Letters to Harry (on hold)

Harry and Autumn shared a love like no other. The laughs, smiles, and tears they shared together were like any other they had experienced with anyone else. All things must come to an end at some point. When Autumn's life is cut short by terminal cancer she finds a way to make Harry remember. She wants him to remember the love they shared and the memories they created throughout the years. This is the diary she wrote for Harry while she was in the hospital and he was on tour. The diary of a girl who loved a boy and the experiences they created together.


2. Authors Note

First off, I'd like to say Thank You to everyone who has read this fanfic so far.. all 13 of you!!!!!  I'm not even kidding, even though there hasn't been many readers this is on 7 favorite list, has 4 likes and 1 comment was left.. I think that's pretty good! :)

Second I'd like to apologize.. although I love to write, this fanfic is not my priority right now.. I have a lot of summer work for school and vacations and soccer coming up; therefore, I am pretty busy.  This means I will probably only update once a month.  I want each chapter of this story to be the best it can possibly be so I would like to take my time while writing them.  Although I might not be updating I will always be checking on this story to see whether or not people are enjoying it.

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I will answer any questions when I can.  I also love to hear feedback, good or bad.  If you enjoy this story please share it.  I'd like as much people to read it as possible and get as much feedback as I can.


One last question.. If I made a tumblr.. would anyone follow me.. ahhh decisions, decisions.  Anyways follow me on twitter..


just ask for a follow back if you want one!

Thanks for reading!

Melissa Xx :)

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