Dead End

KC Circuit isn't a race track. She's a normal teenage girl who takes a fancy to training sports or self defense, or painting with metallics.

Her life is really put to the test when everything changes. The once crowded streets of her hometown, Silverville, are teeming with parasites so vicious, it can change the way of humanity. And not in the way that people the way that people die, and come crawling back to life.
Zombies. And they're out to get her.

Dedicated to my best friend Ellie Ruddlesdin :)
And Tanya (tango123)
Hope you enjoy!!!!


3. Arrival

Katie arrived a just after ten past eight. The night sky began to settle with dark blues and early blacks. Twinkling stars began to shine, and the cresent moon took it's place in the sky. Silver light - pretty ironic for the towns name- shone off the glass windows of the Circuit's household.

KC pulled back the door and ushered Katie inside. She tried her best not to slam it. She hated that noise, even with the comfort of her best friend. Katie, as she'd said, had a suitcase in one hand, and a big bag in the other. She took them into KC's living-room, and placed them neatly by the sofa.

'KC, this is so creepy. Not just the fact that our parents have left, but...'

Her voice trailed off. Quickly, she pulled the curtains shut.

'Are they shut upstairs, too?'

KC shrugged. She remembered the closed curtains in her parents room, but she didn't think to check her own. Or the bathroom.

'I think you should shut them. I'll explain to you afterwards.'

KC narrowed her eyes, but did as Katie said. Her heat was pounding hard and loud in her chest now. She felt fear creep up her back and slide back down her spine. She avoided looking out of the windows. What ever it was that Katie was telling her to shut out, it was obviously scary. Her facial expressions were easy to read. She was scared. And worried. But KC wasn't sure what about. But she was going to find out, even though she didn't want too.

She met Katie in the hall. It looked like she was lighting a candle. It was only then that KC noticed all the lights were off.

'Katie, what the hell?'

'I'm about to explain. We need all the lights off, and the curtains closed. It's safer this way. They are half way across town, KC. They're heading this way. An old lady, Miss Doods, told me.'

KC looked at her.

'Who are heading this way? And why do the lights need to be off?'

'The parasites, KC. They got worse. Not only did they kill people...but they brought them back to life, too.'

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