I Knew There Was a Spark

One regular day in Summer, Katelyn Banks' parents surprised her with Austin Mahone tickets. She didn't really like Austin as much as her little sister Haylie did, and her sister was devastated that Katelyn got to go and she didn't. You know, typical sister drama. As Katelyn walked towards the entrance to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh with her best friend Taylor Rafford, there was Austin Mahone standing by his tour bus. Austin stared. Was there a SPARK between Katelyn and Austin? And how did Austin feel seeing Taylor again?


3. Mysterious Stranger

As Taylor and I were walking to the entrance, there were screaming girls everywhere. It was a mess. So we decided to go around the back. It seemed like forever until we finally reached the back of the building. Someone had told me that there was an entrance back there. The first thing I saw was a huge bus. I wonder what that was for. Forget about the bus. Standing outside the bus was the most gorgeous human being I've ever saw. He was wearing a red outfit, red sneakers, and a red snapback. I guess he liked that color. I didn't recognize him. He was staring right at me and Taylor. He'd looked at Taylor like he knew her. Just then, Taylor says " Oh... Uh.. I have to pee. Meet you inside!" and ran off. Maybe she was scared to talk to this hottie. It was fine with me because now I have him all to myself. He kept staring me down.. I wonder if I was doing that too.. I inched nearer and he said "h-hey" and I couldn't reply. He was the sexiest guy I've ever seen. In my head I daydreamed about our children and what a cute couple we'd be. When I finally snapped out of it, I realized that he'd been talking. Oops. I only heard "so.. whats your name?". I replied " Uhhhhhhh...... Katelyn." We ended up talking for a while and then I realized it was time for me to go inside and get my seats. I asked " Uh wanna maybe sit by me at the concert?" He gave a really weird look as if he was too cool to sit with me or something. He then said "Sorry. I have to be somewhere else.." Was this him telling me that he didn't like me? I said okay and walking into the arena and found my seat. Taylor was already there. Then we sat and waited to see Austin Mahone perform.

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