A Famous Secret (Austin Mahone & Becky G

*So I wrote this story way before they did the song Magik on wattpad*
Keeping a secret from your best friends is hard...Let's see how Becky is able to do it.


2. Chapter Two

We had finally arrived to LAX, the cab stoped infront of the entrence me and Jonathan climbed out. Jonathan payed the driver while I got the bags from the back of the car.

‘’Come on, becky’’ said Jonathan once he had payed the driver and I had gotten the bags out.

''Yeah,'' i said, as i took out my phone, and looked at my text messeges. I had a few messeges but i decided to chekk later.

 ''Becky this way we would be traveling in a privaite jet'' He said as he motioned me to move through the group of fans that was already forming.

 ''What would i do with out you J'' i said as we arrived the entrence of the jet.

''You would be dead,'' he said.

''Mean,'' i said

''Oh, just get inside the jet'' he said, i did as i was told, and was greated ''Miss.Gomez'' said the flight attendand as we entered the jet.

''I call window seat, for take off'' i yelled

''Becky, i love my ears please don't explode my ear drums'' he said.

''They won't gosh,'' i said

''Please fasten your seatbelts we are about to take off'' called the pilot, everyone took there seats and we started take off.

 ''Becky.... Becca.... Rebecca Marie Gomez'' I felt some one shaking me...

 ''No i don't want a fat cat'' I said to the person

 ''Becky, get up we are here... we landed already'' and with that i woke up. ''and a fat cat?''

 ''Oi alrerady?'' i asked to jonathan ''and let me be''

''Yes, we did now we have to go find your dad,'' he said

''Ok,'' i said as i got up ans collected my stuff, we walkeed through the busy airport of san antonio till we found my dad.

 ''Rebecca'' said my dad as he came toward us

''Hey, dad'' i said

''Hey, Rebecca, and jonathan'' he said once again

''Hello, Mr.Gomez'' said jonathan

''Oh, please call me simon'' he said

''ok, well hello simon'' said jonathan

''So, lets go dad'' i said, we all headed to the car, and put our bags in the trunk.

''you will love it here'' said my dad as he started to drive.

''i guess'' i said, as i pulled my phone out and started scrolling down instagram.

''We are here Becky'' called Jonathan from the front seat.

 ''Oh look Becca I think you would get along with him'' my dad said as he pointed to a kid with brown 'hair wearing a snapback and hight tops.. ''His name is Ausitn, and that over there is his friend Alex'' He said as he parked the car in front of the house... Great those kids were my new neighbors, talk about akward i even think that kid austin looks cute.

 ''Dad, you have internet right?'' i asked as we got of the car.

 ''Uh, oh yeah i don't leave on the 15 century  the pass is 468294'' He said as he started to un load  the bags, i quickly entered the pas word on my phone and went to face time. I scrolled down to look for my favorite contact in the list... Selena Caballero! I finally found it, i pressed start face time and waited a few second till my best friend came on screen.

''Becky G'' She scremed, great wierd looks. I put my hands up in the air in deffence ''Wasen't me i swear''

''Sure it was a unicorn named sparkles,'' he said sarcsticlly

 ''Yesh'' i said causing jonathan and my dad to give me a wierd look.

''You know sometimes i think you need to go to a mental hospital,'' said jonathan

''And sometimes i hate you'' i added.

 ''Sure you little thing'' said jonathan as he passed me with some boxes

 ''are you going to help or are you going to talk to selena?'' asked my dad

 ''Hmp.... i'll talk to my beffa after all i wasent the one who wanted to live beautiful LA ''' With that i sat down on the green grass

 ''Hey chika'' I said into my phone, as i played with the grass around me.

 ''Becca, i miss you so much'' selena said as she faked a tear.

 ''Shut up brat'' i said...

 ''Oh talking about brats, how is your song with cher coming along...''

 ''Awsome i already have the first verse'' i said

 ''Oh let me hear it''

 ''No'' i defended my self



 ''Hello,'' said a strange voice that cut me off... from my argument

 ''Hi'' i said as i looked up it was that guy, um ausitn?

 ''Well, um i am austin and this here is my friend alex'' he said wow i dide't notice the guy standing besides him.

 ''Rebecca, come inside you have a call from Ben and Ammo'' Called jonathan from inside...

 ''Tell him to call me at my cell'' i yelled back.

 ''Well um it looks like you are um busy, um maybe we can hang out later'' said austin


''Um yeah i mean you like live practiclly next door,'' I said


''Um yeah'' he said. Akward.

 'Lets make the most of th-' my phone rang great it was Ben, my maneger

 ''Well um see ya lateah'' i said as i walked inside the house before i pressed anwser.

 ''Yeah'' he said and walked off

 ''Hello, wadd up ben?'' i said to the phone

 ''Yesh i know... ok...bye''' i said wow what a short call, well he  only told me that Ammo and Pizzza were gonna fly in in 3 days,

 ''Becky,'' called my dad from the kitchen

 ''Yeah dad?'' i said as i went in the kitchen

 ''I just got off the phone with michelle she is ausitn mom, they are coming over for dinner'' he said

 ''Great i am gonna go get my room in order tell me when they are here'' i said and left to my room... I went up stairs and found my room it was meadium sized and had a huge closet.

 I started un packing everything and after 2 hours it was perfect.

 ''Rebecca they are here'' called my dad from down stairs

 ''Coming'' i yelled back

 I  grabbed a some thing quick to wear and put it on. It was my... denemin hodded vest, hollister shorts, Hollister  Dockweiler Beach Chiffon Shirt, hot pink converse, and my Los Angeles snapback. I applied some light make up and headed downstaris.

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