The Last Words From Me.

Promise Ann is a 14 year old who is still in a state of shock after losing her family in a car accident.

She first lost her mother at the age of 8 to some disease that Promise was never told about.

When she was 13 she lost her 7 year old sister and Father in a horrible car accident that Promise witnessed.

She is now in a orphanage and is adopted.. but by who?

World famous One Direction came along and thought they were helping but were they?


2. Chapter 2. Stay? Why Stay?

I was walking when I saw a park not far in the distance. I started to pick up my pace and I smiled. This was the first time I had been on a playground since the accident. I realized now that I would be doing many things as a first because in the past 6 months I was cooped up in the room.

I got closer to the park and I sat on one of the swings and barely swung on the swing when I started to sing Ed Sheeran's Lego House

"I'm gunna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house

And if things go wrong then we can knock it down.

My three words have two meanings and there's one thing on my mind

And it’s all for you.."

I stopped as I heard someone get closer. I don't know why I stopped because my voice was so quiet and raspy that I'm pretty sure no one could hear me. I turned my head to see a guy, who couldn't be older than 20, to my right about 5 swings down. He was on his phone when 4 other boys came up behind him and tazed him*****A/N this is where you poke someone in the sides because a lot of people are sensitive right there***** the boy screamed, I flinched and ran off to the other side of the park where there were woods.

I smiled as I neared a path that looked like it hasn't been gone through in a long time. Perfect I thought I just needed to remember witch way I go so I can get back before dark. I was in about 20 feet and I saw a clearing up ahead. I went through and saw a crystal blue lake with sand all around it. But something caught my eye. In a bush to my left was a shiny thing I went to pick it up when someone tapped my shoulder. I was just about to let out a scream but then I saw who tapped my shoulder. It was my 7 year old sister with my parent’s right behind her.

"Mom" She nodded

"Dad" He also nodded but gave me a sly smile

I then got eye level with my sister.

"Sissy" I said tears flowing out of my eyes. She hugged me and smoothed my hair down.

"Stay" Was the first and last thing she said before they all dissolved into the air like they show in the movies. I still had no idea what she meant by 'stay' but I don't think I wanted to know. I slowly got off the ground and went back to the trail right before I got there I saw someone run and all I could see was a flash of red pants. Before I could say or yell anything I was on my feet running as fast as I could back to the orphanage. I slowly walked up the stairs of the orphanage to come face to face with Mandy. Mandy was Miss. Diane’s 17 year old daughter. This was the second time I have seen her. She was so pretty with dirty blond hair that ended just a bit above the belly button. Also she had ice blue eyes that would sparkle in the sun light. I always wished I could be like her.

"Hey Promise" she said, her voice nothing like her mothers. But it was still soothing.

Instead of saying anything back to her I just ran and darted up the stairs. My room was my room. No one was allowed in it unless I said so. It was my 'happy' place. I spent most of my time up here and I liked it like that.

**Louis POV**

I was going to the swings when a girl who looked to be about 11 or 12 came and sat down on the swings I did so to but not to close to look like a creep. I looked over her as she sat there I heard her mumbling but I couldn't make out what she was saying. I guess she saw me starring at her cause she slowly turned her head in my direction (no pun intended) and I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and pretended to text but I guess she bought it. Then her eyes went big for a second. I didn't take notice of this till a shriek came out of my mouth as the lads poked me. I looked over to see if the girl was still there but she was about 200 feet away and was sprinting to a path in the woods. I put my finger up to my lips to signal for the boys to be quiet, I slowly walked/ran over to the path she had taken and went in. About 20 or so feet in was a clearing but I didn't want to be so obvious that I was eavesdropping so I stayed where I was.

"Mom" I heard her pause.

"Dad" she said again but then I heard some leaves crackle so I was assuming she was kneeling down.

"Sissy" the girl was on the brink of tears if not already crying.

I poked my head out to see the girl hugging herself with a smile on her face. But I fell slightly and a twig cracked I guess she didn't notice but she slowly got up and I could see more tears running down her face. My heart broke at seeing this but then she saw me. I took off running, as did she. I then saw her running down the street. I signaled for the boys to follow me to where ever she was going. We ran for about a mile, maybe more till she took a left and walked up some steps I read the sign and I just about lost it. It was an orphanage. We heard the door open then a young woman say "Hey Promise", so Promise was her name, it was really pretty. I turned to the boys and said "We'll be back. Oh we'll be back".

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