A Hurtful Love Story

Ariana Grande is in highschool she has nice parents that care for her she has a older sister that loves her dearly she is married she has two kids twin girls and a husband that buys me everything I want. Ariana is popular in high school with her other two friends selena gomez and cher loyd. We're the most popular girls af all of popular girls because we're famous. The popular boys are the famous British boy band just one Irish boy named one direction. What happens when all of the boys fall in love with them and there's only three girls. What happens when they found out two super cute boys Justin bieber and Cody simpson there popular two that they love them two.
Find out what happens in this movella called a hurtful love story!!!.


1. Chapter 1:

Ariana Grande POV:

mom" I screamed she said what Ariana I said where's my sister she said she is outside shell drive you to school today ok I said fine. After I took a shower and put on my clothes and did my hair and makeup. I got out my iPhone 5 and texted selena and cher to meet me outside the school my sister is bringing me. I have my own car it's a Lamborghini the new one I got it for my 19 birthday which was a day ago and I have a license too, but today my sister was visiting so I wanted her to take me to school. My sister name is Mary-Kate and her two twin daughters that are four years old are named one is candy and the other one name is lindzy and her husband name is Damien. When my sister said lets go I got in side of her car and she started to drive then she said hey do you have a boyfriend I said no why" then she said oh cool then she said guess what so I said chicken butt then she said no really guess what then I said just tell me then she said I'm having another baby I said really she said yeah then I said good luck she said thanks. Then mary ( evryone calls her Mary for short ) stopped and let me get off. I said bye to her and the twins her husband wasint there he was working. Then she said bye to me. I got out my phone and texted Cher and selena they said that they were in front of the schools door Itexted back ok I saw you guys. Cher said you are doing a concert on Friday right I said yeah why she said because they called me and selena to be guest stars you know to help you I said sure but I don't know how they didint tell me. Then I see the seven hottest boys, Liam Payne, zayn malik, Niall Horan, harry styles, Louis tommilson, Justin bieber, Cody Simpson, they were popular too then I went to my locker with Cher and selena there locker is next to mine we could be late or not even show up to the class the same with the boys I don't talk to them but they are always bumping into us my favorite is zayn malik Selena's is Justin and Cher Is cody. Today we wdidint go to the class that's when I decided to go into the school yard then I see the boys and selena just said are they staring at us then Cher said yeah then I said there coming over here oh my god zayn is coming over here and all of them. When they got here zayn was staring at selena that disappointed me but then he switched to me then he came to sit next to me then he said hi Ariana you look hot well all of you even though all of you are wearing almost the exact same thing you guys are wearing short shorts and high heels and the shirt is a shirt no straps so yeah I said I love youre music youre my favorite one did I just say that allowed. And I got up and walked away leaving selena and Cher behind

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