My Leprechaun

This is for my friend Bien (Niallen0903) she is also the co author for this one.
(People are real but story is fake!)
Bien works in Nandos. Little did she know, working there would change her life. She loved One Direction and her friends, Hannah and Nat, did too. Her life was full of happiness and love. Until one day, those happiness and love would last forever.

Bien as Jade Thirlwall
Hannah as Cher Lloyd
Niall Horan as Himself
Harry Styles as Himself
Louis Tomlinson as Himself
Liam Payne as Himself
Zayn Malik as Himself


4. The Date

(Biens POV)

I heard the doorbell and Hannah got it. I eavesdropped by placing my ear to the door.

"hi! Im Bien's best friend, we live together."Hannah said. There was a pause, so I guess they shook hands.

"Im Niall, you probably know already," They chuckled. "Where's Bien?" 

"Before I answer you... How did you know Bien lived here?" Hannah probably looked at him like a he was a stalker.

"Nat told me." He said.

"Oh, No shoot sherlock..." They chuckled, Again.

Im getting jealous.. did I just.. think that?! I guess I really like him... Before I get anymore jealous, I got out of my room and walked slowly to the living room. I saw Niall wearing his signature look. Red polo, beige pants, and white hightops. He grinned ear to ear when he saw me. Hannah was winking at me. I know what she was thinking about. It's... dirty thoughts.. I walk to the front door next to Hannah. 

"I should leave you guy alone. If you're thinking about a date in Bien's room, its just next to mine." She smirked.

"That would be very useful in the future. Thanks." Niall and Hannah chuckled. I shot a look at Hannah. 

"Gosh... ok bye guys!" Hannah said waving at us.

Niall placed his arm around my waist. I shivered a bit. He helped me get on the passenger seat and he got on the drivers seat. He drove. I just looked out the window. I felt Niall's hands on mine. I looked at him. He blushed. I blushed also. 

"You look, really... beautiful!" He smiled while watching the road.

"You look handsome as well. Where are we going?" I asked. I really want to know where.

"I was thinking about this restaurant called 'Cheesecake Factory'" I LOVE that place!

"Oh my gosh! That's my fave restaurant!" I was smiling like cray cray.

"Nat told me." Of course.

5 minutes later, we arrived. It was brown and gold. Bright yellow-ish gold-ish text said 'Cheesecake Factory'. I held his hand tightly walking inside. People were smiling and taking pictures. But luckily, they weren't paparazzi. 

"Niall Horan, please, follow me." The hostess lead us to a corner where it is dim. Not much people, good.

We chatted, laughed and all other things I guess you would do on a date. I checked the time after we payed and left. It was 9:37 p.m. The drive home was fun. We sang to some tunes on the radio. We finally arrived home. We stayed in the car.

"So, um, I'll call you tomorrow?" He blushed.

"Your still nervous huh?" He nodded and blushed. 

He leaned in and so did I. Next thing I knew... my lips met his. It gave me sparks. And to be honest, this was my first. It lasted for a minute. We opened are eyes.

"You taste like strawberries" He blushed and so did I.

"You taste like chocolate" We chuckled, still blushing.

"I have a question.." He got even more red.

"W-w-what is it?" I stuttered, blushing even more.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I was blushing by crazy now.

"Of course!" We kissed, still giving me sparks, once more.

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