A Hurtful Love Story

Ariana Grande is in highschool she has nice parents that care for her she has a older sister that loves her dearly she is married she has two kids twin girls and a husband that buys me everything I want. Ariana is popular in high school with her other two friends selena gomez and cher loyd. We're the most popular girls af all of popular girls because we're famous. The popular boys are the famous British boy band just one Irish boy named one direction. What happens when all of the boys fall in love with them and there's only three girls. What happens when they found out two super cute boys Justin bieber and Cody simpson there popular two that they love them two.
Find out what happens in this movella called a hurtful love story!!!.


2. Chapter 2:

I got to my first period class and I see that Selena and Cher are behind me with the boys I sat down I knew I was late but the teacher never cared I sat down, the teacher didint even care if I did my homework or lisitined to anything he said. Then I see Cody, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, zayn, and Justin bieber. Ughhh I hated Justin I dated him before all he wanted to do is make out  until he cheated on me so we broke up. 

- Skip the class part -

After class I headed down to my locker got all my stuff I needed and headed outside because I didn't feel like staying there no more.  But when I was halfway through someone one pulls me into a janitors room, ( the janitors room is big ) then I saw it was Justin he then said where are you going h pe said with a smirk I said home he then said why don't you stay here with me. I knew he was going to do something bad to me, but I didint know what. Then he grabs my waist and pulls me closer. He then lets go of my waist and takes of his shirt, then I try to open the door then Justin shows me a key he said I payed the janitor to give me the key then he said don't even try to scream because when they made this school they made all of the rooms including the janitors room soundproof only in case earthquake or fire. I said please don't. He then says because I still love you then unbuckled his belt and takes his pants off and boxers I said stop I kept on backing away then he comes and takes my shirt off and start kissing my neck he then told me to lay on the ground I said no he then screams and I lay down on the ground he then goes on his knees and starts kissing my stomach up to my neck he then stops there I was crying now. He then starts kissing me again  I said no he then screams at me again. he then says do you know how to French kiss I said yeah he then said ok let's French kiss I stil said no isint it enough what you're doing to me. He said I don't care take out you're tongue then starts kissing me so I take out my tongue and take it out after awhile I stopped crying I started to forget about zayn I started to love Justin again so I told him he said ok then you want to make out I said sure but are we going to use protection he said no I don't have no protection I said but I Might get pregnant he said who cares I said ok.

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after I put on my clothes and Justin his I got out and went to my locker I felt that Justin was behind me I got to my locker and got out my makeup and went to the bathroom and did it all over again and got out of the bathroom and saw that Justin was outside waiting for me. Then I remembered about Selena she likes Justin so I tell Justin about that he said really she likes me I said yeah then he said but I love you not her I said ok I then feel a poke behind me and see Selena and Cher behind me, I tell them I'm back with Justin, Justin was there with us but then I saw Selena's eyes were getting watery I said sorry then I tell them I made out with him. Then i turned to Justin he looks worried , then selena went off crying i went after her and Justin Was in the back of me. Selena Was in her locker getting her books and crying at the same time, i walk towards her and she says what are you doing here i said trying to make company. Then i said i know you never talked to Justin so you want to talk to him for a bit she said no he doesint even know me then Justin said acutually i do know you youre selena gomez thje actor and singer, dont worry youre going to have a boyfriend that you like more than me, soo i stopped the wierd conversation i then tell selena are you still coming to my pool party, she said yes, i already asked cher she said yeah then i turn around to Justin and tell him if he can come he said sure. Then i say bye to selena and justin. I forgot that on saturday i have a concert to do but thats two days away from now. Something took me out of my thoughts when someone bumps into me, and i see it Was zayn i then tell him hi he says hi then i tell him come to my pool party today come at 1:00 the party ends when ever hour, he said sure. Then i walked off.

- Home -

i went to my House i opened the door and saw my mom cooking i said what are you making i said im making stuff for youre party but where missing stuff i said really, she said yeah " but youre dad went to but the stuff" i said ok good ill tell him thanks when he comes back. Then i remembered i Was going to tell my mom about me making out with Justin. So i started i said mom i have something to tell you, she said what i said im back with Justin she said ok but if he breaks youre Heart again youre daddy is going crazy. I said ummmm ok. Then i tell her well he and me made out today thats how were back together he pulled me into a janitors Room and made out with me i didint like it at first but then after awhile i started to like him again.. But then i Was interrupted by my mom she said but didint you like zayn from one direction i said yeah but i only have a little feelings for him. She said ok go on i said so i told him i liked it and he said ok so you Wanna make out more i said sure but arent we going to use protection he said i dont got no protection then i said but i might get pregnant. My mom then stared at me she said im ok but i hope youre not pregnant i said im going to be because he didint put his thingy inside of me she said ok good. Then i Hear a knock on the door it Was my dad i tell him thanks and all and puts whats ver stuff he got and put it on the table and Came back and sat down in the couch and watch tv, then i Hear another knock on the door it Was Justin i said come in then he said thanks babe and i see my dad he Was mad, then my mom said to go with her with Justin we went up to my Room. Then my mom said i Heard you guys made out with each other Justin said yeah, then my mom said ok you can do it when ever you want but dont get her pregnant she has a big carrer ahead of her and youres too you guys dont want to be parents right we both nodded then my mom left. Sorry if i told my mom Justin he said its ok i told my mom too she didint get mad i then said my mom is wierd i know then he said its ok then i lay on the couch then Justin sees me and says lazy butt then i say go change its 12:30 almost time for the party, then he says ok and he walks out and goes into the bathroom and i quickly change into my bikini and put on my sandels and my hair Was down then i Was looking out the Window when i Hear a door close with a lock and turn around and see it Was Justin he said you look fine babe i said you too then he lay down on the bed and i lay down next to him. By now it Was 12:40 almost time for the party then Justin quickly goes on top of me and said soo i said what he said nothing and lay back down then after awhile we stopped talking and Justin Was massaging me on my hands then he went a little upper and goes True to put his hands inside of my bikini bra i said no then he said fine then we Heard a knock on the door then we went down it Was selena and cher .

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