Night Fall

Rebecca is an ordinary teenage girl, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. But what Rebecca doesn't know is that everything is going to change. When a new boy arrives in town Rebecca starts to have these strange dreams but they feel so real, she doesn't know what's happening.
Will she be able to fight all thats happening or will she keep pretending that it's not real?


7. chapter 6

When we got to my house I walked in and started turning on the lights, it felt so weird without my mum and I didn’t know if things were okay between us anymore.

“Nice place”, Alex said looking around with admiration.

“Thanks my dad built it before we came here”, I said thinking about that day when my dad took us to the house for the first time. He showed me my room and said that whatever happened I would always be his little girl.

“Where is your dad, I’d love to meet him”, Alex said looking at me and waiting for an answer.

“Um, he died 2 years ago. Drunk driver ran into him”, my eyes started to water and I looked away. I remember that night like it happened yesterday. “Mum and I were making dinner, we had just moved in a few days before and we wanted to surprise him with his favourite food. When someone knocked on the door I was so excited I ran to answer it, but when I opened it a police officer was standing there he looked upset when he saw me but he just asked if my mum was home. My mum came to the door and when she saw the police officer her face turned white, like she knew what he was going to say.”, I didn’t realise I was crying until Alex past me a tissue.

“The police officer explained what had happened and my mum broke down. I remember just standing there and looking at her not wanting to believe that my dad was gone, the next thing I remember was being in the hospital staring at my dad and the only thing that separated us was the glass wall that looked into the freezer.”

The words brought back memories of that night that I had tried so hard to burry away, and when Alex came and put his arms around me trying to comfort me I just let everything out remembering the day my dad died, the day I broke the bond my mum and I shared and the night when I saw the wolf. I couldn’t take anymore everything just made me more confused and I just wanted things to go back to the way they were. I wanted to go back to the days when my dad would kiss me goodnight and tell me that he would always be there for me no matter what happened. Back to the days when my mum and I would tell each other everything and we didn’t care what anyone said to us. I missed those days so much, now everything has changed and I don’t think they will ever be okay again not until I accepted the way things were and not blame myself for the past.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get all emotional”, I said wiping away tears.

“It’s okay I know how it feels, not being able to talk to your dad and wanting everything to go back to the way they were”, When I looked up to face Alex I saw he was in his own world remembering the times he wanted and needed his dad but was left alone to face the outside world with no guidance or advice from the one person he truly loved. I felt bad for bringing it up and wanted to get back to the point Alex was here, I had so many questions I had kept in and now was my chance to get some answers.

“Hey I think we both have had enough of the past. Now can we get back to the reason you’re here”, I said a little slowly not wanting to offend him.

“Right, um okay so about last night”, Alex said. “You obviously have questions right?”

“Yes. Let’s start off with what are these things I have these dreams or whatever, what are they?”, I started with the question I had the moment these ‘things’ started.

“Oh well that’s easy. There not dreams there real. You see it’s hard to explain so how about I start from the beginning it will make more sense than” , I looked at Alex and nodded not knowing what to expect.

“Okay well you see it all happened a long time ago. My grandmother got very sick and was dying, my grandfather couldn’t stand the thought of living without her especially since they had a baby, my father and he was just a year old. My grandfather didn’t know what to do so he went out looking for a witch. You see back then there were myths, legends that witches lived among us and possessed such a strong power that they could bring back someone back to life” , Alex looked lost in his own memory that I think he forgot I was even there.

“My grandfather searched to whole town and send out messages that there will be a reward for anyone who brings him a witch alive. The whole town laughed at him thinking he went crazy but he never gave up, he never stopped looking. After searching for weeks my grandfather gave up thinking that there was never really any witches and that he had failed my grandmother. One day there came a knock on his door and when my grandfather answered it a lady stood in front of him claiming to a witch, my grandfather was so outraged that he told the lady to leave and that there was never such things as a witch” , I was staring at Alex with sadness and disbelief, I didn’t know whether he was telling  the truth or not but the sadness and heartache that was in his eyes told me he was telling the truth. So I sat there quietly and listened not wanting what else to do.

“The witch started laughing and told my grandfather that if he didn’t believe in witches why did had search every mountain in search of one. My grandfather was lost for words and didn’t know what to say. The witch told my grandfather that she will help him save my grandmother but there was a price to pay. My grandfather told her that she can have all the money he owned that all he wanted was my grandmother. The witch laughed and told him that she had no need for money but wanted something else in return.



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