A Hurtful Love Story

Ariana Grande is in highschool she has nice parents that care for her she has a older sister that loves her dearly she is married she has two kids twin girls and a husband that buys me everything I want. Ariana is popular in high school with her other two friends selena gomez and cher loyd. We're the most popular girls af all of popular girls because we're famous. The popular boys are the famous British boy band just one Irish boy named one direction. What happens when all of the boys fall in love with them and there's only three girls. What happens when they found out two super cute boys Justin bieber and Cody simpson there popular two that they love them two.
Find out what happens in this movella called a hurtful love story!!!.


8. Chapter 8:

Selena POV:

We w

went back from Ellen. We got in the limo. The whole way I was kissing zayn. " too much " Ariana said. We laughed. We dropped of the boys because me and Ariana are going to see the wedding dresses. We dropped them of already and were here at the store. I was looking for a special dress me and Ariana kept searching we went into different stores also. We bought some sexy clothes for when its the honey moon time. We went and saw two buetiful wedding dresses. This is my dress.

This is Ariana dress.

We ordered them and waited for the, to call because of the right size and stuff. I wonder how the boys are doing

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