After Everything - Harry Styles Fanfiction

This story is about a girl trying to cope with being bullied and the effects of it on her, however what will happen when her idols One Direction are involved in a fire and are fighting for their lives.


2. Speechless

Chapter 2 - Speechless

I sat staring absentmindedly at my newly painted dark crimson coloured bedroom walls until I heard the familiar name being mentioned. Of course it was the boys I was besotted about. They are on every TV programme and always having the tabloids knows there every step. That's when I froze my eyes were locked on the television. I watched in horror as their hotel was engulfed in bright red coloured flames. I desperately wanted to call them but I remembered I didn't have their number because they are famous and I am just the average teenager drooling over their every move. But I'm not some obsessed fan, they changed my life. Every time I feel the bulling has taken over me I simply switch on one of their tunes and slowly begin to feel my body become less tense. The news reader named Jacey stated “the world biggest boy -bands hotel has been hit by riots. Lucky Zayn, Niall, Liam have managed to escaped the building, however when fire-fighters entered the building they sadly found Louis and Harry unconscious lying on the bedroom floor. They have been admitted to the great hospital where they will be looked after. This is all from Jacey for now bringing you more news at 7pm" After that's stretched over my freshly ironed bed sheet to switch the off button on the TV remote in one swift motion, That when I broke down in tears could two of the member of the boy-band that saved my life could never awake from this tragic accident. So I sat and let the tears stream down my face like the Niagra Falls. Now I have the pain to sit and wait for the news to come on with more information. 


Liam POV

Fortunately Zayn, Niall and I, managed to escape the hotel of horror with only a few minor burns, however Harry and Louis were still in there when our wounds were being treated by the paramedics. Many thoughts were going through my mind at this tragic time. It was making my head spin. What if they didn't make it? What would we do? Where would that leave our careers? No more One Direction?


Zayn POV

After the paramedics had finished cleaning all my wounds up with that horribly stingy antiseptic cream which was extremely painful. I saw a muscular man in his mid twenties carrying a stretcher with another man who looked like he was a doctor in training. I glanced out of the corner of my dark brown eyes and saw the horrific state Harry's body was in. He had a lifeless body. I am speechless! That my best mate laying there I could have gone back into the hotel and saved him before the fire got uncontrollable. But no I didn't and I am going to have to live with that guilt for the rest of my life. Even if he makes it.


Niall POV

I was sat on the edge of the ambulance when my blue eyes became watery as I saw the horrific state Louis was in. The guilt in my body started to significantly rise. This was my fault I could have saved them if I wasn't so self-centred. All of a sudden I glanced to my left to see Zayn's face go pure white. I saw a horrific sight that I wouldn't ever want to see again, it was Harry had his whole body practically burnt. That was when I locked eyes with Zayn, as we both ran to one another to give each other a hug. By the end of our manly hug my whole tee was wet as well as Zayn's being the same. We can't turn back time though!


Harry's Mind.

I heard screeches coming from every direction. People begging to help them. I physically couldn't help anyone I was in so much pain I couldn't even scratch my nose. I was trapped underneath a load of rubble, so was Louis however he was directly opposite me. Louis and I were saying encouraging words to one another like stay strong Harry or vice versa.  But he was struggling to breathe himself, but I couldn't stay stronger for much longer all I can remember is Louis shouting my name and then everything went black.


Louis's Mind 

After Harry went into unconsciousness I became on the verge of slipping into unconsciousness myself. I was just hoping someone would come and help me. My mind was thinking on over load thinking about my mum and sister and of course my lovely girlfriend Eleanor. I gasped in a breath as another load of rubble came dropping from the ceiling above me. After that everything went black.

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