Endless Love

"If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever..."


2. "Do you know Louis Tomlinson?"

"I know something that you don't," Niall said in a moking tone as he comes walking up behind me to the side of my locker. Niall and I haven't known each other very long, but none the less he was still my bestfriend. I've grown fond of that silly lad with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes...

"Skyler!" He moaned in a whining tone.

"What Niall?"

"I said I know someone that likes you" He said with a cheeky smile.

"Oh really? May I ask who this secrect admirer is..." I said to him almost as if I were flirting with him.

"Do you know Louis Tomlinson?" 

"Yeah, is he the one who likes me???" I said in a shocked yet nervous tone.

"Nah, ha ha it's one of his friends.. Ummm... I believe his name is Zayn Malik"

"Oh..I think I've heard of a Zayn Malik around the hall but I have no idea of who he is or how he looks like." 

***********************Bell Rings******************

"Don't worry Sky, I'll show you who he is after school. Better get to class before I'm late again ugghhh. l will walk you to class next period, promise" He said with a smirk on his face as he starts to walk away.

"Yeah, I better get to class to before Mr.Schulze throws a hiss" I said almost yelling at him in a sarcastic tone as he leaves. Schulze is a pretty cool teacher, real chill and laid back, if your on his good side and luckily I am. I walk a short distance alone, since Schulze's class is a couple of doors down. As soon as I walk in, Schulze points his finger at me as he motions it for me to walk over to his desk. "What's up Mr.Schulze?" 

"Hey Skyler, Mrs.Williams wanted me to tell you that she forgot to talk to you last period and was wondering if you would go to her class right now so she can talk to you?"

"You mean she's asking ME to miss YOUR class just so we can girl talk?" I said to him in a teasing tone. "Sounds good to me Schulze. Can I just put my stuff on my desk while you write me a pass?" 

"You can just head out whenever you're ready. Her class is a couple doors down, I'm pretty sure you're slick enough to make it before the principal comes by.." 

"Alright, but if I get caught I'm blaming you!" I playful threatened him as I walked out the room.

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