Brother Sister Love

Ch.1: the beginning

(4 years old)

Mandy & Harry: "mommy help Harry's naked and he's TRYING to touch me"

Gigi & Zayn: "mum Zayn isn't giving up the mirror I wanna see my hair"

Patty & Louis: "Louis i want another piggyback ride"

Marilyn & Liam: "Li can I touch you hair? Pwease"
How is life gonna be being 1D little sisters?? Read to find out


3. part 2

Louis P.O.V. Everyone was getting together. It seemed like I was a loner so I just walked up and sat in between patty and Liam. They both gave me death glares and I just sat there and smiled. "Harry I'm tired" I heard Mandy tell harry. "Yea me too" Zayn said. "I have an idea u all can just spend the night. How bout it?" Niall asked. We all exchanged looks and nodded. "But wait I don't have any clothes" Marilyn said in a disappointed voice. "That's alright u guys can borrow our clothes" Liam said and winked at patty. I wanted to slap him but they looked happy almost in love really so I got up and walked to the couch. I got out my phone and started texting Eleanor telling her how much I missed her. She replied in minutes saying that she missed me as well. Mandy's P.O.V. I was spending the night with my new best friends and my amazing new boyfriend. I'm really excited. I was talking to Gianny. When niall bent down next to me and whispered 'follow me' so I grabbed his hand and followed him to his room. He passed me some sweats and his Ireland shirt which fit huge but it was comfortable. He took of his shirt and I couldn't help but stare he caught me staring so i looked away and he giggled and winked. He changed and walked over to me and kissed me. I walked out. Us girls are gonna be staying in one room and the guys in one. Which we didn't mind since us girls wanted to get to know each-other. Girls P.O.V: We all got changed and put on our new boyfriends t-shirts and shorts. Niall had clothes from each guy cause of all the times they've stayed there. Gianny had on Harry's hipsta t-shirt and his basketball shorts.Patty had on Liam's white v-neck and his pj pants. Mandy had on nialls Ireland t-shirt and sweats. Marylin had on Zayns Black t-shirt and shorts. We all say in a circle on the bed and talked. Convo: So gianny u and my brother, wink wink -Mandy I really like him and I hope u don't mind us together -Gianny Of course not u two are adorable together -Mandy Thanks. Patty u and Liam seem to be hitting it off -Gianny Yes! He's perfect and I don't know I see a future for us -Patty Awwwww. Same for me and Zayn I kinda love him -Marilyn Don't hurt my brother tho. Haha. Mandy u and niall seem happy but harry looks upset -Gianny I know he's really over protective but he know how much I like Niall -Mandy Yea all our brother are -all said and we all started cracking up. Boys P.O.V. We all changed and heard the girls laughing we decided to walk to the door and listen they were talk about us. They liked us a lot apparently. Which is awesome. We walked back to our room and started chatting Convo: Do I really seem over protective -Liam We all are in their eyes - louis I'm just trying to protect my baby sis -harry We know same here -Zayn That sucks for u guys I don't have to worry about protecting a little sister -niall But u do have to worry about protecting my sister now that she's ur girl -harry I know I know which I don't mind I love her -niall Same. I love Marilyn she she's just so cool and awesome -Zayn She's my sister so take care of her- Liam He knows that li -Louis How about u and Eleanor -harry We are good great actually. If u tell u guys something u can't tell anyone yes? -Louis Yes - all boys I'm planning on proposing to Eleanor -Louis that's awesome Lou u too will be great -all boys A/N SORRY IF IT NOT THAT GOOD WE DIDNT DO EDITING SO SORRY....HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND COMMENT WHAT U THINK
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