That's Why I'm Single

Daniella is done with boys. She finally has had enough after her now ex-boyfriend, Cody cheats on her for some other girl. She vows to get a one year break from just plain everything-- guys, everything. What happens when she meets boyband member Harry Styles?


1. Take a Break

I woke up to my phone's alarm. I slowly open my eyes. I took the phone from under my pillow and shut it off. Today was the last day of school. And also, the last day of highschool for me. I just turned 19 this March. I also just had my graduation yesterday so that was fun. Not. Rare to see me in a dress, and if I had a choice I wouldn't. Mom forced me to. 

I gave out a loud yawn and got up from bed. I stretched my arms out and headed to the shower. I lathered up the vanilla-scented shampoo in to my hair and also put vanilla scented body wash all over my skin-- you may say I like the smell of vanilla. I got out, blow-dried my hair, and straightened it. My medium-length dark hair looked fab. I put lotion all over my olive skin and put my clothes on. Today is also not just any day.

It's me and Cody's 1 year anniversary together. I smiled thinking about it. This is the longest I've ever been with a guy. I've been broken so many times... I always choose the wrong guy. But maybe Cody might be the one. I decided to put on a pair of ripped up skinny jeans and a black graphic sweater (that he loves on me) that says"Keep Calm and Kill Zombies." I put on some eyeliner and mascara and headed downstairs to the kitchen. To my shock, my mom didn't even make me breakfast today.

"MOOOOOOOOOM!" I called out. I looked around and she still wasn't there. I saw my little 7 yr old shihtzu dog, Bailey walk towards me. Believe it or not, Bailey is a boy. I do think he could be a homosexual, though. "I wonder where's mom, eh Bailey?" I say to him as I pet him. I noticed a note on the fridge. 


Make your own breakfast today, okay? Work needed me early today. Trevor's not there either... had to work early shift too. Love you xx Mom

I sighed as I took a couple of eggs out of the fridge and some bacon strips. I hate having to cook my own breakfast. I don't know how to flip eggs. True fact and a very embarrassing one as well. If there was an award for making the ugliest eggs, I think I'd be #1. 

I cracked my egg onto the hot pan. Great, I cracked the yolk. I raged on it and just let it cook. I cooked the bacon as well on another pan. After that was all done, I served it on a plate and ate it peacefully. I felt my phone vibrate through my jean pocket. I pulled my iPhone 4S out and noticed my bestfriend, Shannen was calling me.

Daniella: Hello?
Shannen: Can I come there for breakfast? I got news to tell you!
Daniella: Yeah, there's like no one here anyways! And what is it?
Shannen: You'll have to wait to find out. But I'm almost close to your house, see ya.
Daniella: Alright.

It wasn't even 5 seconds when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was Shannen. Her medium-length dark hair was braided to the side and was wearing blue shorts with a white graphic tanktop with red letters that said "aye." 

"Wow, fast much?" I said to her. She shrugged her shoulders and walked inside of the house. She followed me to the kitchen. "Umm.. do you want me to cook you some bacon and eggs?"

"Nah, I already ate, I just wanted to come here early." She said with a smile. "Anyways... the news..."

I paid attentively. She was getting something out of her addidas backpack, making me more curious for what this news exactly is. I put my bacon and eggs on a plate and began to eat it, but still watching her. I saw her pull out two pieces of plane tickets.

"You and I are going to go on a trip to L.A. for the whole summer-- starting tomorrow! And even though you know I hate One Direction... they're having a concert there in 5 days. I thought you'd want to go-- floor tickets too." She yelped. My mouth dropped. 

"Are you for real?!" I said, shocked. She nodded her head in excitement. "But my mom--"

"Already talked to her."

"But Cody--"

"Come on, it's just 2 months!"

I thought about it for a while... Should I really go on this trip for 2 whole months? I won't be able to see any of my family and also especially... Cody. But then again, it'll be cool to get out of Canada... oh, Canada. And One Direction, let's not forget. Do you know how many teenage girls would die to be me right now?

"I'll think about it." I told her. She sighed. 

"Okay, well.. I just want to let you know that if you end up saying no I'd have to go with Madison and you know how that's gonna be."

I laughed and remembered all the times we had with Madison. Let's just say she's uh, one of a kind. Her and I used to be good friends but then she started getting a bit TOO "overly attached."

I finally finished my meal and took my backpack, and we both left for school. I breathed in the fresh air as we were just moments from the school. Today we don't really have school just.. cleaning up our lockers and one more day to say goodbye to some friends and fellow teachers. I felt my phone vibrate through my jeans. I pulled my iPhone out and saw the name "Cody<3" with his picture popping out. I love how his flippy brown hair covers his blue eyes and how cute he looked.

"Cody's calling me." I blushed through my words as Shannen raises an eyebrow.

Daniella: Heyy
Cody: Hey babe
Daniella: Hey what's up?
Cody: Going to school today?
Daniella: Why?
Cody: I don't know, just wondering...
Daniella: Well, I'm not.

"WHAT THE FU--" I clamped Shannen's mouth before she continued her sentence. I gave her a wink and she understood I wsas just trying to trick him.

Cody: Well, okay... well I am!
Daniella: Okay, bye babe love you
Cody: love you too, bye.

