"Who is that?" "That's Harry Styles." "Ohhh but stay away from him, he's trouble."


1. Chapter One

My head slowly popped up off of my pillow, I turned my alarm off that was buzzing in my ear. I drop my head back on the pillow and groan. I force myself to crawl out of bed and walk into my bathroom. I turned on the shower and strip my pajamas off. I hop into the shower and quickly wash up. Once I'm out I wrap the towel around my body and walk back into my room. I searched around finally finding some clothes to wear. I drop the towel to my feet and quickly change. After hopping around and wiggling my way into my skin tight jean and pulling on my neon green tank top I make my way back into the bathroom. Smiling at my reflection I quickly apply some make up and fix my hair. Then I stick my phone in my back pocket and fly down the stairs. I walk into the kitchen to find my mom making pancakes. I grab a couple and sit down at the table. "So are you ready to go to your new school?" My mom asks.

"Oh yeah, I'm jumping with joy. Truly excited to go!" I say as roll my eyes.

"I promise this is the last school. We aren't moving anymore." My mom says with a sigh.

After I finish stuffing my face full of pancakes I throw on my backpack and walk out of my house. This will be the fourth school I've been to this year. I can easily make friends but I'm just tired of moving so much.

Once I reach the school I take a deep breath and walk up to the doors, inching closer and closer to them with everyone staring at me. I hate this so much. I open the doors and walk in.


I made some new friends, Savannah and Chloe. They have told me about everyone, who to stay away from, who is fun to hang out with. They are really funny and pretty awesome.

"Did you know that were not suppose to be wearing tank tops?" Chloe asks as she pulls on the strap of my tank top.

"Too bad. I love wearing tank top." I say with a shrug.

I look around the lunch room and then I spot a boy walking through the doors. Brown curly hair and green eyes, he looks hot. "Who is that?" I ask quietly as I stare at him, watching him walk through the lunch room.

"That's Harry Styles." Chloe says just glancing at him.

"Ohhh but stay away from him, he's trouble." Savannah adds not even looking at him.

I honestly can't take my eyes off him but of course, I'm going to stay away from him. I actually don't want to be around anyone that's 'trouble' this year. As I'm about to take my eyes off him he looks up at me from the table he's at. His lips curve into a smile. I quickly look away, down at the table. But now I feel his eyes burning holes through me.

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