Safe with you ( Niall fanfiction)

Alexa is 16 and is zayn Malik's little sister. He moved out once Uncle simon toke them in.. Zayn forgotten about Alexa Intill the secret child services called him. Her parents died in a car wreck, She is forced to live with the band one direction. Alexa and Zayn do not connect anymore. They fight every day that she is their. She is off limits.. But little does Zayn know she has fallen for one of the band members...


5. Shut up zayn!!

Nialls POV

I wakeup at 6 since Zayn wants me to pick up his little sister Alexa.. I walk down stairs and see they boys talking.. "Ello Niall, Come listen to the rules when Alexa gets here" Zayn says.. okay... I sit down and play with my food I haven't been eating since the big break up with Demi.. "Alexa is off limits to EVERYONE!!! Don't try shit with he you got it?" Zayn yells ugh Zayn STFU!!!! We get it!! I walk up to my room and put on black sweats nd a gray tanktop and blue vans and a hat.. I grab my keys and Leave.. I seem to wait t the airport for hours.. Intill I see Alexa.. She is beautiful!! She has blue eyes and bright red hair.. Shes so thin though.. I walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder and she turns around.. "Hi, Im Niall Im here to pick you up zayn sent me.. His making your room.." She smiles.. even though she has tear stained cheeks.. I grab her bags and help her to the car.. "So, Niall um tell me about yourself?" hmm.. "Well im 18 Im irish I lie singing and dancing ohh and I can play gutar.. I love food!!!" I nedge her with my elbow she giggles.. god shes so perfect.. "now tell me bout your self Alexa" she frowns.. "well.. ugh hmm I was abused when I was at home my parents died in a car wreck, Im Bipolar I have  eating disorder I cut myself and I thnk im ugly" She says. She starts to cry I wipe her tears and ask if I could see the cuts once we are home.. She nods.. Shes beautiful but she jut doesn't see it.. im blinded because she is everything I see..

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