"Okay well, I'm just gong to surprise him! I don't know, I think it'll be fun!" I said. Shannen gives me a smirk and gives a chuckle.

"Daniella, just be careful around guys like him okay?" She said to me seriously. I raised an eyebrow at her. I had a feeling of upset towards her after saying that. She knows me and Cody are in a commited relationship, she knows him and I act lovingly together-- can't she see how happy I am when I'm with him? She always warns me about him-- like is she just jealous or something.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned.

"I don't know, sometimes you can't see stuff because of how inlove you are."

We walked down the path to school silent the whole way. When we got to the school we saw people crying in the front. I don't blame them though too, it's their last year of high school-- spending time with the people you've known for a long time. 

"Let's get inside fast, before they start coming here to try and hug us and get their frikin snot all over us." Shannen says to me with a nudge. I laughed and we ran inside. The thing about Shannen is that you really just can't get mad at her because... well, I don't even know exactly. This is why she's my best friend.

"Oh my god." Was all I can say when I got inside. On the lockers making-out infront of me was no other than... Cody with Maddie. MY Cody. Maddie... let's just say she's one of the school's "plastics" like in that movie, Mean Girls. Shannen's jaw dropped as well. I watched as he planted wet slobbery kisses on her. The tears suddenly bursts out of my eyes. How could he do this to me. I actually thought he was the one.

"Hey, Cody." I said as I walked past him. I heard him stop and now running after me. 

"I thought you weren't gonna be at school today?" He asked me. 

"So what if I wasn't?!" I said almost yelling. "Why the fuck would you do this to me?!"

"I was getting bored with our relationship, okay??" 

"I'd rather you just broke up with me than this. Whatever, I've suffered enough. We're done."

I kept walking, with Shannen by my side.

"Hey Shannen?" I said, calling her attention as we walked down the narrow hall. 

"What?" She asked.

"Thanks for trying to warn me about him." 

"No biggie."

"Also... we're going to L.A."


"Goodbye, honey." My mother tells me as she kisses me on the cheek. It's 9:00 am in the morning and our flight doesn't come till 10am. "Promise me to be safe!"

"I will, mom!" I said to her. 

"Text me when you can, alright?" 

"I will! Love you, I got to go!" 

With that, she left. I pulled my white luggage suitcase around the airport. I saw Shannen in the airport's lobby, waiting for me. 

"Let's go shall we?" She says to me. We gave our passports, tickets, and all the information they needed and soon enough we were on our flight.

"Can you believe we're actually leaving the country by ourselves?" Shannen asks me.

"Yeah." I said quietly.

"Forget about him, Daniella. Maybe you'll find another guy in L.A." 

"No, I'm fucking done with guys. I've been hurt by all the guys I've dated, the worst way possible. I feel like all the guys I choose are bad. I'm just done."

"Come on, you can't take a break from guys forever... people can also think you're a lesbian."

"Fine, I'll take a year off from guys."

"Good luck with that here in L.A."


I woke up feeling hungry. The plane has finally landed and Shannen and I got our luggage from the "baggage claim" and got us a taxi. 

"Please take us to W Los Angeles Westwood." Shannen says. The taxi driver nodded and started driving. 

"Wow, you seem like you know a lot about this place already." I awed.

"Well, I use to come here as a kid for a vacation with my family." 

"Oh, I see." I remembered how Cody used to talk to me about how he used to live in L.A. with his family and how they moved to Canada.

"Daniella, I can tell you're thinking about him. Stop, he's no good for you." She said.

"I know but... I still can't get over the fact how he threw everything away just by doing that."

"Tonight we're going down the bar at the hotel and maybe you'll meet someone."

"Remember my year-break?"

"Well, you won't stop thinking about him. Besides I also heard One Direction's staying in this hotel, one of the reasons I chose this one."

"Do you like One Direction-- I thought you hated them?"

"Yeah I know. But it's not everyday you're in the same hotel as a major global celebrity."


"Omygod, when will they ever shut up." I yelled through my pillow. The fans from 5:00 pm (now 8:00pm) still haven't stopped screaming. One Direction came to the hotel three hours ago and fans are still screaming outside till now. Shannen and I were ion our hotel room. Our hotel rooms were one of the best ones in the hotel. I forgot to tell you, Shannen has plenty of money... a.k.a. rich girl.

"I don't know.. I don't know." Shannen answers while rubbing her forehead to show her frustration. "And hurry up and get dressed, we're going down to the bar downstairs remember?"

"I think I'll stay here." I said. Shannen shook her head.

"No, you're coming." She said.

"Shannen, please let me stay here." I pleaded. She looked at me for a second and sighed. She nodded her head.

"Fine." She says. "I'm already dressed up, I think I'm going to go down now-- sure you'll be okay here?" 

"Yeah, trust me. I'm just gonna make myself some microwavable popcorn that I found in their cupboard and watch a movie."

She shrugged, waved me goodbye and left. I waited for a while for the popcorn to cook in the microwave. I then heard a scream of fans close by my door. I suddenly heard a knock on my door.

"Please let me in." The voice said, hesitatingly. I immediately let the person in my room without even thinking. Maybe it was just the hesitation in his voice that let me, scared of what would happen if I don't. I stared at him. Harry Styles was standing before me.

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