This story will be in Your P.O.V. (Point if view). *yn* means your name. *yn* is a secret Belieber. She goes to a concert with her best friend Jamie. She lets out all her Belieber! Justin begins to like *yn*. Read for more!


10. As Long As You Love Me

Justin's P.O.V.   It was 6:45 now. I was all ready! It takes 15 minutes to drive to *yn*s house. I got in my car and texted her before I drove off and said...  - Justin: coming babyyy be ready! - *Yn*: alright! Can't wait to see you! Xx - Justin: love you be there in 5 more minutes!!! Xxxxxxxx - *yn*: love you too! Xxxxxxxx I reached *yn*s house and knocked on the door, holding flowers behind my back. A wide smile formed on my face as she opened the door. I looked her up and down. She looked gorgeous! She was wearing a pink sparkly dress that flowed perfectly and for her body wonderfully. "Hi baby. You look gorgeous..." I said stunned. "Hello!! You look handsome Mr. Bieber!" She said back to me. She closed the door behind her and, I wrapped my arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around my neck. "Where are we going?!" She whispered. "We're going to the place your gonna have to wait and see!" I said sarcastically. We leaned and we kissed for a few minutes until I realized we had our date to go to. It's just when we kiss, nothing else in the world matters. We pulled out of the kiss and I I gave her one last peck and we jumped in the car. I opened the door for her and ran to my side and got in. What I had set up was something really romantic and I hope she'll like it.   Your P.O.V.   I was so excited for our date tonight. Justin is so sweet and I really love him. We got to the place and Justin made me close my eyes. He put his hand around my eyes and we walked for what seemed like forever but I was in Justin's arms and I didn't care. "Alright here you go babe!" He said as he took his hand from my eyes and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. I looked up. This. Place. Is. Gorgeous. It was deep in the forest and lights and stuff everywhere. With the sun setting it just looked amazing. "What do you think baby?" Justin asked. "Justin.. I- I.... This is amazing." I said taking it all in. I looked down on the ground. There lied a picnic blanket and a picnic basket.... Wait. What's that? By the tree was a stool and a guitar. "Justin? Why is there a guitar over there?" I asked curiously. "I guess we'll just have to see what happens later baby girl." "Gosh Justin this place is beautiful." "Not as beautiful as you!!" We sat down and ate. Justin had brought pasta, breadsticks, and salad from Olive Garden. I LOVE Olive Garden. "Justin this night is perfect." I told Justin. He chuckled. "It not over yet babe." I laughed. I looked around at everything once again. I turned back around and didn't see Justin. "JUSTIN?!" I yelled. I heard a guitar strumming. "As long as you love me..." I heard. That's Justin's angel voice! But, I've never heard a song like this before. I mean... This song didn't sound familiar. Did he wrote a song for me? No he didn't. It's probably something someone wrote for him. "Seven billion people in the world tryna' fit in..... As long as you love me we could be starvin, we could be homeless we could be broke." Justin sang the rest of the song and got up and walked over to me. He took my hands. I had tears streaming down my cheeks slowly. Happy tears. "I wrote this just for you babe. And I want you to know I really do love you. Like nobody else could make me feel the way you do." He now put his hands in my waist. I smiled and bit my bottom lip. "Babe. I-I. It- it's. erm." I stuttered. I didn't know what to say. "Babe I'm speechless." I managed that to get out if my mouth. He gave me a quick peck. "Close your eyes." He said. He lifted up my hair and I felt something cold on my neck. A few seconds later, I felt around my neck. There lied on my chest was a beautiful necklace that had a J on it, and on the back it said, "Never Let You Go. Forever and Always - J" it was beautiful. "Justin this necklace is beautiful. It must've cost a fortune!" I said playing with it. "Anything for my baby girl." He said. "*yn*? I'm in lo-...... I'm in love with you." Justin said. Gosh this boy knows how to mess with my emotions. "And I mean like. I'm deeply in love with you. I really am." He said wiping my tears away with his thumb. "I'm in love with you too Justin." I said back. We sat there until about 12 at night and cuddled and kissed and talked....... and kissed. After all of that I just kinda let my eyes shut and I think Justin did too. I woke up in the morning realizing we were still outside and I hadn't gone home. "Justin!" I yelled. He just groaned. "Justin! We're still outside!! My brother is gonna kill both of us!!" I screamed. My mom is never home she's always working. Justin jumped up quickly. "Let's go!!!" Justin got up and grabbed my hand and we ran to the car. "What about all the stuff?!" I screamed. "We'll get scooter and Kenny to pick it up!" He yelled back. We got in the car, and drive home. Justin walked me to the door. His hand on my lower back. We knocked on the door and my brother answered. He had a mad look on his face. "What'd you do with my sister last night?" He asked him. "I took her to the forest and had a picnic and stuff and danced and erm.... We fell asleep and uh.... Yeah...." Justin said nervously. "Travis. Leave him alone! We had a great time!" I said. "I love your sister Travis. Please understand." He reached over to me and have me a kiss. "Bye baby girl see ya later. I love you." He said. "Bye Justin I love you too. Call me when you get home baby." I waved as he got in his car. I gave Jordan a mean look and walked upstairs to my room. I couldn't keep a mad attitude cause Justin always makes me happy every time I think about him. I was just upset with Travis. He can't ruin my relationship with Justin.
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