After Everything - Harry Styles Fanfiction

This story is about a girl trying to cope with being bullied and the effects of it on her, however what will happen when her idols One Direction are involved in a fire and are fighting for their lives.


3. Distraught

Chapter 3 – Distraught

Chelsea's POV 

I couldn't control myself after crying for about 2 hours, I was still trying to steady my breathing when I decided I should ring Ella. I stretched over my bed and disconnected my phone from the wall, and dialled Ella's number.

*****Phone Call******

Chelsea-"OMG have you heard about One Direction?

Ella- “No what happened I've been studying for tomorrow science exam!"

Chelsea- “They were involved in a fire! (A loud gasp was heard down the end of the line) And Niall, Liam, Zayn managed to escape the fire, however Harry and Louis are apparently according to the news are still inside the building" 

Ella- " OMG our boys" 

I started to cry over the phone.

Chelsea - (sniffle) "Ella, I know I've never met them but they mean so much to me. I can't lose them!" 

Ella - " Chelsea, don't worry they will be okay they are strong! I am going to come over your house to calm you down. Shall I bring Ben and Jerry's?"

Chelsea- “Yes that sounds great, I need cheering up! What would I do without you Ella?

Ella - “I don't know? But I'll be over in 15! Bye"

Chelsea- " Bye" 

***** End of Phone Call*******


Still Ella's POV

Thank goodness for Ella! I don't know why people use the phrase 'diamonds are girl’s best friends ' because there not, all you need in life is someone like Ella who is always there for you no matter what! 


Harry's Mum POV (Anne) 

I was sitting at my oak wooden desk just staring at my computer screen when an unknown number appeared on my phone. I hesitantly answered it only to be shocked who it was down the end of the phone. It was the hospital! My son has been involved in a fire and is fighting for his life! I ended the call and dropped everything I was doing, and left work immediately.


Louis's Mum POV (Jay)

I lunged myself on the sofa , I never knew dropping kids off at school could be so exhausting , carrying multiple bags at one time is extremely hard work. But I love them dearly. I was about to turn the TV on to watch my daily channels before work. When the landline started ringing. Well that's a bit weird no-one normally rings the landline I thought. I slowly made my way over the phone. I pressed the green button on the phone and began to listen what the person on the other end of the line was saying. To be honest it was going in one ear and out the other until the words 'hospital' and 'Louis' was mentioned. After that I sprinted out of the house to my car and made the drive to the hospital to see my son.


Niall POV 

After me, Liam and Zayn were all finished with the paramedics. We all went to the hospital in my classy sliver Audi that I bought once I passed my driver’s licence. After an extremely tense and silent car journey we arrived at the hospital. I went to the main desk and spoke to the rather young cute looking lady that was her shift. I stated “Hi I am Niall, Do you know what rooms Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are in?" She was rummaging few the pieces of patients data when she lifted her head and replied to my question saying " Sorry both of them are in surgery they should be out in about a couple of hours. If you would like to wait in the waiting rooms and wait until the doctors comes out with some more information?" I sadly replied “Ok thank you."


***** A few hours later****

Liam's POV 

I was sitting on an extremely uncomfortable chair comforting a devastated Jay. Myself , Niall and Zayn were trying to be strong for Anne and Jay but I couldn't much longer I just burst out crying , it was like the domino effect because Niall and Zayn started to cry as well. I reckon the wailing could be heard all over the premises, however we didn't care we were distraught about our best friends.


Zayn's POV 

I couldn't take it anymore as soon as Liam started crying I couldn't keep strong anymore. I just burst out crying along with Niall. About 10 minutes later a man in his early thirties appears with a clip board asking for any family and friends for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. I, Anne, Jay, Niall and Liam all stood up faster than the speed of light. 


Niall's POV 

After doctor called Harry and Louis names we were escorted to a private room, where the doctor was going to give us the news on Harry and Louis. The atmosphere was extremely tense in the room until Anne broke the silence and stated "So are they going to be ok?" The doctor hesitantly replied “Umm... Well!"

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