The moment my life changed

April loves one dorection and so does her cousin Elena. April has suffer alot in her lofe her dad died when she was six because he owed money to people it was only her mom ,her cousin and her . I hope u like it no mean comments .


4. Chapter 4

Elena's P.O.V

What's your name love? asked Harry

Elena. I said blushing a little

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. He said with a smirk

i blushed even more, then i realized April wasn't back from the bathroom yet, i was starting to get worried is has been an hour since she went to the bathroom so i decided to go look for her

when i got to the bathroom i saw April's lyric notebook on the ground. I took the notebook from the ground and went back.

Wheres April? Naill asked

I dont know. I said, when i went to the bathroom to look for her i found her lyric notebook on the ground but don't worry i texted her she will awnser soon. I said

Lyric notebook ? Niall asked

Yeah she loves to sing and write music. I said

Really c- He was gonna said something but i cut him off i got a text from April it said

I didn't feel good so i went home.  I sighed 

who was it . Niall asked

It was April she said she went to home 

Okay. He said with a sad smile

why dont we go out. Zayn said

yeah why not .whe said but where?

why not to a club. he said 

Ok why not. We all said

Zayn bought me a drink it had alcohol but tasted amazing i loved it so much i had like 5 of them after a while the others left so it was only me and Zayn

Zayn's P.O.V

Your drunk. I said

No im not. She said back

Sure what ever you want to hear. Not so long after that she took her shirt of and started dancing on top of the table. I stared at her she was wearing a red bra. I got her of the table and whe went to my flat. 

I leaned in for a kiss and she kissed back within seconds we where getting undressed and you know the rest. The next morning i woke up and saw Elena next to me sleeping i didn't want ro wake her up so i stood up and noticed i was naked so i put some boxers and sweat pants then i remembered last night i smiled to my self. Then my phone rang it was Naill

Hey mate. I said

Hey. He said can ne and the guys come to your flat. He asked 

Sure i said

Good where at the door. He said 

Okay. I hanged up and went downstairs and opend the door. Niall and the boys came in.

So what happend yesterday after we left. The boys asked

Well Elena was so drunk she took her shirt off and started dancing on top of the table. I said

They bursted into laughter


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