I said looking into his adorable eyes.

Ok but we are alone right now. He said.

Yeah and the point is? I said.

That me and my hands want you now. He said with his hand rubbing up my thighs onto my waist pulling my over top of him.

Well maybe i want you too. I said smiling the crashed my lips against his.

 Then his hands moved back onto my weak spot again on my thigh and i couldn't take it anymore and out came a loud moan and i hurried and put my hands over my mouth hoping that anybody did't hear me except for me and Zayn. I took his shirt off since i was already naked just with a gown on and i took his pants off to make it fair then he untied my gown and then trowing it onto the chair next to us the i took his boxers off doing the same thing throwing it onto the chair. He them grabbed my waist making it where he was on top of me and then putting his you know what so far into me making me moan louder then before and screaming his name because it felt so amazing. Then i decided to get over him and we had sex in a hospital.

About 20 Minutes Later:

We got dressed and laid back down onto the bed then we started talking about his tours and how i am going to miss him so much when he goes onto tours and he leaves me behind.

Why don't you come with me? He asked.

Because you didn't ask me. I said.

Oh well would you like to come with me every tour i go on? He asked so sweetly.

Yes i would love to. I said then kissed him.

Great. He said then started kissing me. 

We kissed about 1 minute before he started making out with me for about 4 minutes. Then i heard a light knock on the door Zayn got up and and unlocked the door and let somebody in.

Who is it i asked Zayn before my eyes widened.

Hey sweetie. 

I couldn't believe it, my mom was here.

H-h-hi mom. What are you doing here? I asked surprised and shocked at the same time.

 They called and told me you was in the hospital so i came to pick you up to bring you back to your house because you don't have a car anymore and i also went to come get Brandi with you. She said.

No mom i'm not going back. I said then looked at Zayn standing there and he looked at me surprised.

What do you mean i came all this way to get you and Brandi. She said.

Brandi came into the room.

I'm sorry Cheyenne's mom but i don't want to leave either. Brandi said.

Why don't either of you girls want to? She asked confused.

Because... I went to say it but i dought she would believe me then i looked at Zayn again and he was staring at me and he knew i was kinda scared.

Mam your daughter and i are in a relationship and Brandi and Harry are in a relationship and they would like to stay here with us. Can they stay mam? He said and asked so sweetly.

Oh wow yes of course but how are they going to sell their house if they are not coming back? Cheyenne why didn't you tell me? She said and asked in a nice and worried voice.

We will come down to get our stuff from there and Brandi already called the landlord and she said it was we have to come and get our stuff before Friday and i was scared to tell you about me and Zayn because i know you wouldn't believe me since i am dating a One Direction famous boy band member. I said looking down.

Oh hunny you got that all wrong i would believe you your my daughter and i would always believe you. You never have to hide anything from me ever i will understand and i can just take you to the house for you to get your stuff and i will give you a ride back. She said.

Ok and are you sure i can just have Zayn bring me down there to get it you don't have to. I said.

 Oh hunny it's fine Zayn can come to if he doesn't mind and you can stay at your house for a couple days before leaving it behind. She said because she knew that me and Zayn would like to have some privacy.

Oh mam that sounds good. Zayn said smiling.

Is it ok with you Cheyenne? She asked smiling.

Yeah it sounds good. I said.

Yay! Maybe we can all have dinner just you, Zayn, me, and Tim. She said.

Yeah it would be nice for you to know Zayn. I said smiling at him.

Yeah so when would you like to leave to get your stuff? She asked.

Well i get to leave today and i would have to get packed and same with Zayn and it is 5:30 P.M. right now so i am thinking 7:00 tonight. I said.

Ok i will just drive around. She said.

Oh you can stay at the house and meet the lads. Zayn offered.

Are you sure it's fine if i ride around. She said.

Well the mother that had my beautiful girlfriend has to come and meet my friends and bandmates. He said then looked over to me.

Oh ok then. She said smiling at me. 

I saw she was already starting to like him that's a good sign.

Mom can you give us a moment? I asked her.

Yeah. She said then walked out the door shutting it behind her.

Thanks for doing that Zayn. I could tell she was already starting to approve of you. I said then kissed him lightly.

Well that's good and Cheyenne. He said lifting my chin are foreheads were touching. I will never hurt you like the other guys did i will stand by your side until the day we die. You are the most best thing that has ever happened to me and i would probably kill myself i ever broke up with you or if you broke up with me. I could never handle any of that because of how much i fell in love with you. Like yesterday i was going to kill myself if you was dead but i wanted to see you one last time before i did and i guided you back to me and then when you were about to leave me i broke down crying because i almost lost you again. Do you see how much i want to be with you and how much i would die for you. That why i love you and would never hurt you and i want you forever and always. He said in tears.

Zayn i love you too and i would do the same i don't know what i was thinking about yesterday after that i knew i made a huge mistake for saying it i know my who entire life belongs with you and only you. I said balling my eyes out.

He kissed me mixing are tears together and we both know the tears are only used for love and nothing else. I put my arms around his neck not caring if anybody comes in he is the only guy i want and i am the only girl he wants in each others lives. He put his hands onto my waist to pull me closer to him and i was standing on my tip-toes because he was taller than me and i loved that about him. He then picked me up and sat me on the bed and he was standing in front of me kissing me then i yanked his shirt to get him lying over me and our lips still attached not letting them pull apart he then licked my bottom lip i knew it was time to make out so i let his tongue slip into my mouth and he did it so perfectly i could barley move but i put my hands into his hair grabbing it when he finally decided to start kissing my neck and kept moving down he finally made it to my stomach when he stopped because he knew there was going to be more tonight at my house so he just softly going back to my lips and he approached them and stopped as we heard a knock onto the door.

I cleared my through because i barley could speak and said come in.

They opened the door and it was everybody that was at the hospital that was visiting me with the doctor?

Cheyenne you can now leave whenever you would like but i would like to talk to you and Zayn before. The doctor said making me nervous. What was he going to tell us?

We are ready to leave now, I said looking at Zayn in a worried look. He did the same.

Ok may we please have a minute? The doctor asked them.

Yeah of course. They said.

When they left the room the doctor turned to both of us.

Cheyenne when we took a test on you yesterday we found you was pregnant and we have no clue if it has any affect on the baby or not from the accident yesterday. You would have to get ultrasounds to check the baby every once a month. The doctor said.

I just stood there shocked not knowing what to say or do after i heard i was pregnant. Zayn did the same thing but answered back after a while.

Ok thank you sir we were not expecting this at all i mean we used a condom. He said.

Well sir it might of been a tore one sorry. The doctor said.

I will still in shock not doing anything. How am i spose to tell my mom and am i going to be a good 18.5 year old mother but i will be 19 in 8 months? Me and Zayn need to see if we want it or not.

Cheyenne, are you ok? Zayn asked me after the doctor left.

No it feels like i am about to barf all over the place. I said.

He said puking is normal for pregnancy. He said.

Zayn can you please take me to the bathroom or give me that trash can?

Yeah, here. Are you ok? He said handing me the trash can.

I'm just nervous i guess. I said.

For being a mom, not knowing if i would be a good one or if i am going to lose are child because of the crash i don't want that. I said starting cry.

Babe please don't worry you will be a perfect mom and we will take care of him\her together. We won't lose the baby your strong and it will be and the baby is a week or two in your stomach. Trust me i will be right there when your going through pregnancy and having the baby i will always be there. He said. I smiling knowing he will be.

Ok thanks babe. Can we go now? I asked.

Yeah. He said still smiling at me.

What? I asked.

I just can believe that i am with you and then got you pregnant. He said.

Oh. I said i giggled a little.


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