Brother Sister Love

Ch.1: the beginning

(4 years old)

Mandy & Harry: "mommy help Harry's naked and he's TRYING to touch me"

Gigi & Zayn: "mum Zayn isn't giving up the mirror I wanna see my hair"

Patty & Louis: "Louis i want another piggyback ride"

Marilyn & Liam: "Li can I touch you hair? Pwease"
How is life gonna be being 1D little sisters?? Read to find out


2. Games are played and secrets are out Part 1

Patty P.O.V

We finally get here but we are the first people here umm.... I think where at Niall's House. We park the car and get out. A cute blonde opens the door but he isn't my type. "What's up Nialler"  Louis Says while giving him a bro hug. when they release niall looks at me. " I can see where she get her Fashion sense" niall says laughing "I hope that a complement" I say shyly "Don't worry it is I always look SEXAH" Louis says striking a pose. " sure you do" I said rolling my eyes. Louis looked at me and started fake crying into Niall's shoulder. I just started laughing. " So whats the plan for today??" I said breaking the silence. "well were gonna eat the spaghetti I tried to make and then were gonna watch the football(soccer) game brazil vs. Spain and then well see what else we can do" niall said "GO BRAZIL" I yelled. Louis gave me a 'You-did-not-just say-that' look "What??" I asked Louis "SPAIN IS GONNA WIN BRAZIL WILL LOOSE" NIALL yelled at my face. "sorry niall really likes football ignore him" Louis whispers in my ear. After that I hear a car go into the drive way. ughh people.. I'm sorry I really don't like meeting other people

Marilyn P.O.V

" How many people are gonna be there? Is Zayn gonna be there? Are they gonna like me? How old are they? " I Kept asking Liam questions "9. Yes u like him. Of course  they are and they guys are near my age and all there sisters are 19" Liam managed to say in one breath. " I DO NOT LIKE  ZAYN"  I yelled. Of course I do but I'm not gonna tell my brother. Zayn is like a brother to Liam. "yea you do I saw your wallpaper" Liam said "Why did you look through my stuff" I would have kept being mad but we finally pulled up to the driveway.  When we got up we knocked on the door right away Niall opened the door. "LIAM YOUR FINALLY HERE LOUIS SISTER IS BULLYING ME" " WHAT DID SHE DO" Liam ask acting like he is concerned   " She wants brazil to win instead of Spain" Niall says fake crying " where is she I have to give her a high five because Brazil will win" Liam said. Niall punched him on the arm. Liam ignored and went to find Louis and his sister

Liam P.O.V

Niall punched me it hurt but I ignored it. I know I'm gonna have a bruise. I'm happy because she is the only one that is going with brazil even Louis is going with Spain. When I walked in the living room I saw Louis and some girl I guess it is his sister. "Liam!!!" Louis yells "Louis shut up you burst my freaking ear drum" I heard the girl yell. "Some ones sassy" Louis said back. "WOW She really is your sister. no one is as sassy as 'the sass master from Doncaster'" I said. " Excuse me if anyone is the master it me" she said all sassy like. " Hello to you too" I said. "sorry Hello Liam I'm Patricia but call me Patty" patty said  " Well I guess you know who I am" "YES I DO" she said happily


Mandy P.O.V

I cant wait to meet the boys and their sisters especially niall. "Whatcha thinking about?? Niall??" harry said wiggling  his eyebrows but not taking his eyes off the road "ughh no I'm not I'm just thinking about how fun today is going to be" before I knew it we got there. There was already 2 car so I guess we are not the first one here. we got out and went to the door. He didn't bother knocking he just walked in. oh well I just followed him inside. The house looks cozy. "Honey im home" Harry screamed. Harry is such a Loser sometimes. How does he get so many Girlfriends?? oh well. "HARRY!!!!" I hear Louis yell "BOO BEAR!!!" Harry yelled back "Boobear???" I questioned to harry. "That what I call Louis" harry said like it was big deal "So how's it going 'boobear'" a girl says giggling. I guess it Louis sister. "Hey don't call me boobear only harry can" Louis said. "Hi I'm Patricia but call me patty. I'm this child's sister" She said pointing at Louis. "Hi I'm Mandy" I said pulling her into a hug. " And I'm Harry Styles" harry says acting sophisticated and pulling out his hand. Patty just moves his hand and gives him a hug. he shrugged and hugged back.

Gianny's P.O.V

Ughh we are late because of Zayn. He took like an hour doing his hair I bet we are going to be the last ones there. I just sat down listening and singing to music with Zayn. then 'kiss you' came on. I though I would have fun with Zayn so I changed the station and said "ughh I hate that band and this song and I especially hate that Zayn guy" I said trying to hold in my laugh. Zayn put one hand on his right side of his chest while still one hand on the steering wheel "You broke me hear Gianny" he said fake crying "your hearts on the other side stupid" I said. He switched hands like if nothing happened. I just started laughing. we finally pulled into a driveway and parked. we got out of the car. Zayn didn't even knock he just walked in. We walked into a living room and the guys with 3 girls were watching football. two of them didn't look very interested but one of them had there eyes glued on the t.v. Some team made a point and the girl and Liam screamed yes while all the others just sat groaning and siting there mad. Zayn saw who made the point and just got sad. When we Liam and the girl finished cheering the guys and girls saw that we were there. Call me crazy but I saw Harry starting at me. Maybe it was because I look a lot like Zayn. why would harry like me??

