i love you

two teenagers, madison and matthew fall in love with eachother when they both voulenteer to help the hasbro childrens hospital. they think they are there just to encounter the warm feeling of helpi n sick children but instead they encounter much, much more ........................ they encounter eachhother, they encounter love


2. First kiss

" ok everyone grab your partners " amber said "hey Matt" "hey" he said . "What fun things are we going to do today " said Ellen . "We are going to do a lot of fun things " I said. "How about we go for ice cream then the park " Matthew said. After me,Ellen,and Matthew  had a great time I went with Matthew for dinner then I introduced him to my mom and he sure made a great impression after that I walked him out and the mood was romantic and before I knew it we kissed my stomach was filled with butter flies he smiled and so did I . Then he asked me if I wanted to go to the zoo with him and of course I said yes. "So tell me about this thing you have for Matthew " mom said  "how did you know " "we'll it's kind of obvious the way you guys look at each other " mom said. The next day  me and Matthew had a great time at the zoo we took a bunch of pictures. After that I think it was fair to call me and Matthew a couple we called each other regularly and go on dates.  We loved each other when I went to his house he had only one parent to so we were going through the same things, his mom is so sweet and she is a great cook. He dropped me off and then I went home I was thinking to my self how wonder full life was until I got a call saying Ellen died of leukemia I was so sad I cried and cried but I was happy that I made her last couple of days great. I called up Matthew I needed some one there to cuddle with and watch a movie I was so sad the wake was coming up soon and me and  I was going to go with Matthew. At least I had Matthew in my life to bring me happiness.  Me and Matthew just needed to go for a walk together to clear everything out of my mind. When me and Matthew went back to the volunteer group we had to pick another room number and there was only one left room number 250 and the little girl in there was so funny and adorable it's like she didn't even have any thing wrong with her but she also had leukemia to but I think this girl is perfect just like Ellen.  

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