Broken Wings.

My name is Faith.
When Harry and I were little kids, We could not be separated. We used to sing together every time we were together. When we were older he tried out for X-Factor and Things changed for the worst. I started to be bullied by my worst enemy Brittney, and I thought my life would be over. But the one day Harry and I met up again wold change our lives forever. What will be next? Some chapters may have Mature Content.


1. Prologue- New Beginnings and Meeting Me

My name is Faith. I was an average girl and loved music. I have medium length brunette hair with natural blond highlights, ocean blue eyes, and I am short only about 5''3. I am a very shy person until you get to know me.

Faith's P.O.V.

I'll explain my story, when I was three I went to a local park near Holmes Chapel. It was a nice sized park for what I remember. I was sitting in the field, picking some daisies that were in front of me. When I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around to a curly headed boy who had a little grin on his face. 

Hi, He said.

Hello. I said shyly as i felt my cheeks turn pink.

What's your name? He asked a bit more excitedly.

Faith What's yours? I still felt shy and me cheeks were still lightly a pink tone. 

Harry. He sat down next to me smiling staring at the ground, looking at the flowers I basically ruined.

So.? Do you want to be friends.? he asked questioning me.

Of course I will. I smiled lightly to show my little teeth. 

Harry's P.O.V

I saw this girl all alone in a grassy field and suddenly had the urge to meet her. She looked alone so I built up the courage to go over to her and introduce myself.

I tapped her lightly on the shoulder with my tiny hand and she turned around.

Hi. I said softly. 

Hello. She said shyly back as her cheeks flushed a little.

What's your name? I said a bit more excitedly .

Faith. What's yours her voice was still shy and her cheeks were still pink.

Harry. I said and sat down on the grass next to her looking down at the flowers picked and thrown everywhere.

So.? I felt my cheek burning up.

Do you want to be friends.? i asked her hoping she would say yes.

Of Course I will. She smiled lightly show her teeth.

I loved her smile if only i had the courage to tell her.


This brought new beginnings to friendship and possibly love.

Author's Note

I hope next time I will be able to make a longer chapter. I will try to update everyday and if not i will add another chapter when i update instead of one. Thank you. Like and Favorite this Movellas Please and thank you.



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