Harry P.O.V

When I saw Zayn's sister  I just couldn't stop staring she was just so beautiful. after a while she saw I was staring and made a cute confused face. I just looked away fast. "Hey everyone I'm Gianny" she has a beautiful name. I haven't even talked to her for more than a minute and I want her to be mine. But im pretty sure someone as beautiful as her already has a boyfriend.. oh well but I will make her mine

--------------------AFTER GAME----------- (this was the brazil vs. Spain the brazil won 3-0)

Patty P.O.V

"what do you want to do now????" niall asked. Louis put a face and I already knew what he was gonna say so I said it for him "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!" I yelled but I felt bad because Liam was next to me. no one knows that I have a crush on Liam not even Louis and he knows everything about me. "Wow you are Louis sister. First you go all sassy on him then u yell and want to play truth or dare and not to mention the clothes your wearing" Liam says "again is that a good thing" I asked like before "yes Louis is awesome sometimes" Liam said and Louis goes and punches him on the arm "I'm always awesome Liam how do you not know that??" Louis said. We all sit in a circle and niall goes and gets a bottle. Louis wanted to spin first so we let him. It starts spinning and get slower and slower it finally stops and lands on me. "Crap..." I said because I know how Louis does his dares "Truth or dare little sis" Louis said with a smirk on his face " wipe that smirk off your face because I pick truth" I said but Louis' smirk just grows "Who do you like???" crap why did he ask that

Liam P.O.V


 really like patty but I don't think she likes me. "Who do you like??" I heard Louis say. When I heard that my head turned directly to patty "I like ummmmm I like dmfddfd" she said the last part mumbling so I didn't hear anything "WHO" Louis said "Ughhh I like liam" She said looking down blushing. Holy crap she likes me back should i say something?? i think i should so since i was sitting next to her i just bent down to her ear and whispered "I like you too" when i said that she smiled and blushed even more. After that me and patty were just holding hands but Louis kept giving me a look but i mouthed 'I'll talk to you later" he just smiled and went back to the game. Patty went to go spin the bottle and it landed on harry "truth or dare curly" patty said "are you like Louis??" he said "She is even worse" Louis said " i pick truth" harry said "ohh boo you your no fun" Patty said "but  who do you like in this room at the moment" Harry groaned and mumbled something "What i cant hear you harry" Patty said "You suck patty you know that" harry said "i know" she said smiling "i liked Gianny fine happy i said it i like Gianny" Harry said and went to niall room to be alone. I guess he was embarrassed. Gianny got up and followed him. "Gianny likes Harry back but let then work it out" Zayn said quietly

Harry P.O.V

That was so embarrassing. I don't hate Patty though. It better for Gianny to know now than never. I heard a knock on the door I opened it and it was Gianny. "I like you too harry" She said I was so happy she said that.  I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back. I felt fireworks. That kiss was not compared to any kiss I've ever had. after we pulled away " I'm sorry Gianny I was caught up in the moment" I said "It okay i really liked the kiss but where does this put us" Gianny said shyly "Well would you Gianny Malik would like to be my girlfriend" "of course " she said and kissed me. We walked out of the room hand in hand. Zayn gave us a confused face and said "are you guys together??" "yea is it okay with you??" I asked because I don't want Zayn to get mad "Yea but you hurt her I will personally kill you in your sleep" he said. Well that didn't scare me at all (sarcasm). "Can we do something before we continue the game I asked and everyone shook there head saying 'Yes' "can everyone just say who they like right now so there is not a problem with anyone??" I asked and everyone said yes

"Zayn" Marilyn said

"Niall" Mandy said

"Marilyn" Zayn said

"Amanda" niall said

"Liam" Patty said

"Patty" Liam said

"Harry" Gianny said

"Gianny" I said

"Eleanor" Louis said yelling

"Well that worked out fine now back to the game I said

Mandy P.O.V

I went to go sit next to niall. "You know your really beautiful" niall whispered and I blush"and even cuter when you blush" I'm pretty sure I was as red as I tomato. Harry went to spin the bottle and it landed on me. Crap... I know Harry is gonna make me do something embarrassing in front of niall so since I'm so smart I picked Truth "Are you two dating??" Harry said. I don't even know my self so I looked at Niall. " Would you,Amanda Styles, like to be my girlfriend??" Niall said "Yes just don't call me Amanda call me Mandy" Niall smiled. Today has been the best day ever.








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