My Dream

Mae is a 17 year old girl who is abused by her stepdad. She use to dream of moving to England, and it seems as though this is her chance. But when she gets there and has an apartment, she finds out her neighbor is a dangerous gang of five guys.


4. My Plan

I really didn't want to tell him. It would ruin the fun we were having. But he would find out my plan sooner or later. Sooner is better in this case.


"Um, Casey, I have something to tell you."




"I, um... On my way here, I came up with a way to keep Martin away from me..." I looked down at my hands.


"Really? Tell me!" He seemed excited.


"Well, it would involve me moving out, and a plane ticket, and... Never seeing you again."


"Oh. Where would you be moving? I could maybe go with you. If I didn't have to leave America..." He had worry and hope in his eyes. I didn't want to leave my best friend.


"Well, I'd be going to England. I don't want to leave you here. I really do want you to come with me." He looked at the friendship ring he gave me a few years ago.


"Mae, I can't go to England. Can't you just move in with me?"


I thought of that before I decided to go to England. It wasn't a good idea. Martin would find me much quicker that way. It would be the first place he looks. I told him that, and he had plenty of other ideas, some of them might even work. But I couldn't stay in America. Martin can go anywhere as long as he's in America, which means I'd be much safer outside of the country.


"Fine..." He seemed pretty depressed, and it was obvious he didn't want me to forget about him.


"Don't worry, I'll never forget you. Your'e my best friend. I'm leaving tomorrow. I need to go pack. Can you help me?" He nodded and we finished our ice cream and mocha then left.




Sorry guys, I've been trying to get to a computer to update, but I was grounded half the time, and sick the rest. I tried to update every chance I could get, but whenever I got the chance, someone stopped me.

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