When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


27. 8 Months Later.... With A Special Delivery.

8 Months Later.... With A Special Delivery.

I wake up with a odd feeling i get up and pull the covers off of me i feel something wet running down my legs i glance at Niall after i see the bed wet. That's when i went crazy.

Niall get up! I yell.

W-w-what's the matter. He said turning around quickly.

M-my water broke. I said.

Oh sh*t. Was all he said and like dragged me down the stairs to the car.

Niall slow down. I fatness can't walk that fast. I said giggling about my comment but also in a lot of pain.

Sorr- I cut him off.

Just get me in the car and drive! I yell shocking him and he opened my door and sat me down in the seat and drove as fast as he could to get to the hospital.

We arrive the hospital and immediately went in the hospital and i was in so much pain. Thank god me and Niall had a baby shower and bought stuff early oh yeah did i mention we bought a new house but Brandi and Harry are living with us. Oh yeah Savannah and Zayn got together too i am so happy for them they make such a cute couple. Back to the baby going through birth is a pain in butt there is a lot of sleeping in the pregnancy.

Hello sir what may you be here for? The nurse asked then looked at me.

Uh can't you see for yourself i am here for delivering. He said.

Oh ok follow me and i will place her in a room. She said and taking the wheelchair from him.

Niall's POV:

It was time for her to deliver another human being that looks like her and Zayn....not me and her. I was kinda nervous but i was standing with her through the whole thing and yes her mom was there to same as Brandi because she is the Godmother of the child. She started screaming and tightening the grip on my hand and she started breathing and started pushing and kept doing it until i hear i cry.

It's a girl. The doctor said.

Really. I said and Cheyenne looked at me and smiled.

What would you like to name her? The doctor asked.

We would like to name her Isabella Marie Horan. I said and smiled at Cheyenne.

Alright. Welcome Isabella Marie Horan to the new world. He said.

He hands her to Cheyenne. I quickly see that Cheyenne is starting to blink slowly.

Cheyenne are you ok? I ask.

Cheyenne's POV:

Cheyenne are you ok. I hear somebody say and i was blurring out my sight was all blurry and then it went black.

Niall's POV:

Cheyenne get up! Cheyenne come on please babe! I start yelling holding the baby.

Sir i will have to take the baby and ask you to leave the room. The doctor said.

What why? I asked crying.

I am sorry but she has died on us and we will try everything to revive her again. The Doctor said.

I quickly walked out the room balling my eyes out barley breathing. I leaned against the wall slowly sliding down it then hit the floor and cried more and more hoping she will come back. I feel somebody touch my shoulder and i looked up it was her mom.

Don't worry honey everything will be fine. She is a strong girl she will make it through this again trust me. She said.

B-b-but what if she d-doesn't. I said.

She will. She loves you to much to go completely. She said.

O-o-ok. I said and she hugged me and that's when the doctor came out.

Doc is she ok? She asked.

She is now. He said and smiled at me.

Cheyenne's POV:

I open my eyes i can't believe i died holding the baby. OH MY GOD DID I DROP HER!!! i was screaming in my head and Niall walked in.

Oh my god i am so happy you are alive. He said and hugged me.

Me to uh did i drop Isabella? I asked worried.

No i grabbed her when you closed your eyes i asked you if you were ok and i got no answer. He said with a tear running down his face and i cried seeing him cry.

You know you have to stay here for 5 days right? He asked then whipped my tears off with his thumb. 

Yes i do but thanks for at least telling me. I said.

Welcome, so you know i would kill myself if you died just to be with you. He said.

But what about the kids? I asked.

they have grandma or aunties or even uncles. He said and smirked.

Hahaha very funny. I said smirking back.

Well Brandi and your mom would like to see you even the lads are here besides Louis. He said.

W-w-what he didn't come to see me. He really doesn't care about the baby or me does he? I asked.

Cheyenne don't be so over dramatic he is coming he was actually crying on the phone. He is your best friend he cares about you like a lot. He said.

Oh ok good now send my mom in please. I said.

Ok i love you baby. He said.

I love you too. I said and made a cute look at him.

He came over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips and i wrapped my arms around his neck to make him kiss me more which he did we were in a make out session until he finally pulled away to take a breath and he just pecked me on my lips and left. He must want me so bad right now. Mom walked in the room and came over and hugged me tight.

How are you feeling? She asked.

Great but i really didn't get to see Isabella so i don't know who she looks like. I said.

Honey she looks like you mostly but she has Zayn's eye color and i might think she has the British accent but we don't know that yet. She said smiling.

Ok are they going to bring her in here again tonight? I ask.

Honey it is 3 in the morning they want her to sleep. She said.

Oh god mom what time did i have her and what is the date? I asked feeling stupid but i was also going to death so i have a reason to know.

Saturday, November 2, 2017 your birthday is in 4 days it is a early birthday gift. She said.

Thanks and i love this birthday gift. I said.

I know you do. She said smiling.

Hey mom can i talk to Brandi now? I asked.

Uh yeah of course. She said giving me a kiss on my forehead and walking out the door. Brandi walks in and i noticed she was crying and still is.

Awe Brandi come here. I said holding out my arms.

This is the second time you died on me Cheyenne. She said making me tear up.

I know i am really sorry. I said now crying.

I know none of it was your fault i just can't lose my best friend. Cheyenne you are my sister and do you know how hard it would be l-l-losing y-you. She said. (god making this chapter is emotional i am crying right now.) 

Brandi just dying hurts me because i would lose my love ones most of all my sister and i try to come back because i never go into the light i go the opposite direction because i never want to lose you or anybody and I can tell it would be really hard it has been hard on me just dying. I said.

We hug each other balling our eyes out because this time i almost died completely without even saying goodbye or anything.

Alright i will let everyone else come in and see you. She said whipping her tears.

Ok thank you Brandi. I said.

For what? She asked.

For being the best friend to me for caring so much. I said.

Your welcome i always care. She said then walked out.

I finished talking to everyone and then all of a sudden i hear my door slamming open and see Louis storming in and crying.

Thank god you are alive i would be able to lose you again. He said crying and hugging me.

Awe Boo bear i would miss you to much. I said.

I know i am just happy you made it they said you barley made it through. He said.

I know Boo bear i am sorry. I said.

It wasn't your fault i was never your fault. He said.

After talking for a while he decided he should head to a hotel and he left and then Niall walked back in.

Hey babe. He said.

Hey i am tired can you lay with me and go to sleep with me? I asked.

Yeah of course. He said and he can into the bed cuddling with me.

Niall you are the best boyfriend ever and i never want to lose you. I whispered into his ear.

Well i really hope you can be Mrs. Niall Horan someday. He whispered smiling at me.

I do to. I said and i kissed him passionately.

I love you. He said. 

I love you too. I said

I laid my head on his arm and soonly fell asleep knowing that i didn't lose the love of my life and i never want to. <3


A/N: Ok guys tell me what you think i was actually crying on the parts when everyone came in mostly on Brandi's part. You guys need to know she is my bestest friend in the world and same for Savannah but sorry Savi if you see this but me and Brandi are sisters FOREVER. Also comment, Like, and Favorite please.


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